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Invitations are used by hosts and /or organizers of an event to assure that all the information that are needed to be known by the invited guests are properly relayed. There are different kinds of invitations varying on the event where it will be used and the program that will transpire during the execution of the occasion or gathering. Moreover, there are also different usages of invitations as it can be for a formal event or a casual get together.

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The Invitation Design that will be applied to a specific invitation is greatly affected by the variables that are taken into consideration to assure that the event will be reflected accordingly and that the guests who are asked and/or requested to be in the celebration will be aware of the kind of event they are invited to.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Reception Invitation

wedding reception invitationDownload

Wedding Card Invitation

wedding card invitationDownload

Baby Shower Invitation

Diaper Baby Shower Invitation Template

diaper baby shower invitation templateDownload

Birthday Invitation

Birthday Function Invitation

birthday function invitationDownload

Birthday Dinner Invitation

birthday dinner invitationDownload

Graduation Invitation

Graduation Party Invitation

graduation party invitationDownload

Graduation Ceremony Invitation

graduation ceremony invitationDownload

College Graduation Invitation

college graduation invitation1?Download

Meeting Invitation

Staff Meeting Invitation

staff meeting invitationDownload

Group Meeting Invitation

group meeting invitationDownload

Nature of Invitations

The variations that can be seen in invitations are preferably due to the numerous events that can be hosted by an entity. Basically, an invitation is the document that is given by the people who are primarily concerned with the planning and execution of the party. It can be done by either of the following processes:

  • It can be personally designed by the host of the party since they are the most aware of the theme that they want to incorporate in the celebration. There are a variety of designs that can be used and the host’s creativity will truly shine out should this be the process to be followed in creating the event invitations.
  • Invitations can also be included in the package that the host acquired from an event organizer or an event planner. These documents are commonly selected from a limited option that are available in the service and product book of the entity who will take care of the event. Moreso, there are instances where additional fees may be collected should the host want to personalize an invitation that s/he will use in the event.

There are a lot of events where an invitation card may be used. A few of them are as follows:

  • Business and corporate events
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Formal gatherings
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Conventions, seminars and trade events

The design that will be applied in an invitation should be aligned with the content that it has. The purpose of the event and the details that are involved in the program planning and execution are essential to be considered as they are the variables that are needed to be present and reflected in an invitation.

Types of Invitations

There are many themes that can be incorporated in an invitation. Before creating a theme for the invitation, you first need to identify the type of invitation that you will use. A few types of invitations that may be used for particular events are as follows:

  • Invitation cards are the most common form of invitations. They are commonly characterized by a folded document which creates a number of pages that may be designed and/or edited according to the likeness of the host of the event. Even if Invitation Cards have already been used in a lot of events, you can still apply personal creative touches for it to look unique and special.
  • Invitation flyers are one-page documents which contain all the items that an invitation needs to have which includes the program content, the design of the invitation, and the materials that are needed to be incorporated in the invitation to properly create an appropriate preview for the event where the invitation will be used. We can provide you with more samples of Invitation Flyers in the link provided.
  • Invitation banners are used for bigger events or where more people are expected to be invited due to the nature of the celebration which is commonly related either to business functions, corporate gatherings, or special get-togethers. A few samples of invitation banners include Bridal Shower Invitation Banners.

The designs that will be applied based on the kind of invitation that will be sent out to the invited guests will allow the invitation to be more unique. This will also let the invitation document to be used appropriately to create the correct perception about the event that will happen.

More than the design that you will apply for the invitation, the content should be your priority as well. It is very important for you to place the accurate information so no misunderstandings may occur from all sides of the celebration.

Engagement Invitation

Engagement Announcement Invitation

engagement announcement invitationDownload

Engagement Dinner Invitation

engagement dinner invitation1Download

Event Invitation

Wedding Event Invitation

wedding event invitation1Download

Music Event Invitation Template

music event invitation templateDownload

Retirement Invitation

Teacher Retirement Invitation Template

teacher retirement invitation templateDownload

Reception Invitation

Wedding Reception Invitation

wedding reception invitation1Download

Official Reception Invitation

official reception invitationDownload

Business Reception Invitation

business reception invitationDownload

Party Invitation

Farewell Party Invitation

farewell party invitationDownload

Birthday Party Invitation

birthday party invitation1Download

Engagement Party Invitation

engagement party invitationDownload

Suggestions in Invitation Creation

If you are already planning to create the invitation for the event that you will host or organize, a few guidelines that you may follow contain these details:

  • Identify the nature of the event where the invitation will be used.
  • Create an invitation design in mind so you can make it easier for you to apply it in the design processes.
  • Select an editing tool where you are comfortable using as it allows you to be more creative and implement the designs that you want to use in the invitation
  • Use font faces, sizes, colors and styles that look great together with the entire design of the invitation. Assure that the fonts that you will select are readable, easily understood and striking.
  • Properly place the design items and materials in the invitation as placement and spacing create a lot of difference in the visual impact of an invitation should it be done right. Highlight the materials used in the invitation where they will visually look great and striking.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the purpose of the invitation and that the invitation that you will create is appropriate to be used considering all the items that are present in the event to occur.
  • Base the design that you will apply for the invitation either on the theme of the event, the request of the host, and/or the pegs that are being considered in different design processes involved in the event.
  • Assure that the information that you have in hand are the details that should be present in the invitation so you will be guided accordingly on the items that the invited guests need to be aware of.

