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gender reveal party invitations

A gender reveal party is a special event for a lot of parents as it is the moment they gather all their friends and family to reveal or find out the sex of their baby. A gender reveal is a very exciting moment and is planned even way before the mother is in the second half of her pregnancy.

If you are hosting a gender reveal party of your own, we have high-quality Party Invitation Templates that will fit any theme out there. All our templates are very easy to customize and are printable even with a basic home printer.

Simple Gender Reveal Party Invitation

simple-gender-reveal-party-invitation Free Download

Sample Chalkboard Gender Reveal Invitation

sample-chalkboard-gender-reveal-invitation Free Download

Free Gender Reveal Invitation Template

free-gender-reveal-invitation-template Free Download

Baby Gender Reveal Party Invitation

baby-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Owl Gender Reveal Party Invitation


Printable Gender Reveal Party Invitation

printable-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Fall Gender Reveal Party Invitation


Gender Reveal BBQ Party Invitation

gender-reveal-bbq-party-invitation Download

Loads of Gender Reveal Invitations

Learning the sex of the baby is one of the most exciting news for parents. Our Gender Reveal Invitations ensure that your guests will be excited to share the news you with a celebration. Here are some invitation templates for when you throw a gender reveal party.

  • Owl Gender Reveal Party Invitation. If you have a deep love for owls or just appreciate its aesthetic, these owl gender reveal invitations will definitely fit your bill. Plus owls make for cute creatures to theme your party around.
  • Fall Gender Reveal Party Invitation. If your party falls around the fall months, then this invitation template will complement your party. A fall-themed party is a great way to welcome the holiday season of the year too.
  • Gender Reveal BBQ Party Invitation. Combine the nonchalant feel of a BBQ party with your gender reveal party, and your guests are sure to have a good time, not to mention leave the party gastronomically satisfied.
  • Chalkboard Gender Reveal Party Invitation. This type of invitation conveys a rustic, vintage feel that most aspire for. If this template fits the mood of your party, then send your guests this invitation through email or personally.

Chalkboard Gender Reveal Party Invitation


Chevron Gender Reveal Party Invitation

chevron-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Princess or Prince Gender Reveal Party Invitation


Unique Gender Reveal Party Invitation

unique-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Twin Gender Reveal Party Invitation


More Gender Reveal Party Invitations

All the templates we are sharing with you are easy to customize, so incorporating photos of your family or of your ultrasound results will be effortless. Put in the date and venue of your party and print our your invitations. You will have personalized invitations in no time.

  • Chevron Gender Reveal Party Invitation. The chevron pattern is a traditional design that is revived by its appearance on many items, including party invitations. This is a safe template to go to if you are revealing the sex of the baby at the party.
  • Princess or Prince Gender Reveal Party Invitation. For when you are finding out the sex of your baby together with the rest of your invited guests, this is a really great invitation to send out as well.
  • Twin Gender Reveal Party Invitation. If twins are what you’re having but have no clue yet about their sexes, then this template is perfect for the occasion. Non gender specific invites on this section are good to send out to guests, so they will be guided accordingly to their gift selection.

For more invitation templates suited for parties for pregnancies or expecting parents, head on over to our Naming Ceremony Invitations page for more template options.

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