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New homes are new beginnings, and these occasions should be celebrated. It shows a brand-new start for most people, and for some, they get to think of informing all their relatives, family, and friends that they are moving to a new place. Soon enough, when you move into a new residence, you will be the host responsible for anyone who wishes to see how you are doing. You surely would want a housewarming party when you would want to showcase where your hard-earned money goes.

As this tradition also helps you in getting your new home furnished, you will enjoy the company of your guests coming over too. Try on these Invitation Templates for your housewarming party soon!

Housewarming Invitation Template


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Free Housewarming Party Invitation Template


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Housewarming Party Invitation Card



Housewarming Pool Party Invitation



Surprise Housewarming Party Invitation



Open House Housewarming Party Invitation



So You’re Throwing a Housewarming Party . . .

You will surely prepare your new home for your housewarming party even with how little you have started. You will also need Housewarming Invitations for special guests you will be expecting. When you are finally ready to invite your neighbors and friends into your new house, you must also come up with plans on making your party special.

Make sure your party encourages your old friends to come and see you again. At the same time, see to it that you will soon build new friendships within your new neighborhood. Here are a few tips on how you go about your invitation cards:

  • Handwritten notes/invitations. You might not want to do a lot of work with your invitations so a simple handwritten note would actually do. Everything does not have to be handwritten, maybe you would just need uniform designs and written uniform notes.
  • Include directions. You probably would not want wrong guests coming in from your doorstep. Always provide directions in your invitations as well as correct information on street numbers particularly.
  • Put up a theme. Whether you write a theme on the invitation card or you just might want your guests to figure out, a theme will spice up your party.

Funny Housewarming Party Invitation



Printable Housewarming Party Invitation



Christmas Housewarming Party Invitation



Affordable Housewarming Party Invitation



Housewarming Party Invitation Temlate in PSD



Belated Housewarming Party Invitation



Make Your Housewarming Memorable

If it will be your first time throwing a housewarming party, you will encounter some few mishaps you may not have expected. After all, most of your guests will come from your neighborhood aside from your friends and relatives. Just make sure you are covered of things you might need to know. To make sure your housewarming party will be memorable, grab on some of these ideas:

  • Interact with people. You may have guests who are not your direct neighbors, but be friends with them anyway.
  • Serve finger food. A lot of interactions happen with finger food served. Even just by asking what variety of food is served, you get to communicate with others, which could possibly lead to more fun exchange of words.
  • List your guests. You will look back on your party someday soon, and you will see a list of people who made it to your party. In this way, you also get to be familiar with their names or which block they live.

You will love having friends around your neighborhood and a great way to interact with them is to approach them first. Your housewarming party is a great step toward meeting new people. You might like to pick out an idea from these Photo Wedding Invitations for another event.

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