Corporate and Business Invitations

Invitations may be used to provide information and details of events that are related to corporate activities and business gatherings. A few samples of this kind of invitations are as follows:

  • Business lunch and dinner invitations are used to provide information about the items that are needed to be known by the people who will gather over food to talk about business processes and undertakings.
  • Corporate anniversary party invitations are given out to the stakeholders of the business so that they can be together in celebrating a milestone of the company in terms of longevity in the industry.
  • Product launching invitations are given out by companies who would like to invite specific people as they unveil their new offering for the market.
  • Business grand opening invitations are given out to promote the business that is soon to open in a specific location. This allows the business to have more foot traffic during their opening.
  • Corporate charity event invitations can be sent by companies so that they can get more pledges and support for the advocacy that they champion for an individual, a group, or an entire community.
  • Business conference/symposium invitations can be used either to invite a speaker to talk to the event or to allow people to know that there is a business gathering that will occur which will deal with a specific business focus or subject of discussion.

Other than our samples and templates of a variety of invitations, you may also be interested in browse through our content and download samples of Business Cards and Event Flyer Templates.

Photo Invitation

Wedding Photo Invitation

wedding photo invitationDownload

Event Photo Invitation

event photo invitationDownload

Business Invitation

Business Dinner Invitation Example

business dinner invitation example Download

Business Lunch Invitation Example

business lunch invitation exampleDownload

Dinner Invitation

Dinner Party Invitation

dinner party invitation1Download

Farewell Dinner Invitation

farewell dinner invitation2Download

Holiday Dinner Invitation

holiday dinner invitationDownload

Farewell Invitation

Farewell Lunch Invitation

farewell lunch invitationDownload

Farewell Day Invitation

farewell day invitation


Anniversary Invitation

Wedding Anniversary Invitation

wedding anniversary invitationDownload

Anniversary Party Invitation

anniversary party invitationDownload

School Anniversary Invitation

school anniversary invitationDownload

Email Invitation

Wedding Email Invitation

wedding email invitationDownload

Fashion Show Email Invitation

fashion show email invitation1Download

Kinds of Invitations

Other than the business and corporate invitations that has been discussed above, here are other kinds of invitations which you may also download from this page:

  • Engagement Invitations are used to inform people about the activities and programs that will happen during an engagement party or celebration. A few kind of engagement invitations include the following:
    • Engagement function invitation
    • Engagement Announcement Invitation
    • Engagement dinner invitation
  • Wedding invitations are the invitations that are sent out for the people to know the occurrences that will happen during the wedding. A few samples of wedding invitations are as follows:
    • Wedding shower invitation
    • Wedding ceremony invitation
    • Wedding reception invitation
    • Wedding card invitation
  • Baby shower invitations are given to the guests who would like to celebrate with the soon-to-be parents to whom the event is for together with the baby that is soon to be delivered. A few samples of baby shower includes:
    • Surprise baby shower invitation
    • Diaper baby shower invitation
    • D.I.Y. baby shower invitation
  • Birthday invitations may be used by all ages. It all depends on the design of the invitation that can make it appropriate to the age of the person who will celebrate his / her birthday. Some kinds of birthday invitations are as follows:
    • Birthday party invitation
    • Birthday function invitation
    • Birthday dinner invitation
  • Graduation invitations can either be sent by the school, the graduate, the family of the graduate, or the friends, relatives and/or colleagues of the graduate who would like to create a party in accordance to the celebration of the graduation of the individual. Some samples of graduation invitations are as follows:
    • Graduation party invitation
    • Graduation ceremony invitation
    • College Graduation Invitation

There are still a lot of invitations that can be done. We hope that the guidelines and samples that we have provided for you are enough for you to have references in creating your own invitation for the event that you will host and/or organize. Though there are a lot of things that are needed to be considered in the creation of an invitation, it sure is worth it once you already have the final invitation at hand and there are positive feedback from your guests about it. Aside from our samples and templates of invitations, you may also be interested to download our samples of Email Invitation Template and a variety of Wedding Invitation Cards.

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