8+ Formal Party Invitations – PSD, EPS, AI

The mere thought of a party that requires the more refined social graces will surely induce some level of anxiety for people who prefer the more nonchalant affairs. Organizing said party will induce a greater level of anxiety for a whole different set of reasons. So we have taken on the responsibility of assisting you through this whole process, all the while keeping your standard levels in check.

To ease your mind in your preparation for a formal party, we have acquired a collection of Party Invitation Templates that are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. Scan through our prepared templates and read on some tips on how to create your own formal party invitations.

Formal Dinner Party Invitation



Formal Birthday Party Invitation



Christmas Formal Party Invitation



Business Formal Party Invitation



Formal Cocktail Party Invitation



Tips in Creating a Formal Party Invitation

Composing a formal party invitation may seem like a frightening task for some people. Hopefully, this will not be the case for you as we guide you through some tips on how to make Formal Invitations a light and fun activity that you can master.

  • Tie in your invitation with your theme. At this point, you probably have invested an enormous amount of time considering and deciding the theme for your party. You would not want all that time to go to waste by creating an invitation that defies the design details of your theme. But don’t fret, we have just about every formal invitation template covered. So no matter the theme we always have a template that corresponds perfectly.
  • Choose formal wording. Keep a tight balance between keeping your message precise but still with the air of formality. Our templates come with the text of this sort. But if you wish to edit that out to use your own, you are more than welcome.
  • State the details as clearly as you possibly could. To avoid misinforming your guests, give it to them loud and clear the date and time of the party. For venue concerns, a map showing where it is located will save your guests a lot of hassle to find you.

Formal Holiday Party Invitation



Formal Lunch Party Invitation



Retirement Formal Party Invitation



Formal Surprise Party Invitation



Some More Tips for Formal Party Invitation Making

Still wondering how to work on that party invitation? Read on as we give you more tips to make your party as uncomplicated for you and your guests.

  • Declare what the party is for. A simple statement why you are planning a party in the first place will keep your guests from second-guessing what to expect or (better yet) what to bring as a present.
  • Specify distinctive details. If you are planning something as specific as a 1920s Hollywood–themed black-tie party, incorporate this detail in your invitation so that your guests can sort out what to wear for your party way ahead.
  • Insert RSVP information. Ask your guests to RSVP ahead of your party to give you a heads up on who’s coming and if catering or venue details need to be adjusted. A party overflowing with food and drinks has never concerned anybody, but a party with a shortage of both is a whole different story.

Planning any type of party, let alone a formal party has always been a nerve-racking task. But with our formal invitation templates, we ensure that you keep your invitation activities hassle free. For more templates, take a look at our Official Invitations section for your future party-planning needs.

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