12+ Kitty Party Invitations

When you say kitty parties, the very first thing that comes into mind is that the party will either be cat themed or it will be a party for our lovely pet cats; however, that isn’t normally the case, but it could also apply. But really, kitty parties are just your typical afternoon chitchat get-together with friends, with it being more planned and organized.

If you are planning to organize a kitty party, you can check out these cute 8+ Kitty Party Invitation Template for ideas on your next invitation card drafts. It includes high-quality and popular designs that would certainly be a perfect fit for your creative needs.

Simple Party Blast Invitation Template


Dinner Party Invitation Template


Elegant Tea Party Invitation Photoshop Template


Modern Tea Party Invitation PSD Template


BBQ Party Invitation Template to Edit


Hello Kitty Party Invitation

Hello Kitty Party InvitationDownload

Ladies Kitty Party Invitation

Ladies Kitty Party InvitationDownload

Funny Kitty Party Invitation

Funny Kitty Party InvitationDownload

Family Kitty Party Invitation

Family Kitty Party InvitationDownload

What Are Kitty Parties?

Kitty parties started out in South Asia and this kind of party is usually organized by women and held every month or every other month. The term kitty refers to the amount or sum collected from every participant of the event. Depending on the agreement, it is usually collected daily or weekly. This is somewhat similar to chit funds.

Every member of the group should take turns in organizing or hosting the party. The host is responsible for the venue, food, and other party favors (if the money collected permits it). Other activities of this party may include games and other contests. The importance of a kitty party is to establishment bonds and strong relationships within the peers or people who are involved with it.

How Do I Make Use of These Templates?

These kitty invitation templates can be used on different kitty party settings such as

  • birthday parties;
  • ladies’ day off party;
  • ladies’ tea parties;
  • men’s day off parties (yes, there is a kitty party for men); and
  • family get-together parties.

How Can I Download These Templates?

To download these kitty invitation templates, just click on the green Download button in which it will lead you to our affiliate sites that will give you more details about the files such as sizes and formats.

How to Edit and Use These Templates?

For those beginners who are new to vector arts, in order for you to start working on your downloaded vector packs, you must first download a vector editor software, which can be found online. Once you are done downloading the appropriate vector software, you can now start editing your vector packs.

For more event invitation templates, you can check out Party Invitation Template and  Tea Party Invitation.

Valentine’s Day Kitty Party Invitation

Valentine Kitty Party InvitationDownload

Kitty Party Invitation Wording

Kitty Party Invitation WordingDownload

Kitty Birthday Party Invitation

Kitty Birthday Party InvitationDownload

DIY Kitty Party Invitation

Diy Kitty Party InvitationDownload

So You’re Planning a Kitty Party . . .

If you are the host of the party, it is best that you carefully plan the necessary activities to conjoin within the event and prepare the necessary things to be needed within the party. However, here are some tips on how to organize your kitty party :

  • Create an invitation card. This will be sent out to those who are cordially invited for the event. Just check out more awesome designs on this list.
  • Plan for the food menu. It is important that you also consider planning much for the food menu and make sure that all your guests can eat the food as some may have certain food restrictions due to allergies or religious beliefs.
  • Plan for the party’s activities. You should also plan what kind of activities such as games for this event so that this would be considered in the party’s activity flow. Make sure the games are applicable to the participants and will encourage them to join in.
  • Giveaways planning. Depending on the budget accumulated, having some giveaways would mean a lot as this will be a material reminder of the memorable event.

For more cute cat templates, you might want to check out this collection of Hello Kitty Photo Invitations.

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