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A gender reveal party is hosted by a couple who would like to announce the gender of their baby to close friends, family, and relatives. This event provides excitement and anticipation for the guests who are waiting for the baby to be born. Usually, the gender of the baby can be known between eighteen to twenty weeks of the pregnancy stage. This still varies depending on the pregnancy condition of the mother.

We can provide you with gender reveal party invitations so you can have references in creating this kind of invitation for the gender reveal party that you will organize and host. Aside from that, we can also give you downloadable samples of an Invitation Template, which may be used as invites for other functions and event programs.

Free Gender Reveal Party Invitation

free-gender-reveal-party-invitation Free Download

Gender Reveal Invitation

gender-reveal-invitation Free Download

Free Chalkboard Gender Reveal Invitation Template

free-chalkboard-gender-reveal-invitation-template Free Download

Baby Gender Reveal Party Invitation

baby-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Gender Reveal Party Invitation Wording

gender-reveal-party-invitation-wording Download

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Invitation

gender-reveal-baby-shower-party-invitation Download

Personalized Gender Reveal Party Invitation

personalized-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Inclusions of a Baby Gender Reveal Party Invitation

A basic baby gender reveal party invitation includes the following details:

  • The name of the baby whose gender will be revealed
  • The location of the baby gender reveal party
  • The date and time of the baby gender reveal party
  • The program to be implemented in the baby gender reveal
  • The activities that will be done to reveal the gender of the baby
  • Other games and activities that the guests may expect in the baby gender reveal party
  • The theme of the baby gender reveal party
  • The kind of party to be hosted for the baby gender revelation

Guidelines in Creating a Baby Gender Reveal Party Invitation

If you are have already decided to create a baby gender reveal party invitation, here are a few guidelines that you may want to follow:

  • Make sure that there will be no hints of the baby’s gender in the party invitation.
  • Focus on unisex designs or other design materials that may be appropriate for a baby boy and a baby girl.
  • You may collate individual gender designs of different sexes so to create more confusion about the gender of the baby.
  • Make sure that you will write all the information that are needed to be known by the invited guests.

Aside from our gender reveal party invitation templates, we also have other kinds of Party Invitation Template samples, which you may use as references in creating invitations for different kinds of parties and celebrations.

Moreover, if the samples of our gender reveal invitation templates in this article is not enough, we still have more Gender Reveal Invitation Template samples, which you may browse through and download.

Little Miss Gender Reveal Party Invitation

little-miss-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Little Man Gender Reveal Party Invitation

little-man-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Twin Gender Reveal Party Invitation

twin-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Printable Gender Reveal Party Invitation

printable-gender-reveal-party-invitation Download

Gender Reveal Ideas

Creating a gender reveal party invitation may be hard, but it is harder to create the programs that you will include in it which will be done during the actual gender reveal party. Here are a few ideas of the activities that you may do in your gender reveal party:

  • You may use different items that can be scratched, divided, or cut off to reveal the gender of your baby, which will depend on the color or information that is within the object.
  • Before announcing the gender of your baby, you may have a tally of the guesses of your guests with regard to the gender of your baby. You can also let them speak on why they think that it is the gender of your baby based on the conditions of your pregnancy.
  • Video announcements and photo shoots may also be done during the gender reveal party if you have time to create them before the planned date of the gender reveal.

Other than our gender reveal party invitation templates, you may also browse through and download our Baby Shower Invitation Template samples.

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