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3+ Going Away Party Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do in the world. And to somehow ease the pain, people came up with going away and farewell parties. These kinds of events allow an individual or individuals who are leaving either a job, a school, or their hometowns to spend some quality time with their parents, relatives, friend, colleagues, and significant others. Since most farewell and send-off parties also are the last time that some people will get to see you, it is only fitting to host a formal party and invite guests using pre-made going away party invitation cards.

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In this article, we will help you with the creation of these special party invitation cards that can be used with any kind of farewell party. Make sure to read until the last paragraph of this article so that you will not miss any of the useful tips we will be sharing about selecting the best going away party invitation template for your send-off party.

Check Out These Going Away Party Invitation Templates

In addition to the helpful tips and hacks that we will be sharing about planning your own going away party, we have also curated some of the best going away party invitation card templates available online today. These pre-made templates are either downloadable as Adobe Photoshop or as Adobe Illustrator template files so do not forget to have a compatible graphic design software tool installed on your computer before you purchase and download any of these invitation templates.

Free Going Away Party Invitation Template

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Printable Going Away Party Invitation Template

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What is a Going Away Party Invitation?

Going away parties are pretty self-explanatory. It is a party or event organized to commemorate the leaving of a person or a group of people. These events are sometimes called Despedida parties, send-off parties, farewell parties, or retirement parties.

A going away party basically works just like any other party or celebratory bash. What sets it apart is that this kind of bash is held in honor of a single person who is going to work or live in another place and whom the party guests will not likely see frequently again. If you are planning such formal party, you would most likely need to create a party invitation card sample that will match the theme and purpose of your party.

Just like other kinds of party invitation cards, creating a going away party invitation can be achieved in two ways. The first invitation card-making method is the manual creation of the invitation cards. This means that you will be making handmade card designs based on your personal preferences. The major drawback of this approach is the amount of effort and time you need to spend in order to create each party invitation card. So if you are planning a big going away party that will be attended by a lot of guests, this card-making method may not be as effective.

If you wish to avoid burn out when creating going party invitation cards, you may follow this second invitation card-making method. This second method relies on the use of pre-made invitation card templates. These templates will already include all the text, images, layouts, font styles, and other graphic design elements that will be needed to create a going away party invitation card. Choose this approach if you want to do away with the hassle of creating your own invitation card designs. With these pre-made printable party invitation card templates, you will just need to make minor template edits (like adding the party details) and the entire card template will be ready to print.

Now that you know what going away party invitation cards are and the different ways you can create them, the ball is in your hands. Choose the best card-making method that you think will suit your party planning needs and personal preferences.

Retirement Farewell Invitation Template

How to Choose a Going Away Party Invitation Card Template

There are different party planning templates available online and offline that you can follow if you want to make sure that your send-off or going away party becomes a celebratory bash that people will remember for a long time. However, these planning templates can get so long and boring that it is difficult to get through them. That is why we have condensed a key sub-topic in party planning that anyone who is looking forward to creating his or her party invitation card templates will surely use.

We are referring to a list of the different factors or set of criteria that anyone should consider when choosing a going away party invitation card template. In the next few paragraphs, you will be treated to short paragraphs and explanations of how and why these factors are important when choosing a going away party invitation card. Read on…

1. Farewell Party Theme and Purpose

The first factor to consider when looking for a going away party invitation PSD card template is, most obviously, your party theme and purpose. To illustrate, if you are planning a going away party for your son who is enlisting in the army, your going-away party invitation card should reflect the reason why he is going away.

By making sure that your party invitation card template design depicts the reason why someone is leaving, anyone invited to the party will be more likely to attend the event since they will not be seeing the party host/honoree again for a very long time. Most of the time, a going away party invitation card that contains clear information about the party schedule will result in more guests since they all know what to expect during the farewell party.

2. Party Stationery Budget

The next aspect to consider when picking out a going away printable party invitation card is your party planning funds. Remember that there are a lot of things to pay for in order to make your send-off party a success. For example, you still need to pay for food, logistics, sound system, lights, waitstaff, venue rental, decorations, and even the printing of all your party stationery.

So if you are on a budget, investing in pre-made printable invitation card templates may be a good alternative since they cost only a few dollars. In addition, you may also have to choose a more cost-efficient printing method or you may have to limit the total number of invitation cards that you have to print out.

Think about all these things before you purchase a party invitation template so that you will not go over budget or, worse, unnecessarily spend a huge portion of your budget on less important aspects of the party. For tips on how to make a budget plan, check out the linked article.

3. Editing Skills

Prior to purchasing a going away party invitation card template, you should also assess your own graphic design and editing skills. This is an important thing to do since you need to make sure that you have the right skills to make customizations on the invitation card template of your choice. By knowing where you are on your Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop capabilities, you will find it less stressful when you finally get to edit your invitation card templates.

On the other hand, if you already know that you lack graphic design skills, you can think of other alternative methods to have your template design customized. For instance, you may just delegate the editing task to another person and you can focus on other aspects of party planning. You may also see cocktail party flyers.

4. Graphic Design Software

Another important factor to consider when choosing a going away invitation card template is the graphic design software tool that you already use. Remember that most printable templates are available either as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop templates. With this in mind, you should choose a pre-made party invitation card template that is already available in a template format that your own graphic design software program supports.

For instance, if you have Adobe InDesign installed on your computer and you already know how to use InDesign, it is best to choose pre-made printable card template that is available as an InDesign template. This makes your life easier when it comes to editing the invitation card template of your choice.

With all those top four factors in mind, planning a farewell party wouldn’t be so hard. Enjoy the process and do not forget to only invite the people you will personally find a hard time leaving behind.

Vintage Farewell Party Invitation

It’s Not Really A Goodbye

So if you are feeling equally excited and sad that you are leaving a job, your family, and your hometown for something that is new or different for you, just remember that it is okay to feel that way. Also, remember these words from John Green’s novel called Turtles All The Way Down, “No one ever says goodbye unless they want to see you again.” Tell this to all your friends, family members, colleagues and know that somewhere somehow, you will meet and see each other again. That and there are other ways you can bridge the distance using social media and the internet.

If you found this article useful in planning your going-away party, do not forget to share it on social media and even include it in your email list.

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