6+ Lunch Invitation Templates

There are limitless ideas when hosting a party. From its theme to its venue and time, there are unlimited choices you can decide on. Most parties are done during late afternoon and nighttime. But lunch parties are just as great. What better way to celebrate than having the whole afternoon to eat and drink and be merry with friends and peers? They can be a great way to start the day from lunch all the way to dinner.

If you are looking to find invitations to match the lunch party you are planning to host, then you can browse through our samples down below and download away! For more invitations, you may also check out our invitation templates that we offer on our website.

Free Lunch Invitation Template



Farewell Lunch Invitation Template



Email Lunch Invitation Template



What to Add on Your Invitation

One of the mistakes any host can do is forgetting to put vital information on your party invitations. Imagine sending them out to your guests without placing the crucial details such as the time, place, and occasion. These information must be included so your guests will be able to mark their calendars and change any of their schedules if needed.

Here is a guide in knowing what to place on your invitation:

  • Name. If the party held is for your child or for yourself, then do not forget to include his/her name or yours. This allows your guests to pick and choose what kind of gifts to get for the specified celebrant.
  • Date. A crucial detail in any invitation is the date. One common mistake is placing the wrong date and having to contact all the guests in moving the date of the event. Some guests may have already made time on their schedules to be able to attend to the event. By setting the correct date, this considers the effort of the guests into making to the celebration.
  • Time. This is as important as the date. Again, your guests may have cancelled or moved some appointments on their schedule for the party.
  • Venue. By placing the location of the event, guests will be able to know if they can make it to the party or not. If the party is during lunch and if their homes are quite far away, they will be able determine how long their commute will be.
  • Contact. There is no harm in placing your contact information on there. Some of your guests may have any questions regarding the party and they can suggest as well. Placing your phone number or e-mail address will allow your guests to reach you easily.

Not looking at lunch invitations? Not to worry, we also offer breakfast invitation templates which you can find here on Template.net.

Lunch Invitation Card Template



Lunch Party Invitation Template



Company Lunch Invitation Template



Office Lunch Invitation Template



What Occasions Are Good for Lunch Parties?

Lunch parties are great if you planning to last the whole afternoon and night. They are especially recommended for outdoor gatherings such as BBQ parties or picnics for family reunions, lunch with friends, or company events. These are common examples of lunch parties.

These are also good for brunches or afternoon tea parties as well. Noontime is a preferred choice of time due to its availability for most people rather than night. They might have early plans for the following day such as work or travel appointments.

For more lunch-related invitations, we also offer team lunch invitation templates on our website here on Template.net.

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