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If you are an entrepreneur who is about to launch a new business venture, you should never pass up the chance to promote your business prior to its grand opening. And an effective marketing strategy that most business owners should follow is the use of the best grand opening invitation templates to help draw in crowds of new customers.

In this article, we provide multiple examples of grand opening invitation templates that anyone can use to jumpstart their own business even before your store officially opens. Note that most of the invitation templates included in this list are created using either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. This means that you will need to have the corresponding graphic design software tool installed on your computer before you can successfully open and edit them.

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Check Out these Grand Opening Invitation Templates

As promised, what follows are different grand opening invitation card templates. Browse through them and select the best template design according to the different template selection guidelines we will be sharing with you in the latter part of this article.

Grand Opening Invitation Template

grand opening invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Free Restaurant Grand Opening Invitation Template

free restaurant grand opening invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Free Grand Opening Invitation Card Template

free grand opening invitation card template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Gold Grand Opening Flyer Invitation Template

gold grand opening flyer invitation template

Art Deco Grand Opening Invitation Template

art deco grand opening invitation template

Inn Grand Opening Invitation Template

inn grand opening invitation template

What are Grand Opening Invitation Templates?

Templates are digital files that contain pre-formatted layouts, text, font styles, images, illustrations, and other graphic design elements in order to create a digital document. When these templates are specifically formatted to resemble an invitation card for the opening of a new business establishment, they are called grand opening invitation templates.

Just like other types of templates, most grand opening invitation templates are pre-formatted and are ready to print. This means that the end-users of these templates will have little to do in terms of the invitation’s template design since it has already been created. An end-user will just have to make minor edits like adding their business details and contact information.

As with any kind of business stationery designs, entrepreneurs can choose to manually create their invitation cards. For instance, you may create handmade invitations for your restaurant opening. This strategy may be effective if you wish to only invite a few people to an exclusive opening event for your establishment. However, if you want to let more people know about your new business, you may need to create more grand opening invitations and creating them manually will be troublesome. That is why most business owners would prefer to use grand opening invitation templates instead.

Sample Grand Opening Invitation Template

pub grand opening invitation template

Asian Restaurant Grand Opening Invitation Card Template

asian restaurant grand opening invitation card template

Advantages Of Using Pre-made Grand Opening Invitation Templates

Starting a business takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and self-confidence. Some will have false starts but a crucial virtue that most successful entrepreneurs have is their willingness to continue learning and apply this to their own business ventures. So if you want to be a business owner who embodies these ideals, a good way to practice that is by knowing the different advantages of using invitation templates for your store’s grand opening. This piece of knowledge may sound trivial at first but you can use it to develop business marketing and advertising plans in the future.

Here are the different benefits and advantages of using printable grand opening invitation templates. Read on…

  • Low Price.

Price is one of the first factors that affect any consumer’s likelihood to purchase or try out something. Printable templates like store launching invitation templates typically only cost a few dollars – making them readily accessible to new entrepreneurs and those who are operating under a strict budget. For more information on how to create a budget plan for a small business, check out the linked article.

A lower template base cost also means that entrepreneurs will have more money allocated to the printing of these invitation templates. Remember that printing may take up a huge chunk of the company budget especially if you want to make sure that your opening invitation templates are sent out or given to as many people as possible.

Despite this, using pre-made grand opening invitation templates is still a cost-effective alternative to traditional modes of advertising for business establishments. TV, radio, and billboard advertising will cost a lot more than purchasing, editing, and printing simple pre-made grand opening invitation templates.

  • Freedom To Customize Templates.

Users of pre-made invitation templates have all the freedom to customize any printable template that they purchase. This is advantageous for business owners who want to create something truly original out of the base template that they have chosen. In addition, customizing a template also lets you make sure that no other invitation template out there looks like the grand opening invitation template design that you will be using.

Business owners who have a background in graphic design or those who just know the basics of Adobe Photoshop will find it easier to make template edits. Most printable templates are pre-formatted and end-users will only need to fill out text boxes and replace image placeholders with actual pictures from their business establishment.

  • Ready To Print.

Another advantage of using pre-made grand opening invitation templates is that these templates are ready to print. This means that after making minor customizations on the invitation template, you can print out the document right away. This is possible thanks to all the pre-formatting and background layouts done by the template’s original creator.

Pre-made templates will come in different standard card and document formats and sizes. For examples, invitation card templates may follow the standard US letter print size, A4 size, rack card size, and a lot more. Just make sure that you read the template’s description prior to purchasing it so that you will know the paper type and size needed for printing the document.

