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10+ Nautical Baby Shower Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

If you or anyone you know is expecting a baby, chances are a baby shower looming over the horizon. Baby showers are parties celebrated in honor of an expected or delivered birth of a child. The expectant mother is often given different gifts by the friends and family that can be used once the baby is born. Some gifts can range from diapers, blankets and baby napkins to baby bottles, clothes, and toys.

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Baby showers are often combined with the gender reveal party. However, these parties can also be celebrated separately. As the former is celebrated for expecting or delivering a baby, the latter is celebrated to reveal the gender of the baby. While a gender reveals party is usually hosted by the expectant parents, the baby shower is more often than not hosted by their close friends. The reason for this is because the party is centered on gift-giving, it would be rude for the family to beg for gifts on behalf of its members.

Nautical Baby Shower Invitation Example

Nautical Baby Shower Flyer Invite Template

Simple Baby Shower Invite

As is customary for all kinds of parties, a baby shower would also require invitations. The invitations found on this page are of a nautical theme. If you are planning to host such kind of theme for your baby shower then feel free to use these invitation templates. Note that these invitation templates are either in PSD or AI file type and as such, a good amount of photo editing skills in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or other suitable Photo editing software is in order. If you do not know how to operate such programs, the internet has a number of free tutorials you can learn from. Otherwise, you can ask a friend to help you.

Planning a Baby Shower

To have a successful baby shower, you must plan ahead. First of all, you have to decide whether you would want the baby shower to be a surprise for the expectant parents. If it is indeed a surprise, you should make sure that the guests of honor (that would be the couple expecting the baby) can make it. You may also see sample baby shower invitations.

Other important things to consider when planning a baby shower are:

1. Who are invited

Baby showers are not for the host. It is for the guests of honor which in this case are the expectant parents (or to be more specific, the mother). Close friends and family are of course expected to be invited. It is not advised to ask people who are not as close to the mother to be invited as it would be bad manners to invite them to a party where they are expected to give a gift.

2. When is the shower

Baby showers are often given four to six weeks before the expected due date of the baby. This is a good baseline as this is late enough to see that the pregnancy is well along yet early enough so that the baby will be unlikely to arrive before the party day does. A baby shower can also still be held after the baby has arrived if it is deemed culturally and religiously appropriate. The schedule for the shower is important as it is also is a factor on when to send the invitations. You may also see baby shower invitation designs.

3. How much are you willing to spend

Budgeting is an important part of planning a party. In fact, it should be the next step done after deciding if you will be holding a baby shower. A baby shower may not be as lavish as birthday parties as they are seen as more intimate bonding with close friends and family. However, a budget should still be decided for the cakes, favors and other decorations. You may also see free printable baby shower invitations.

4. Where is it going to be held

The venue for a baby shower would depend on the number of guests to be invited and as such, you should make sure that your venue could hold the number of expected guests. For themed baby showers, it helps to know if which decorations are allowed on the said venue. Popular places to hold a baby shower include a mother-to-be’s home, a friend or family member’s home, a private or banquet area of a restaurant, a clubhouse, or a community center. You may also see whale baby shower invitations.

5. What is the theme of the baby shower

Having a theme for your baby shower is not required. It does make it more interesting. The theme for your baby shower should not cater to your interest though as it should cater to the mother-to-be’s preferences. It is a good idea to take your cues from the expectant mother’s tastes and styles. Themes can range from a different number of ideas like space themed to candy kingdom themed but if a mother wants a nautical themed party, so be it. You may also see baby shower invitation postcards.

Nautical Baby Shower Invite Sample

Nautical Baby Shower Invitation Template

Elegant Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Creative Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Minimal Baby Shower Card Design

The Baby Shower Invitation

The baby shower invitation will be one of the first things that will set the mood and style of the expected event. In a themed baby shower, it should coincide with the theme selected to maintain consistency of the party. Furthermore, a baby shower should be sent four to six weeks prior to the shower. Like all invitations, a baby shower invitation should have the following information:

  • Name of the Guest of Honor – Whose baby shower are we celebrating?
  • Date – When are we celebrating the baby shower?
  • Time – At what time are we celebrating the baby shower?
  • Venue – Where are we celebrating the baby shower? It is a good idea to add a map just in case the guests are not familiar with the place. You may also see baby shower photo invitations.
  • Is It a Surprise or Not? – Should we tell the guest of honor? Make sure you emphasize this so that no guest could spoil the surprise.
  • RSVP date and phone number – When are we expecting a confirmation?

This page has templates for a nautical themed baby shower and if you are planning to hold a party with the same them, feel free to use them. You may also see baby shower invitation banners.

Printable Nautical Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitation Sample

Sample Baby Shower Card Template

Wording Your Invitation

The wording is another important step in creating your invitation. Aside from the theme, the words you choose to put and use in your baby shower invitation can be a great way to personalize it. The way you word your invitation will make your invitation interesting in delivering the relevant information for the party. Of course, the way you word your invitation is tied to different factors like the theme. You may also see diaper invitations.

Another factor in choosing the words in your invitation would be the gender of the baby. Furthermore, as baby showers are gift-giving ceremonies, the words you use can also carry the information on what a mom and dad needs for raising and caring for the baby. Below are some wording examples to use for your invitation. You may also see floral baby shower invitations.

1. Baby Shower Wording for Boys

  • “Oh Boy, Oh Boy! It is indeed a Boy! Join us in Welcoming the Baby Boy!”
  • “A little man is on the way. Help the mom celebrate on this day!”
  • “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails are what he is made of, diapers and bottle and blankies are what he needs! Join us as we welcome Baby Lucas on board.” You may also see twins baby shower invitations.

2. Baby Shower Wording for Girls

  • “She’s made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Help us, welcome baby …”
  • “Momma is alone no more, There’s a new girl in town. Join us in celebrating Baby Brittany”
  • “Help momma welcome Baby Jane with Books and not Cards”

3. Gender Neutral Baby Shower Wording

  • “Girl or Boy, who knows?! If you want to find out come to our little baby shower
  • “Boy or Girl, we don’t really care. We’ll be thrilled if you could be here. In welcoming our little baby bear”
  • “A little baby is on the way. Is it a he or she? If you want to find out, come and join us on this very big day!”

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