7+ Conference Invitation Templates

Preparing for a conference is no easy feat. Unlike seminars or symposiums, these are large events that require preparation and coordination with different personnel and departments for months or even a year prior to the actual event. The conference does not begin with the conference itself, but when the invitations are made and sent to the guests.

Listed below are some conference invitation templates that will increase the chances of a better guest turn-out. Also try checking out these attractive conference invitation templates or seminar invitation templates if you can’t find the right template for your needs on this particular list.

Guidelines in Making Conference Invitations

  • Know your target guests. Aside from knowing the exact number of attendees, you must first identify which professionals or groups you are planning to invite. Conferences tackle different matters and topics, but each conference is usually confined to a single industry (i.e. business, medical, aviation, technology, software engineering, academic, religion, fashion, etc.). You don’t expect to invite mostly athletes to a tech conference, so identify the right audience for your planned conference.
  • Mention the VIPs, but have a backup. Inviting people as speakers is of utmost importance in conferences. But one can never assume the full availability of these persons even though they have already committed to join your event. Mentioning the names together with the designation of the speakers will create a large impact while also generating excitement and curiosity from those who are still hesitant to join the event. Having two or more speakers is a good option, and if one declines, others can extend their speaking times if they want to. And if a situation arises where these event invitations are printed out and then the speaker backs out, have a backup speaker ready at least two weeks or a month before the conference.
  • Also mention the co-organizers and sponsors. Let your guests know the organizers, partners, and sponsors of the conference. The number of organizers or sponsors doesn’t actually affect how many people will turn out for your event, but listing them is beneficial for both the sponsors (it’s a marketing strategy for them as company logos will be placed on the invitation) and the guests (verification that the conference is legitimate).
  • Don’t forget the basic information. Basically, the most important pieces of information in each conference invitation are the event dates, venue, and speakers. You can forget other details as long as these three are present and these should be emphasized clearly in the invitations.
  • Be creative (depending on the conference). If you are hosting a conference with government officials on board, then create an invitation with a formal and clean design. For fashion conferences, meanwhile, a lavish and highly stylized invitation can be used. For religious conferences, the invitations can follow the same pattern as business or corporate invitations since the event requires a high level of formality.

In most conferences, notable persons are invited to give lectures and provide in-depth discussions on the latest trends and product innovations of a particular industry. These kinds of conferences are held the entire day on consecutive days attended by a large number of people. Attendees are, of course, not limited to professionals starting out in their careers or even students, but middle and top management executives as well. Foreign dignitaries are often part of the guest list in these prestigious events, too.

Not all conferences are formal events, though. Some non-business conferences don’t even require dress codes while others don’t bother with featuring high-profile personalities. Sports, religious, and teacher conferences are some of these events, to name a few.

Despite the different levels of formality, the success of each conference is measured by the number of its attendees. A low turn-out most likely prevents organizers from hosting another event in the near future, and the people who actually attended the conference will most likely avoid similar events in the future.

Free Conference Invitation Sample Template


business conference invitation 2

Business, technology, and other corporate conferences usually center on the marketing of new products, services, and trends that are aimed at benefiting thousands of potential customers. These conferences also become a media event where media personnel are actually invited to cover the launch of a new product or service. Tech conferences are major events especially in the US, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom where the next wave of gadgets to be released worldwide are first presented or launched. Also try checking these other business invitation designs.

Government conferences are formal events attended mostly by government officials and personnel. Foreign dignitaries are also invited depending on the scope of the conference. These conferences mostly aim to solve issues on infrastructure, poverty, diplomatic relations, and other government affairs.


youth conference

As in every religious setting, a religious conference is a formal event which requires proper decorum. The same can be said of youth conferences that focus on holistic and spiritual activities. These conferences also provide an avenue for planning long-term events.

Entertainment Conference Template

fashion conference 1

fashion conference 2

Entertainment conferences are usually associated with glamour and excess. These events are attended by celebrities, media, and top entertainment moguls. If celebrities come together for a single event, expect a huge turnout. Again, aside from the newest trends and products that are possibly unveiled here, long-term industry plans and projects are also discussed. High profile fashion conferences have been organized around the US and Europe in recent years.

An event that brings great minds together, sparking comprehensive and intensive discussions, academic conferences are never dull events. Oftentimes, these conferences are integrated with government events especially if the schools participating are government-funded (i.e. public schools, state colleges, and universities).


Although major tournaments and cup competitions provide bigger spectacle and exposure, all of the rules, regulations, and policies are being discussed and put into writing in sports conferences. These conferences bring different sports governing bodies together to make athletes, teams, and officials have a level playing field. On some occasions, sports and health conferences are held at the same time especially if there new medical methods to ensure the safety of athletes. Moreover, health conferences, same as business and entertainment conferences, aim to introduce new products and innovations, and discuss the current conditions of the industry.

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