  • Fast Turnaround Time.

One main advantage of using printable business opening invitation card templates is that they help you save time. You do not need to design the entire thing from the ground up since the templates have already been pre-formatted by its original graphic designer or creator. End-users save time since they are required to do little to no editing at all. This can be a huge advantage to entrepreneurs who already have a lot of things on their plates.

Business managers will also find the use of pre-made grand opening invitation templates helpful since it allows them to deliver results within a short period of time. Most new businesses need to follow a strict timeline from constructing their store premises to the actual business opening date. Enough buzz also needs to be created at the right amount of time before the business launches so that people will really visit the store when the grand opening date arrives.

By using pre-made printable invitation templates, you can keep your market or audience informed and enticed enough until your store’s opening date. The templates can be conveniently printed within a day or two and it will help you keep on track of your business timeline.

  • Enhance Editing Skills.

As we have mentioned earlier, pre-made invitation templates may require its end-users to make minor template edits if they wish to personalize the template design even more. Entrepreneurs and business managers who frequently have to edit these templates will undoubtedly enhance their editing and graphic design skills as time passes by. This may be an offshoot benefit of using printable templates but if you are already interested in graphic design, you will find that it is a worthy skill to learn.

In addition, being exposed to different exceptional graphic design software tools and learning how to use them can be a good foundation for a side hustle in graphic design. And if you are a business owner who has excellent graphic design and editing skills, you will find it easier to choose business template designs that you can use for other design projects for your businesses.

  • Reusable Templates.

Printable grand opening invitation templates are digital document files. This means that you can store these files indefinitely on your computer’s hard drive or in any data storage device and only retrieve them when needed. Having reusable template files will not only help you save money on template purchase fees but it will also allow you to reuse the same printable card template design all over again without the loss of quality.

You can use the same opening invitation template if you are launching another branch of your business establishment. This practice is extremely helpful since you do not have to redo all the template customizations. You just have to change the business address and, viola, you already have a grand opening invitation template. For example, if you are opening a new restaurant branch, you can use the same restaurant grand opening invitation templates to let the public know that the two businesses are from the same company since they are using the same business branding identity designs.

  • Available In Different File Formats.

Printable templates are available in different file formats. You can choose from PSD, EPS, AI, PDF, DOC, PUB, and InDesign template file formats. This means that you can choose the specific kind of template file that will be compatible with the graphic design software tool that you are using. This also means that there will be fewer chances of file type incompatibility and you will have an easier and quicker time to edit the grand opening invitation template of your choice.

Buying or subscribing to a graphic design and desktop publishing software program may cost a lot and can be an unpractical business decision especially for new entrepreneurs or to those who do not have much use with these software tools. That is why it is advantageous to use printable invitation templates that are created and stored in file formats you can edit easily.

There are more positive aspects related to the use of pre-made invitation templates. But we have only listed the most relevant ones above. Also, note that all these benefits may not apply to everyone since we may be in different business situations. Use these list of advantages as a guide to help you make a more informed choice.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you on how you wish to create the advertising materials for your business’ grand opening day. If, for example, if you wish to handcraft all your restaurant advertising materials, then go for it. Just never forget to enjoy the process and learn as much as you can so that your business will succeed.

Custom Elegant Grand Opening Invitation Template

custom elegant grand opening invitation template

Grand Opening Invitation Template Selection Guide

As we have mentioned earlier, choosing the kind of invitation template design to use for your business launch is a very important task for any business since it is a way to showcase your business’ unique branding identity designs to your customers. To assist entrepreneurs in this selection process, we have compiled a list of things that should be considered before you purchase a printable opening invitation template design. Check out the guidelines below.

1. Create a Unique Business Branding Identity First

A business’ branding identity is your brand’s image and the impression you wish your customers create when they see, hear, or read about your business. It is essential that entrepreneurs have a full understanding of this first and how it plays a role in long-term business marketing.

So, if you are in the market for a grand opening invitation template, make sure that the template you choose bears certain graphic design elements that will help your customers associate the image they are seeing with the same emotions or feelings that you want to evoke as your branding identity.

To illustrate, if you are opening a new cafe bistro catering to trendy millennials, it would make sense to use a grand opening invitation template that sports modern and vibrant design elements. In this case, it best to choose an invitation template that will let any prospective customer feel at home just by looking at the invitation card template.

