8+ Office Invitation Templates

An office invitation is used to invite employees who are working in the same professional environment to gather together for a duration of time to celebrate an event or occasion. There are various items that may be seen in an office invitation depending on why these invitations have to be made.

We can give you samples of office invitation templates to guide you in creating your own invitation for an office event that you are to host. Aside from that, we also have downloadable invitation templates usable for other functions, programs, and events.

Office Picnic Invitation Template


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Holiday Office Invitation Template



Office Party Invitation Template



Office Birthday Invitation Template



Office Invitation Card Template



Holiday Office Invitation

If the nature of work processes applied in an office environment allows the members of the organization to not go to work during holidays, a holiday office invitation may be sent for an event that is to happen during a holiday. Usually, these kind of office invitation are done for the following purposes:

  • A holiday event may be the platform where office members can mingle together without talking about work. It can be their time to get to know each other which may sometimes be rare if they are in an office setting because of the work functions that they need to provide for the company.
  • Holiday events may also be a venue for announcements to be made or for the team leads to provide information about the work progress and new processes that the team needs to know.

Office Birthday Invitation

An office birthday invitation is being given by a birthday celebrator who is hosting a birthday party for his or her workmates. An office birthday invitation includes the following information:

  • The name and other basic information of the celebrant.
  • The job position of the person and the team where he or she belongs.
  • The time and date of the birthday celebration.
  • The location of the birthday celebration. Sometimes, food may just be brought in the pantry area should office schedules not permit particular people to get together outside work in a specific period of time.

Other than our office invitation templates, you may also browse through our business invitation templates.

Office Retirement Party Invitation Template



Free Office Invitation Template



Office Baby Shower Invitation Template



Benefits of Creating an Office Invitation

Here are a few benefits that the presence of an office invitation may provide:

  • It creates a more personal approach in inviting people from the workplace for a personal event. It allows them to feel that they are important, not only as colleagues in the workplace but also as friends outside the working environment.
  • Office invitations allow people to know more information about the event where they are invited to go.
  • The creation of office invitations helps in creating awareness that an office event is to happen for a specific purpose or for a celebration of a particular event.

If you want to experience these benefits in the events that the office is organizing or where officemates get together, then you may already start thinking of the design and the items that you may use for your own office invitation.

Other Kinds of Office Invitations

Aside from the events that have been discussed above, in this list are more office invitations that are used in the events that they are specifically made for:

  • office party invitations,
  • office retirement invitation,
  • office baby shower invitation,

and many more.

There are still many kinds of office invitations that may vary depending on the event to be celebrated either at the office or together by officemates. We have downloadable samples of party invitation templates should you be needing references in creating invites for other events aside from office functions and gatherings.

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