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4+ Letterpress Wedding Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

June just began, and we can expect a lot of people want to tie the knot during this month. People believe that getting married in June brings them good fortune and a happy relationship. Whether you believe in this superstition or not, we can confirm that the percentage of people getting married starts to rise by June and reaches its peak around September. You may also see simple wedding invitation templates.

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If marriage is already starting to cross your mind or if you know somebody who’s planning on getting married, then now’s the perfect time to start preparing. Take the opportunity now to start preparing for the wedding while there is still a lot of time, don’t wait for later when a time has already become scarce and you’ll end up rushing when accomplishing tasks. You may also see wedding invitation ideas.

And of course, part of the planning phase is the preparation of the invitation templates. You don’t actually need to send them this early, you just need to prepare them as well as the list of the people that you want to come to the wedding. If you want to make the task of making invitations a lot easier, you are welcome to use our templates, and we have a whole bunch of wedding invitation templates for you.

Retro Letterpress Wedding Invitation Template

Do you prefer sending your wedding invitations as is without having to use an envelope? It is actually possible if you incorporate the concept of postcards on them. The event invitation template above will allow you to do that because it actually doubles as a postcard.

Longhand Letterpress Wedding Invitation Example

Make your invitation cards look as if they are genuinely from the past with this wonderful wedding invite template. The type of font used and the ornate elements that decorate the design give you a 1920’s vibe. This would be a perfect template if you’re also planning to go old school with your wedding.

What Is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is a technique wherein printing press equipment is used to easily produce and reproduce copies that contain the same prints. This is done by pressing a sheet or a roll of paper onto an inked surface that has been engraved with a design. Pressure is involved when pressing the surface onto the paper in order to produce an equally distributed print. You may also see vintage wedding invitations.

During the mid-15th century until the 19th century, letterpress printing was the standard form of printing text, although its use was continued until the second half of the 20th century, mainly for printing books. Though offset printing took over and became the norm, recent years have shown that letterpress printing is slowly making a comeback. You may also see wedding invitations.

History of Letterpress Printing

When talking about who developed letterpress printing, the name Johannes Gutenberg would come out. He is a German blacksmith and publisher who introduced printing to Europe in 1440 with his mechanical movable type printing. Though China is credited for inventing the movable type, theirs were made using ceramic while Gutenberg’s were made using wood. Gutenberg is also highly notable for printing 180 copies of the Bible in less than 3 years with only 20 staff members. You may also see creative wedding invitations.

Gutenberg’s press remained almost unchanged until the 19th century, but was significantly overtaken by the offset printing during the 1950’s. Letterpress printing remained unpopular or a last resort among publishing companies for the next 40 years, only to make its way back to the spotlight in the most recent years. You may also see wedding invitation wording templates.

Elegant Letterpress Wedding Invitation Design

If you liked the previous retro invitation design that we have shown you, then here’s its other counterpart which comes with entirely new color schemes, and a different font type. Nevertheless, this invitation template is just as awesome as the other one, so you better make up your mind on whether you would want to download this or the other template.

Letterpress Wedding Invitation Card Sample

Check out this bundle of templates that you can download as one. This bundle includes templates for an RSVP card, a save the date card, and the invitation card itself. Using bundled templates are great to create consistency in the tools used for the event. For these templates, they all come in retro-inspired designs, but lean more towards being colorful.

Most Notable Letterpress Studios Around the World

1. Sweet Letterpress and Design Studio (Colorado)

This letterpress studio was founded in 2007 and is known for their use of eco-friendly materials for their work. They use their letterpress machines for making wedding invitations and other personalized gifts. You may also see

2. Reykjavik Letterpress (Iceland)

A studio that offers more than just letterpress notes or cards, they also make letterpress coasters and notebooks, and they have been doing it since 2010. You may also see calligraphy wedding invitations.

3. Keegan Meegan Co. (Oregon)

Founded in 2007, this letterpress studio specializes in illustrated letterpress designs that are strictly handmade.

4. French Press (New York)

A studio founded in 2006 by a graphic designer. This letterpress studio specializes in stationery and wedding invitations. You may also see modern wedding invitations.

5. Hammerpress (Missouri)

A letterpress studio is widely known for their typography and great reputation, this studio actually begun in 1994 and initially focused on designing music posters and record covers. Today, they make various letterpress products including scissors and bar tools.

Simple Letterpress Wedding Invitation Example

Here’s another retro-themed sample wedding invitation template for those who liked the other ones that we have shown here, but unlike the previous ones that were somewhat minimal, this one goes all-out retro and are filled with ornate decorative elements. Aside from just a template for invitation cards, this bundle also comes with templates for an RSVP card, a save the date card, and a thank you card.

If you prefer to go all-out minimalist with your letterpress wedding invitations, then you might want to check out the romantic wedding invitation template above. The design on this template compresses all its content in the middle section, which leaves the rest of the design free of elements. This template maximizes its use of white space, which is actually a good thing because it helps to make this invitation card clean and formal.

Guidelines for Making Wedding Invitations

1. The first thing that you will need to do when making wedding invitations is to think of a specific design for the invitation cards. Since the human mind is fallible, it would be best to make a rough sketch of your design to check whether or not you’re in the right track in the making of your invitations. You may also see free wedding invitation templates.

2. Once you’ve made a sketch of your design, the next thing that you will need to determine is the simple budget, how much are you willing to spend for your invitations? Also, when setting a budget, also consider the number of people that you want to send your invitations to, and the estimated cost for each copy of the invitation.

3. While most people would say that starting fresh will allow you to have more freedom in designing your wedding invitations, this will also require more time and some significant amount of skills. To save yourself from having to go through these, you might as well just download pre-designed invitation templates from the internet. You may also see vintage wedding invitations.

4. If you have found the design template that works for you, simply download it and open it on your graphics editing tool. Take note that templates have different formats and can only be opened using the appropriate tool, so be sure to have the editing tool needed before downloading the template. Also, you might want to read about the etiquette when writing a wedding invitation.

5. After editing the template to make it resemble the design on your sketch, it’s time to have it printed. If you choose to have your invitations printed yourself, just make sure to use high quality ink toner and card stock. You may also see wedding invitation cards.

6. For most people, the printing phase is the last step in the making of wedding invitations, but you can actually add a little more to further enhance its quality. If you want, you may decorate your printed out invitations with some ribbons, lace, or glitters. You may also see trifold wedding invitations.

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