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15 Graduation Announcement Card Designs & Templates

Announcement cards are effective tools that you can use to spread news about any event. A graduation is a perfect example of an event that needs announcement cards to encourage families and close friends to attend the ceremony and witness the glorious moment. Such a momentous occasion needs to be shared with your loved ones, so it is only appropriate to inform them about it. Preparing for a graduation can be quite stressful so, to help ease the tension, we have gathered more than a handful of remarkable graduation announcement card designs and templates that you can use to inform people of the upcoming ceremony. Let us take a look at them!

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Modern Graduation Announcement Card Template

Senior Graduation Announcement Card Template

Simple Senior Graduation Announcement Card Template

Chic Graduation Announcement Card Template

Elegant Graduation Announcement Card Template

Reasons to use announcement cards

Even in this digital age, there are still some people who do not have a social media account, much less an email address. So, to make sure that everyone is informed about the graduation, it is only proper that you send announcement cards. If you are still uncertain about why there is a need to do so, we have listed some reasons for you to use announcement cards. Check them below.

  • To share information. Information dissemination can be done in a lot of ways, especially now that technology has made it easier to spread information through the Internet or calls and texts. But, to make things proper and professional, sending out invitations or announcement cards is a must. Everything that needs to be known for the graduation can be put on the layout of the announcement card, i.e. the date, venue, time, name of the one graduating and his or her degree. It is better for the guests to come prepared than to arrive clueless and empty-handed. You do not want to blindside them and make them feel awkward and out of place.
  • It makes the recipient feel special. Sending out invitations through social media or any online platform is efficient and convenient, but what it lacks is a personal approach. Announcement cards are personalized, so when you give them out, it makes the recipients think and feel that you care for them enough that you have given them one. It is also a great way of showing your compassionate side, especially to those who do not know you that much.
  • They set the tone for the event. The designs that you put in your layout will be a great factor for hyping them up. Since this is a graduation, include everything that involves such an event, like togas and diplomas scattered all over the card cover.
  • They create anticipation. Once your announcement card is received, the recipients will then anticipate the graduation. They will make preparations as soon as possible, like choosing what to wear and what to bring for the occasion. Also, they will look forward to meeting the graduate and taking a picture of this unforgettable moment!
  • They are memorable. Receiving invitations or announcements online has replaced the traditional way of being informed but, even so, it has not replaced the character of a tangible announcement card in being memorable. Announcement cards can be kept and placed in an area where they can occasionally remind you of the wonderful moments you have had during the event. It is a great piece of memorabilia to keep around, as well as a great addition to your scrapbook or collection.

Clean Graduation Announcement Card Template

Grid Graduation Announcement Card Template

Stylish Graduation Announcement Card Template

Contemporary Graduation Announcement Card Template

Chalkboard Graduation Announcement Card Template

Reasons to use graduation announcement card templates

  • They are downloadable. Designs for this kind of template are usually obtainable only by hiring a graphic designer. But, to reach a wider audience, some of the artists have decided to showcase their work and make it reachable by posting them on websites that cater to graphic artists such as Best Templates, Graphicriver, Creative Market, and Etsy. The aforementioned websites offer premium templates, so you have to pay first in order to download a template. But, fret not, as there are also websites that offer free templates.
  • They are easy to edit. These templates are manifestations of the overflowing creativity swirling inside the graphic designers’ minds. Since their works are mostly, if not entirely, editable, you can work your magic and include your personal touch on these templates. With a photo editing software program, you can easily edit these templates as much as you want. You can change any element you want and improve them to fit your chosen style, be it simple, elegant, stylish, or extravagant.
  • They offer a variety of stunning and impressive designs. There will always be a time when our creative juices dry out and we seek inspiration from somewhere else in hopes of igniting the dormant motivation residing within. So, to make things easy for you, we have provided an array of striking template designs that will help you create one of your own. Or, you can just download a template if you have already found one that suits your taste.
  • The quality of the templates is top-notch. It is a common notion that websites offering premium templates are of the best quality. Some of the templates may go beyond your budget, but they are priced that way for a reason. You can still find cheaper ones that are of standard quality; you just have to keenly look for them as they are sometimes buried under all the other options.

Trendy Boho Senior Graduation Announcement Card Template

Floral Senior Graduation Announcement Card Template

Retro Graduation Announcement Card Template

Classic Graduation Announcement Card Template

Colorful Graduation Announcement Card Template

Tips for purchasing announcement card templates

1. Look for trustworthy or verified websites

When looking for announcement card templates online, we are usually served with a variety of websites in the search results. But, there will always be a few of those results that are for scamming purposes. So, in order to avoid being scammed, you have to look for indications that a website is reliable. Some of the indications are as follows:

  • Domain and connection type. In case you have not noticed, most of the legitimate websites that you visit have secure connections, which is indicated by the text “Secure” located at the left-most part of the URL field. It is a security certification that some of the sites do not bother to acquire. But, also take note that not all of the sites that are secured are legitimate and not all sites that do not have security certificates are prone to scams.
  • Design. It is a subjective matter but sites that are well-designed is a great indication that their information is reliable. It is uncommon for successful and legitimate websites to have a poor design.
  • Ads. An overwhelming number of ads is one of the most obvious indications that a website is a scamming zone. Sure, there are sites that do have ads, but not so much as to occupy every bit of space in the site’s layout.

2. Pick what you need

Even after you have purchased your chosen template, there are still some designs that can be quite tempting to buy. Pick what you need as of the moment; do not overspend. Purchasing announcement cards should be a lesser priority compared to other things that you need to prepare for the graduation, such as the payment for the food and venue where you will go after the ceremony.

3. Find cheap but high-quality templates

To continue the talk about spending your money wisely, one of the ways to successfully do so is to look for standard-quality templates at a lesser price. There will always be great finds hidden in the extensive list of templates. They may be difficult to look for, but the reward is high once you find them.

A graduation is not just an achievement for oneself, but also for family and friends. Celebrate and share this success by handing out announcement cards to your loved ones. Congratulations for reaching another milestone in life and cheers to attaining more in the future!

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