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Anyone’s graduation is just as special as anyone else’s. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience whether you are about to march for your high school or your college graduation. You feel like you want to celebrate every moment of it while it lasts. It begins to sink in that you get to celebrate only once and the right people are just exactly where they should be to celebrate with you.

If you are graduating soon, you should really be planning out your party by now. Throw a party with a creative theme and start giving out your invitations. You may also want to try these invitation templates and win your friends to come over for your graduation party.

Simple Graduation Invitation to Edit


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Simple Graduation Invitation Template


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Editable Graduation Invitation Template


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Printable Graduation Announcement Invitation Template


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Graduation Program Invitation Design

Graduation Program Invitation Layout



Graduation Dinner Program Invitation



Graduation Program Invitation Card



Graduation Party Invitation

Graduation Cocktail Party Invitation



Graduation Celebration Party Invitation



College Graduation Invitation

College Graduation Party Invitation



College Graduation Invitation Wording



College Football Graduation Invitation



High School Graduation Invitation

Funny High School Graduation Invitation



High School Honors Graduation Invitation



Graduation Open House Invitation Design

Graduation Open House Invitation Card



Printable Graduation Open House Invitation



Unique Graduation Open House Invitation



Planning Your Graduation Party

You will surely need a lot of time on planning your party, so you better get everything ready as early as now. If you could get someone to help prepare it for you, at least you could incorporate your ideas and suggestions. After all, it is your party and you could be creative with it in as many ways as you can.

Get your unique ideas working and keep these in mind to throw the best graduation party there is:

  • Pick a theme. You may want to get rid of school-related themes and try something new. Any theme you pick is actually ideal as it is your party anyway. Perhaps get yourself a theme that gives you excitement on finally graduating or a theme that is unique enough that you could create exciting other ideas about it. A movie theme or an outdoor theme will definitely be just as good as any.
  • Hold a mini graduation ceremony. Your friends who graduated with you will certainly participate in your mini graduation during the celebration of your party. This is a good idea for entertainment of your guests an a little reunion with your friends. You could make use of personal awards and recognition for your friends. It will totally be fun!
  • Pass around a guestbook. Be reminded of people who attended your graduation party and easily thank them later. You could give out thank-you notes to these people or certainly thank these people on the list after your party. See these Thank-You Card templates and pick out something your guests deserve.
  • Get creative with the food. You should pick out a list of various types of food that are quite entertaining and nourishing to your guests. You could actually be creative with the food you want to serve. Mainly depending on your party theme, you could create faces out of your cookies or tassels out of your candies. Your menu is also a factor that will surely hold your party together.

All about Food

See these food serving suggestions and make your goodies more fun to eat!

  • Class ring candies. Set up a tray with these entertaining candies. Make your guests feel they are on the verge of your party and get them to earn a class ring candy.
  • Pretzel rod diplomas. You will feel like you are on top of the graduating class with these fun to eat diplomas.
  • Sour belt tassels. These goodies will look like that loose-hanging tassel on your graduation cap. Not that it is only entertaining to the eyes, it will also satisfy the inner graduate in you.

You can actually create a lot more with colorful candies and cookies available. Make sure you include these with proper labels on your party menu to stir up curiosity with your guests. Who does not want to remember their graduation party through these unique treats and desserts? Everything is really a must try!

Graduation Invitation Border Design

Graduation Paper Invitation Border



Graduation Invitation Cap Border Design



Graduation BBQ Invitation Design

University Graduation BBQ Invitation



Graduation BBQ Invitation Card



BBQ Themed Graduation Invitation



Graduation Ceremony Welcome Invitation

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Template



Graduation Diploma Ceremony Invitation



Graduation Program Ceremony Invitation



Formal Graduation Invitation

Formal Music Graduation Invitation



Formal Graduation Photo Invitation



Formal Law School Graduation Invitation



Graduation Ticket Invitation Design

Baseball Ticket Graduation Invitation



Football Ticket Graduation Invitation



Vintage Graduation Ticket Invitation



Graduation Party Invitation Ideas

How would you want to invite your guests? What type of invitation cards do you plan on giving away? You may be confused with a lot ideas and you would now try something that could be simple. Some may opt to stick with the theme, and some might want something that their guests could be curious about.

Either way, any invitation idea will surely work. Start calling out on your friends to join you on making your graduation party a truly memorable one and take some from these suggestions:

  • Vintage graduation ticket invitation. You and your guests could never go out of fashion with a vintage graduation theme and ticket invitations. From vintage dress codes to your invitation ideas, your party will be in it for a lot of style.
  • Formal graduation invitation. Formal themes for graduation suggests sophistication and expertise. These types of invitation could be ideal for law school graduates of for those who took up further studies. It could well represent a graduation party of more experienced and refined adults. See these formal party invitations and check out these designs you might want to try.
  • Graduation photo invitation. Make use of your formal graduation pictures and create invitation cards out of it. This could also serve as a memorabilia to your guests as these invitations will have your photographs in it. Make these invitations worth keeping. See more graduation photo invitations and make it easier for you to use these types of invitations.

Start planning out your party and take a chance on making it a memorable one. Theses party invitation ideas have it all for you. Choose the perfect layout and format for these invitations as you go. Pick the right pictures images and right content to make it stand out. Your guests will be willingly coming over for a well-prepared party.

