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9+ Luau Party Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

Luau is not a common term since most people use “Hawaiian” or “tropical” instead. But for those who don’t know what a luau is, it’s a traditional Hawaiian party that’s full of food and lots of entertainment that will make the party last longer than it should. This kind of party is commonly seen in family gatherings. But, you can also see this kind of theme in gatherings other than filial ones such as in a business launch. Yes, they exist. You may also see paradise invitation designs.

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If you are looking for invitation designs for your luau party, then you have come to the right place. We have collected a variety of designs and templates that are ready to be downloaded and customized for your luau party. You can go through each of them to see which specific design suits your preference the best. So, what are you waiting for? Go dive right into the list and select the best one out of them!

Luau Party Invitation Template

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Simple Luau Party Invitation Template

How to Make the Best Luau Party Invitation

Events adapt a theme to make it more interesting and engaging for the guests. In a luau party, the most common design elements present are the floral-patterned shirts, tikis masks, colorful tropical flowers, and grass skirts. Even when it’s winter season, the theme will definitely make everyone feel like it’s summer! With that said, the guests will excitedly be looking forward to attending the event once they receive the invitation sample. To make the luau party invitation to be what you deemed it should, follow the tips that we have prepared below!

1. Provide Accurate Information

The details in the invitation will indicate how the host or organizer is thorough in gathering and organizing the information needed to be relayed to the guests. Create a checklist so you can easily keep track of the information that you need to collect to include in the invitation. Make sure that they are accurate to avoid wasting the resources used for creating the invitation. To know what details to write on your invitation, check the list below.

  • A catchy phrase. “Mahalo!” might be the norm when it comes to the greetings in a luau invitation but it might come off as boring since it’s overused. To avoid such an impression, think of a catchphrase that will “catch” the attention of the guests and a phrase that will linger in their minds for a long time. Try formulating a catchphrase that the guests will be familiar with or something that the hosts habitually say. A mannerism in speech, perhaps. You may also see tribal invitation designs.
  • The host’s name. Obviously, the name of the host/s should be there. Otherwise, how would the guests know who is having the party and who will the greet? Since this is usually treated as part of the title of the invitation, highlight the host’s name by setting it with a font style and size that’s different from the rest of the texts in the invitation. This piece of information is also a factor that can sway the guests’ decision, whether to go or not. You may also see labor day party invitations.
  • The date and time. This is the information that should be set in stone. The guests will most probably be clearing up their schedules and appointments on the date of the event, so it would be a waste on their part if you make unnecessary changes in the date and time once the invitations are distributed. But, if there are unforeseen circumstances that are going to affect the event schedule, you should send an immediate notice to the guests stating the valid reason why the event will be moved and the new date set for the event. You may also see pool party invitations.
  • Address of the venue. The address is crucial since it will be the information that will help the guests locate the venue of the event. This is helpful especially to those who are not familiar with the area where the event will be held. Provide a mini-map with directions leading to the venue for easier navigation. The guests can also use the map to ask the locals of the area to direct them to the venue. You may also see summer party invitations.
  • RSVP options. Snail mail might not be the best medium for the guests to use in sending their reply. In this section, provide your mobile and telephone number, email address, and probably your social media handles in case it would be more convenient for the guests to send their response through these online platforms. Make sure that you check your emails and social media accounts in case the guests will send their responses there.

Creative Luau Party Invitation Template

Birthday Luau Party Invitation Template

Simple Luau Party Invitation Design

Watercolor Luau Party Invitation Template

2. Design

The design is the other half of the equation that will make up the best luau party invitation. The invitation’s design is treated as an introduction to the event, like how an appetizer prepares the customers for the full-course meal. They set the mood and hype up the guests by giving them a glimpse of what the event is going to be. To create a stunning design, it needs to be properly planned before applying it. Remember, planning is as crucial as the execution.  You can never start the design without properly knowing what you want it to be and how you should go over it. Check the tips below to know more about how you can create the best design for your luau party invitation

  • Choose a style. Since the luau is already the concept of the invitation, the next step is choosing what style you want for it. Although luau is more on the fun side, you can try to deviate from the norm and create a bit of a twist to it. You can go for a vintage style of the luau, using different color tones that will exude being vintage. Or, you can create something that intermarries class and free-spirited vibes. It’s a weird idea but if you want to try it, then, by all means, start experimenting with them. There are a lot of styles that you can apply, but you can stick with the default style of a luau and just put your personal touch to it. You may also see free party invitations.
  • Plan the layout of your invitation. When we say you need to plan the layout, what we are talking about is setting the margins, spaces, and positions for the elements of the design. Doing this will allow for a smoother designing later on. In the case of the margins, make sure that they are not too wide or narrow to give enough breathing space for the elements. The spacing in between the texts should be set enough for them not to look cramped within the layout. Once the margins and spacings are set, you can proceed to put marks for the position of the texts and images. Simultaneously set the font style and size of the text while you mark the positions. This way, it will be easier for you to put the elements after. You may also see beach party invitations.
  • Choose your preferred colors. Luau leans more towards the brighter side of the color wheel, using yellow and orange for the color scheme of the elements and the overall design. While bright colors may be the perfect match for a luau-themed invitation, you can choose to create a different color matching of your own and apply it to the design. You can choose not to follow the standard and try to mix it up with your own flavor. If you prefer to have a chromatic color scheme, then suit yourself. You have all the power to modify the colors of your design.
  • Collect images that are relevant to the concept. Tropical flowers, grass skirts, palm trees, and leis are the common images that you see in a luau theme. If there are images that are not commonly seen in luau designs but are still relevant, include them all. These images or elements might even surprise the guests. Also, to add a personal touch, you can include a photo of the hosts or celebrant. Otherwise, just collect images relevant to a luau. You may also see potluck party invitations.

Clean Luau Party Invitation Template

Stylish Luau Party Invitation Template

Retro Luau Party Invitation Template

Graduation Luau Party Invitation Template

Get ready to party!

A luau party can be as festive as the other parties held in the different parts of the world. It is a traditional event that offers a lot of visual feast from the tropics. Your guests definitely won’t miss your party if this is the theme. How do we know? Because if we are invited, we would not also want to miss it! So, to hype up your guests, make sure that you create the best luau party invitation that you can. And with these templates, you will surely be able to achieve that. You may also see black & white party invitations.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect template for your luau party invitation sample. If you think this article will help other people with their invitation-related dilemmas, you can bookmark this page and share it on your social media accounts. We wish you the best of luck in organizing your event and may you have a blast in your party!

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