In reality, it is easy to come up with a business logo design and even formulate an ideal branding image for any business. However, the real dilemma is making sure that this branding identity sticks. This is often a problem encountered by first-time entrepreneurs. And, one solution to this issue is by making sure that you are already utilizing the same branding image designs right before our business’s launch date. This where the use of a carefully selected grand opening invitation template comes in.

2. Find Out the Template’s Customization Options

Another factor that business owners or managers should consider when picking a grand opening invitation template is template customizability. This means that you should look into the types of edits that a template’s end-user is allowed to make to the template. You may also see invitation card sample templates.

This is an important step to do because you may either want to add or remove some graphic design elements found on the invitation template. Also, knowing that you have the freedom to make any template design customizations can help unleash your creativity and allow you to transform the invitation card template into something way better.

Grand opening invitation card templates with full customization features are useful for those who already have a background in graphic design and editing. However, if you are not familiar with template editing or have a very limited knowledge of it, you may choose to use a printable invitation template that would have been edited by its original creator. But note that invitation templates with this kind of customization option may cost more since you will be paying the template creator for the time and effort he or she must have spent in customizing the template for you.

3. Look for a Template File that is Compatible with Your Graphic Design Software

This next criterion in selecting a grand opening invitation template design is often overlooked by many since this piece of information is seldom emphasized on online template marketplaces. To avoid this problem, business owners or anyone looking for grand opening invitation templates should make sure to look for invitation template files that are supported or compatible with the kind of graphic design software program that they already have.

For instance, if you are familiar with and already have the software Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, it is best to search for and purchase an event invitation template that is available as a Photoshop template file download. Doing this will make your life way easier when editing time comes.

Luxurious Grand Opening Flyer Invitation Template

luxurious grand opening flyer invitation template

Gourmet Grand Opening Invitation Template

gourmet grand opening invitation template

Japanese Resto Grand Opening Invitation Card Template

japanese resto grand opening invitation card template

Minimalist Restaurant Grand Opening Invitation Template

minimalist restaurant grand opening invitation template

Grand Opening Invitation Template Selection Guide (continued)

1. Find out How Much the Template Printing Costs

Most printable business and graphic design templates only cost between $5 to $30 and this price will often increase if you choose to use a template pack as it will include multiple types of printables. Most business owners can afford to buy these templates especially if they already have set up an advertising budget plan. However, the cost of the base template is only the tip of the iceberg. Business managers should also make sure to calculate the total cost of printing out the invitation template. (For more information on how to make a budget plan, check the linked article.)

This is an important factor to consider since some invitation templates may require specialty printing and, thus effectively, increasing the total printing costs. Sure, some businesses can afford to spend more money on their grand opening invitation flyers and cards. However, if you are operating a new business or if you are working with a very limited budget, you also need to carefully factor in the total printing costs.

Having a rough estimate of how much a printing a specific template design will cost gives you more accuracy in determining the number of invitation flyers and cards you wish to have printed out. And if you are on a budget, this piece of knowledge may lead you to choose a template design that can be printed in multiple quantities without you overspending for it.

2. Choose a Template with a Unique and Original Design

Another key criterion that business owners should consider when picking a grand opening invitation template is the template’s design. Remember that you want your grand opening invitation cards and flyer designs to stand out and appeal to a lot of potential customers. A good way to do so is by making sure that you choose a printable template that sports a unique and original design.

It’s true that business invitation templates sold online are available for download and for use to a lot of people. But you can still use templates to your advantage by making sure that customize a pre-made template and make it match your business’ branding identity. Remember, the printable grand opening invitation template that you purchase will only serve as the basis for your business opening invitation stationery. It is up to you on how you spice up this template and make it your own.

Follow these guidelines when selecting invitation card templates and your business’ grand opening will be a total hit. Also, do not forget to enjoy the process and learn from any mistakes that you may encounter.

Black and Gold Grand Opening Invitation Template

black and gold grand opening invitation template

Grand Opening Restaurant Invitation Template

simple restaurant grand opening invitation template

Steakhouse Grand Opening Invitation Template

steakhouse grand opening invitation template

Coming Soon Flyer and Grand Opening Invitation Template

coming soon flyer and grand opening invitation template

Get Ready for Your Business’ Grand Opening

Now that you have looked at different examples of grand opening invitation card and flyer templates, it is time for you to choose an invitation template design that will best complement your business’ branding image. Use the template selection tips that we have outlined above to guide you. And, if you found this article useful, do not forget to save and bookmark it for future reference!

You may also share it on social media so that your colleagues and friends will benefit from this article.

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