Graduation Memorabilia

Your purpose for holding a graduation party isn’t only because you want to celebrate your success. It is only right that you enjoy the party and collect memories as you see it unfold and happen. Everything you prepare for your party are some of the few ways of how you will recall how you spent your success with significant people. Document your party and take pictures as every moment takes place.

Anything that you associate with your graduation is something you could keep with that’s worth remembering. From your nightlong preparations and a lot of brainstorming on ideas for your party, you get quite sentimental as you go through it all. You would have never imagined it could happen that way, and you will really be grateful for it.

Graduation Announcement Invitation

Graduation Dinner Announcement Invitation



Graduation Day Announcement Invitation



Kindergarten Graduation Announcement Invitation



Graduation Brunch Invitation Design

Graduation Day Brunch Invitation



Floral Stripes Graduation Brunch Invitation



Colorful Graduation Brunch Invitation



Sample Graduation Invitation

Sample Graduation BBQ Invitation



Sample Graduation Invitation Card



Sample Graduation Nursing Invitation



Graduation Wording Invitation

Graduation Ceremony Wording Invitation



Graduation Open House Wording Invitation



Graduation Dinner Wording Invitation



High School Graduation Quotes Invitation


Graduation Invitation Black Style Border


Graduation Cookout Party Invitation


A Job Well Done

All graduates deserve a pat on the back for a job well done. They deserve a celebration and recognition for all their hard work and sacrifice to get through the end of their chosen degrees. You would know that it is not that easy to be in school and stay in school to pursue grander ambitions, but seeing the graduates make it will make you feel proud for them.

These graduates could be your closest friend, your brother or sister, or anyone. Don’t you think they deserve recognition from you for all they’ve done? They will surely need valuable words and appreciation for being a milestone closer to their dreams.

Take your pick from these graduation invitation postcards for more graduation party needs.

Wishes for the Graduates

Make sure you make your dear graduates feel you are thinking of them on their graduation day. Read through these warm wishes and messages for them:

  • Congratulatory wishes. This is commonly used for anyone who graduates from kindergarten up until college. This wouldn’t be casually new to any graduate but heartfelt congratulations and appreciation will surely get through them. This could your way of admiring their achievements despite all the hardships they have experienced back in their college years.
  • Formal wishes. These are still congratulatory wishes but more on the formal ones. These wishes would usually come from parents, relatives, and teachers. These are formal messages of appreciation and recognition as these people have seen and witnessed you grow through your college years. They have seen your struggles and thought you might here messages you truly deserve.
  • Look to the future. Graduates would need encouragement for whatever they may face in the future. Dedicate words of assurance to them that they are going to make it to the near future. Encourage professions, jobs, and advocacies they could live up. These wishes will serve as a guide for them to take another step up as they reach an end to their college years. This is a reminder for graduates to explore a lot of possibilities in their chosen fields.
  • Advice. Your advice for your graduates must be general and upbeat. This way, they are at liberty to discover what is in store for them after their graduation. See to it that your advice is something that makes them want to enjoy the experience. Leave them reminders as they go and teach them of values that one must have to get to their dream jobs and other endeavors.

While graduates are a bit clueless about what is in the real world and how they should deal with it, they need to be equipped with everything they need to take hold of several realities beyond their classroom corners and term papers. Here are motivational poster templates you could choose from that could also be ideal for your dear graduates.

Graduation Gifts Ideas

While your graduates heed all your graduation advice, don’t you think they’ll be much happier with presents on their graduation day? Give them something that could remind them of their achievements. Or perhaps something they could make use of as they pursue new jobs and new experiences. See these graduation gift cards and pick out best ones!

Make your graduates appreciate themselves more for making it to their recognition. Here are simple and useful gift ideas for your dear graduates:

  • Diploma and tassel frame. A very common memorabilia for every graduate is this kind of frame. You might think it is not a need, but it could be something that serves as a reminder for his or her achievements. It may not cost a lot, but it is truly meaningful to every graduate to have this for keeps.
  • Books. You could actually give good books to read. A fresh graduate will surely need some time off academic-related books. Books that could be relaxing to read are ideal for graduates in their transitional phase toward reality. Graduates might need a quick escape from reality and binge on books for a few weeks.
  • Sketchbook and markers. This pair could actually be very useful for those who are set on looking for their first job straight out of college. They might need to list down and review information that they should include in their resume. See these one page resume templates and include advice on how they should go about their resumes for entry-level job positions.
  • Plane tickets and travel bags. This might be an expensive present, but it will definitely be worth it. A well-deserved vacation is what every graduate could possibly ask for. Give them the chance to travel and explore a lot more realities than they have known so far in their college years. Allow them to grow through traveling and give them one best break before officially facing different, greater responsibilities.

There are a lot more gift ideas for your dear graduates. You could even go for more intimate gifts like personalized ones or simple ones like a favorite graduation photograph and a sincere dedication. Your presents will hold so much value no matter how little it costs. Take time to be creative with your presents and make crafts that are ideal for your graduates. They will surely be grateful for your presents as much as you proud of them for their lifetime achievements.

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