9+ Funny Party Invitation Templates


Invitations that bring about laughter is definitely one that is hard to ignore and makes for an event that is hard to decline. If you wish to spread the positive vibes even before your party has begun, we have the best and the funniest invitation templates for you to choose from.

All the templates on our website are very well designed and are easy to customize, so you can send out the best invitations to guests. And to top that all off, all these party invitation templates are absolutely free! Use and print as much as you want, without the worry straining your best party’s budget.

Funny Party Invitation Card Template

funny party invitation card template1 Download

Funny Birthday Party Invitation

funny birthday party invitation Download

Funny Retirement Party Invitation

funny retirement party invitation Download

Funny Bachelorette Party Invitation

funny bachelorette party invitation Download

Free Funny Party Invitation Template

free funny party invitation template1 Download

Funny Party Invitation Templates

Throwing a party is undoubtedly stressful enough and ensuring that people show up for it is definitely an added stressor. Take the edge off with these funny party invitation templates. These are fun for you to edit around and are surely more fun for your guests to receive.

  • Funny Birthday Party Invitation. A birthday should be a lighthearted event, no matter how formal the party is. Whether you are throwing a black tie birthday party or just one in your backyard, use this template to invite your guests over, all the while making them laugh when they think about you as they receive them.
  • Funny Retirement Party Invitation. Retiring from work may be a very somber event that some people dread, so throwing them a lighthearted party with all their closest colleagues, friends, and family will hopefully alleviate the mood and ready them for the transition.

All the templates on our website come in high quality design with puns and images that are sure to tickle your guests’ funny bone. Add in your own pictures and texts or inside jokes into the invitations to make them more personalized.

Funny Engagement Party Invitation

funny engagement party invitation1 Download

Funny Cocktail Party Invitation

funny cocktail party invitation Download

Funny Bachelorette Party Invitation

funny bachelorette party invitation1 Download

More Funny Invitation Templates

Funny invitations are hard to come by at the stores, and when they do, they are either unrelatable or just plain unfunny. We have more templates here that you can use for invitations for any type of party you might have and they are all printable even in the comfort of your own home.

  • Funny Bachelorette Party Invitation. A night out with your closest girlfriends is surely one that calls for fun and funny invitations. Add more fun to the occasion with these funny bachelorette party invitations.
  • Funny Engagement Party Invitation. With the loosening up of wedding etiquette nowadays (compared to how it was 100 years ago), engaged couples can certainly take the fun and playful route with the occasion. This funny engagement party invitation takes care of that and
  • Funny Cocktail Party Invitation. For a cocktail party, or any other type of informal party where only an intimate guest list is involved and you know for sure booze is served, one is confident to say that a lively interaction will ensue. To put your guests in the mood to relax and enjoy great company, funny cocktail invitation will have them counting down the days to your cocktail party.

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