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15+ New Wedding Reception Invitation Templates – PSD, AI

A wedding ceremony is always a beautiful event. It is a new chapter in a couple’s life, marking the end of singlehood but also marking the beginning of a lifetime of love and commitment. The ceremony also provides the perfect setting not only for exchanging vows but for the families and friends of the groom and bride to meet and enjoy each other’s company.

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The celebration almost always never ends in the ceremony alone, but with a reception where the mood is much more relaxed since food is being served, games are played, and dances are held. So if you’re planning to tie the knot, list down your invited guests and start making those invitations with our wedding reception templates. More wedding reception invitation templates are also available on our site.

Modern Wedding Reception Invitation

Laurel leaves symbolize victory and honor. The couple-to-be have certainly endured countless trials before reaching their wedding day, and the wedding certainly evokes a sign of victory. Additionally, honor is seen in couples who have been tested within various situations and have stayed together despite any and all problems. In this invitation template in PSD, laurels are the main highlight and are spread across the invitation. The leaves provide an exquisite effect which is not too flashy—a perfect template if you’re inviting some high-profile guests.

Elegant Wedding Reception Invitation

Wedding Party Invitation

Holding your wedding reception under the starry night sky is another great idea for the celebration. As long as the weather forecasts are clear, guests will certainly have a great time. Pair the beautiful ambiance with nice music (preferably RnB to set the mood) and lots of food (don’t forget the desserts). Night-time outdoor wedding receptions are not held often, as couples and guests alike usually don’t want to take their chances on the weather and also want to avoid safety issues especially in an open area with minimal to no security. This sample invitation template ideally represents the event, with stars sparkling in a blue night sky surrounded by a black border.

Post Wedding Reception Invitation

Creative Reception Invitation

Wildflowers symbolize rarity and uniqueness, as they grow freely in far-flung areas without human intervention. Wildflowers are also great ways to symbolize the couple, each seeing the other as a rare and unique individual, and that despite their flaws, they know no other can understand them better than each other. This wildflower invitation template contains numerous wildflower arrangements to choose from, and the different flower colors complement each other nicely.

Wedding Reception Simple Invitation

Elegant Wedding Invitation

Similar to the wildflower invitation, flowers are nice designs to use in an invitation, especially for a wedding. In this free invitation template, a beautifully sketched design of flowers surrounds the invitation. Different varieties of flowers can be seen, making the invitation more elegant and engaging.

Outdoor Reception Invitation

This is another elegant invitation template if you are planning to hold your wedding reception outdoors with a smaller number of guests. Using outdoor party lights as design elements in your invitations represent a rather casual reception with a promise that the celebration can last an entire night. This simple wedding invitation template accentuates the text and the lights hovering over the invitation against a light brown background.

Flower Wedding Invitation

This leaf and flower invitation template is a somewhat quiet yet visually appealing piece of art. A light blue background is surrounded by small leaves and blooming flowers. This printable invitation template is best used for small-scale receptions with no dress code being set by the hosts. Small-scale receptions are more intimate and relaxed, with the couple and the guests having more personal and laid-back conversations.

Black Reception Party Invitation

This black-themed invitation template signifies a formal atmosphere. These weddings are high-profile events, set in a lavish high-end hotel or private beach, with a guest list that includes the rich and famous. A strict dress code is definitely required for this event. If you get the chance to be invited, prepare to be dazzled by a wedding spectacle. This vintage invitation template combines simplicity and elegance, as large and shadowed text with minimal-looking font surrounds the background of the invitation with the details written in smaller white texts.

Passport Type Reception Invitation

This passport invitation template makes for a unique wedding invitation. Passports are used for travel, and this passport-themed template can be used to symbolize the bride and groom starting a new journey together as husband and wife. It can also represent the couple’s interest in traveling and experiencing other cultures. In this template, the passport picture is replaced with the couple’s picture while the passport details are replaced by the wedding details.

Simple Wedding Reception Invitation

If you’re planning to host a simple wedding, check out this wedding invitation template set. For the invitation cover, the bride and groom’s photo is emphasized. The other contents are written in small text with a stamp-like design adding a nice touch in the background. Simple weddings don’t involve a lot of people, but the preparation and effort put into these weddings are as important as those for high-profile weddings. Also, try using these wedding logos if you are planning to add very few designs in your invitations.

Other Invitation Ideas

Your wedding templates don’t have to necessarily look like the ones listed above (but we do highly recommend them). Get those creative juices flowing and don’t forget to create designs based on the bride and groom’s preferences. Here are some tips if you are still undecided on what designs to use.

  • Use scrap materials if you’re on a budget. Unless celebrities are invited to the wedding, you don’t need to buy those special and scented papers for your invitations. Making the wedding programs is quite costly and you’ll be making those only once. Check those dusty drawers, cabinets and even the garage for scrap materials. You can start with old newspapers and other used papers. If you want to get more adventurous, find some leaves, twigs, small bolts and screws, pins. and even some old coins. Using these materials would definitely help you create unique-looking invitations.
  • Use calligraphy. It is one of the most basic aspects of invitation-making, but it is one of the most important. An invitation for a celebration that is only celebrated once in a lifetime (most of the time) has to be visually appealing. Using calligraphy in writing the wedding details, especially the names of the couple, evokes a sense of beauty, even if the planned wedding is a simple one.
  • Get some help. Even for a wedding where only 20 guests have been invited, it can still be a huge burden for one person to make all the invitations. Get a group of friends together and lay out some ideas on how to make those invitations. If you’re just printing out a template, you still need to personalize each invitation for each guest. If you’re starting from scratch, then it becomes a bigger challenge and you really need to coordinate with your team.
  • Browse the web. Do It Yourself (DIY) videos are very helpful if you’re low on cash and strapped for time. There are certainly numerous DIY wedding reception invitations around the web so do a bit of searching and you’re sure to find one that meets your tastes. You might find some invitation DIYs as well as wedding stickers and wedding bookmarks that will assist you in producing stunning invitations without costing too much cash.
  • Focus on the couple. The wedding obviously centers on the love and commitment between the bride and groom. The sponsors are also important but the event won’t be about them. Use some of the couple’s recent photos in the invitation by making a collage or grab some photos from the couple’s engagement photo shoot and use it in the invitation cover.

As they say, marriage is a bond like no other. Two people are joined together by love and if they want to continue to succeed in life, they have to do it together. That union begins with the wedding, and each wedding needs to start out with a beautifully crafted invitation.

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