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Naming ceremony? What is it? You’ll found out soon enough. Basically, it is the equivalent of the baptismal ceremony that is being practiced by Christians, but this ceremony is observed by non-Christians as well. This event honors the child as they receive their legal name from their parents, which is why it is worthy of a celebration.

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For those who are planning to hold a naming ceremony for their child, we have a collection of ceremony invitation templates below that you can use. Download any of these templates and use it for making your own invitations that you can send out to your family, relatives, and friends.

Personalized Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

personalized naming ceremony invitation template 788x694

For the first template that we have in this article, we have an event invitation template that is highly minimalist but is able to deliver the message effectively to its recipient. This template actually comes in different colors, which means you can incorporate its design to the motif of the event. And lastly, you can see from the sample above that it contains an image of footprints on the upper portion of the design, but you can actually change it to an image of a pair of handprints if you want.

Floral Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

floral naming ceremony invitation template 788x750

There’s always something very elegant and beautiful about chalkboard-themed designs, and the invitation template above is indeed no exemption. As you can see from the sample image provided, the black textured background genuinely resembles an actual chalkboard, and the color and texture of the elements also appear like they were indeed written and drawn by a real chalk. While the calligraphic-inspired texts are already enough to make this template remarkable, its added flower elements provide a more stunning appearance.

Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

baby stroller naming ceremony invitation template 788x788

If you do prefer minimalist designs for your invitation cards, then the template above may work perfectly for you. The background of this template is in solid white, which is able to make the other elements stand out effectively. In addition, the typography of this template is heavily inspired by hand-painted texts, and this adds to the beauty of this wonderful template.

Minimalist Heart Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

minimalist heart naming ceremony invitation template 788x575

If you thought that you have already seen the most minimalist yet artistic template in this collection, there are actually a lot more starting with this one. For this invitation template, the design leans more towards typography and contains only one graphical element for enhancing the appearance of the design. Another purpose of the heart symbol is that its color can help in distinguishing if the child who is about to undergo a naming ceremony is a boy or a girl.

Floral Wreath Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

floral wreath naming ceremony invitation template 788x788

For a more artistic approach to your naming ceremony invitations, you may be interested in downloading the template shown above. For this template, it shows a completely clean background with a round-shaped floral wreath in the middle which serves as the frame of the design. Inside the floral wreath are the written details about the event which includes the honoree, the date and time of the event, the venue where the event will take place, and an RSVP contact number. We suggest you use this invitation design because you won’t be able to find something like it someplace else, you know why? Where else can you find a brown bear riding a bike?

Bunny Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

bunny rabbit naming ceremony invitation template 788x836

The rabbit is often used as the mascot during Easter, but it actually is symbolic to a lot of things. Rabbits are said to carry energies of hope and renewal, and are even considered as a sacred symbol of good luck for others. But regardless of what reasons you have for including an illustration of a rabbit on your invitation card, I’m sure you’ll love the template that we have for that has exactly what you want. The invitation template above contains an image of the comic strip character Peter Rabbit on the upper portion of the design.

Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

alice themed naming ceremony invitation template 788x835

Moving on, we have another template that is heavily inspired by another very well-known children’s literature. The invitation template above shows an image of Alice from Alice in Wonderland on the upper portion of the design, and on each corner are elements that are related to the book. Clockwise from the upper-left corner: the roses that Alice adored when she reached wonderland, playing cards that symbolize the red queen and her soldiers, a pile of teacups that were used by the mad hatter during their tea parties, and a pocket watch that the white rabbit always carries around. If you are a fan of Lewis Carroll’s very iconic book, then you will surely love this formal invitation template.

Gradient Background Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

gradient background naming ceremony invitation template 788x948

Here is another very simplistic invitation format that you may also like, and this one contains only textual elements that indicate the relevant details about the event. And to keep the template from looking dull, the textual elements are written on a gradient-colored background. Additionally, this template comes in another color, you just need to find it on the link provided. But if you insist on using this template but with a different color, you may do so and just simply edit the hue during the editing phase. Whichever method is more convenient, we can assure you that this template would be an excellent choice for minimalists.

Keep it simple yet artistic, use the template above for making your own naming ceremony invitations. Unlike the previous templates that you have just seen, this one has a postcard style and is actually two-sided. One side of the card—which you can see from the image provided above—is used for providing the recipient with information as to the type of event they are being invited to. The back side of the card, on the other hand, is used for writing down the other important details about the ceremony, which includes the date, time, and venue. To add to the beauty of this template, both sides of the card include an image of a pair of baby shoes surrounded by beautiful flowers. You may also see ceremony invitations.

Footprint Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

footprint naming ceremony invitation template 788x835

Earlier in this article, you were presented with an invitation template that contains an image of a footprint on the design, here is another one if you’re interested. However, unlike the previous one, this template has a rustic theme to it and a mix of calligraphic and serif typographic elements. Again, if you enjoyed the other one, you will most likely enjoy this rustic invitation template. In fact, you may probably like this one more due to the elegance brought by its calligraphic text.

Simple Elegant Naming Ceremony Invitation Template

simple elegant naming ceremony invitation template 788x891

Check out the invitation template shown above, it clearly makes for an unconventional style for invitation cards, though we wouldn’t really refer to it as cards since they are more like invitation tags. While most people would choose to make separate souvenirs to give to their guests during or after the event, this invitation template already doubles as the souvenir itself, they would even like to use it as bookmarks.

Let’s face it, polka dots never go out of style. Wherever you see polka dots—on walls, clothes, packaging—they will always be able to contribute to the enhancement of the design. Don’t believe us? Just check out the naming ceremony invitation template above. See how the polka dotted top and bottom borders are able to enhance the look of the design? Ideally, you would want to use this if child who will undergo the naming ceremony is a baby girl, since polka dots are geared more towards the female gender.

Jewish Naming Celebration Invitation Template

jewish naming celebration invitation template 788x630

In every event, it would be ideal and more respectful for you as the host to send out thank you cards to your guests. For as low as $15.00, you will be getting two templates in this bundle, one for making invitation cards and another for thank you cards. Where else can you find a deal as awesome as this? The time frame for sending thank you cards depends on the type of event, but most experts would say that the most ideal time to do it is within four weeks. So if you choose to go with this template, you will have no excuse not to be able to send thank you cards to the guests who showed up.

Colorful Flowers Naming Day Invitation Template

colorful flowers naming day invitation template 788x835

If you want a more decorative look for you naming ceremony invitations but still want a sufficient amount of white space on the design, the template above may be perfect for you. The design on this template contains colorful flowers that decorate the edges, but leaves the middle clean for the text. Also, a great feature about this invitation design is the watercolor-inspired flower illustrations, and if that captured your attention, don’t waste any more time and start downloading this template now.

What Is a Naming Ceremony?

Many people would ask what the difference is between baptism/christening and naming ceremonies. Basically, the two ceremonies are closely similar except that naming ceremonies are commonly performed by non-Christian cultures. Naming ceremonies are being practiced by Hindus, secular humanists, Muslims, and Wiccans. However, naming ceremonies are also performed by Jewish people during the baby boy’s brit milah and the baby girl’s zeved habat. You may also see baby naming ceremony invitations.

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