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6+ High School Graduation Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Word, Publisher, Apple Pages

Nothing beats the feeling of graduating, of finishing your academic responsibilities, and of moving on to another chapter of your life. Graduations are one of those events that call for a celebration, a celebration of the success of parents putting their child through education and the success of the child in accomplishing tumultuous years of sleepless nights and endless works. You may also see graduation invitations.

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It is indeed fulfilling and so much more with the people closest to you aside from your parents who have helped you with the success. And as with any event, whether it be a birthday party or a wedding, guests help make events more fun-filled and memorable, thus making their presence mandatory and highly needed.

Free Graduation Invitation Template

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Free Graduation Invitation Example

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Gold Photo Graduation Announcement Invitation

Invitation Cards in a Time of Technology and Social Media

No one can deny the unwavering presence and influence of technology and social media platforms in today’s time. People are constantly on their phones, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to easily connect with other people. That is why most prefer to be constantly online because of how accessible everyone becomes; just one click and you are able to talk to them without hassle. And in the case of upcoming events (e.g. your graduation and the celebration that comes after), people have the tendency to just simply inform their guests about it through text because of how easily it can be done and how it does not entail a lot of effort.

One text with all the necessary pieces of information about the event and it is relayed to the people you wish to be in attendance. But, there are things it clearly lacks because of how simple and effortless it is, which can somehow affect the way people will look at your event as a whole. It just simply lacks formality, which is one that is seen as a must in every event no matter how grand or simple it is. Compared to having an invitation card as a medium to invite people to your event, which can, no matter what, make it truly formal. You may also see graduation invitation samples.

Invitation cards are a long-standing tradition that has been used way before technology and social media platforms emerge into the scene. It has always been used as the means to communicate, inform, and invite people to come to your event. Not only that, invitation cards remain firm amidst the incrementing influence of technology and social media over people. And that is because, even with the continued growth of technology and social media platforms, there are still some who prefer to go down the more traditional route, where invitation cards are seen as a necessity in events.

There are still some who prefer to have something tangible, something they can touch and feel, and something that offers an experience that is not just through the screens of their phones. Time and time, event after event, invitation card samples have been chosen by people as means to invite, reaffirming its place in the events industry even with technology and social media being considerable options.

Trendy School Graduation Invitation

Vintage Frame Graduation Party Invitation

What Pieces of Information Should Go On An Invitation Card?

An invitation card is only as effective with the necessary pieces of information that go with it. Without them, it is a mere piece of paper designed elaborately that serves no purpose, at all. However, with the different pieces of information present in your invitation card, it helps add to the design element and inform the guests about the details with regards to the event you are organizing.

1. Name

It is a common courtesy to inform guests for whom the celebration is. For this instance, it is important to give your guests the idea about who is graduating. This way, not only are you identifying yourself with them but you are making it easy for them to buy options for a gift. This piece of information is just simply basic and mandatory. You may also see printable graduation invitations.

2. Date

It is important to put in the date of your event, this way your guests will be informed in advance when it will take place. Also, by having your date in your invitation, it will allow your guests to block off the date in advance to avoid conflict of sample schedules. This will also allow your guests to have an ample time to prepare for your event like pamper themselves, buy clothes to wear, and even buy a gift to give you.

3. Location

The location of the event is also an equally important piece of information in the invitation. Guests need to be informed of the whereabouts of your event—the exact location, famous landmarks, et cetera. This will also be of great help for guests who do not have even the slightest idea about the location of your event, with the information you will provide they can just easily look it up online for guidance. You may also see graduation party invitations.

4. Contact Information

The main intent of having a set of different contact information is it caters to the inquiries your guests have for your event. It simply provides them a resort to ask for details such as the dress code of the event, the exact address, the exact date and time. You can maybe add in your telephone number, your cell phone number, your email address, just make sure all the pieces of contact information you will put in are up to date and are all in active use.

Rose Gold Graduation Invitation Example

Modern Sparkles Graduation Party Invitation

Pre-made Invitation Card Designs and Templates:

There are tons of ways you can acquire your very own invitation card example, but it mostly depends on what you prefer the most. But, if you are someone seeking a kind of option that is practical and efficient, then the pre-made option is tailor-made just for you. The pre-made option is where you can just simply buy designs and templates that are readily available online.

1. Affordable

This is one of the reasons why people that are seeking invitation cards gravitate towards the pre-made option. It’s affordable compared to other options (i.e. having it custom made by a professional graphics artist). Another factor that contributes to its affordability is how it is made by graphics artists based on their preference, how they are not being obliged to follow any demands, requirements, and deadlines. Just ample liberty to do whatever they want, whenever they want. You may also see free graduation invitation templates.

2. Workable

Because it is premade, it is generally very easy to work with. You do not need to have extensive knowledge about the different design software that is used in creating different mediums because even with a basic understanding of how thing work, you can already provide yourself with an invitation card. Also, all you need are creativity and the willingness to create your own invitation card design. Most importantly, considering that it is premade, designs and templates are already initially laid out by the graphics artists with which you have the option to finish the initial design or use it as an inspiration to base your design off of.

3. Editable

Premade invitation card designs and templates are editable and customizable to your preference. Mainly because of the fact that it is partially finished, which provides an ample opportunity for you to do whatever you want. You can edit the texts, the fonts, the sizes, and even a few other elements of the design to however you wish you want it. Sometimes it comes with smart object layers or vector files that enable you to move around elements in the design to create a more personalized and unique-looking invitation card design.

4. Design Variation

Most importantly, the premade option comes with an array of design variation that will cater to your preference. There is just so much to choose from. There are simple designs and templates for those who prefer a more minimal and clean invitation card, as well as modern designs and templates for those who want their invitation cards different and unique. There are also designs that come with different print designs, from floral to glitters, to stripes and polka dots, for those who want a more fun and unique invitation card.

If you find this article helpful in any way, do not forget to bookmark this page for future references. And, kindly share this with other individuals planning to celebrate after their graduation and is seeking the best invitation card designs and templates to use as a medium for an invitation.

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