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Openings do not happen often, which is why it is considered as a special occasion. It celebrates the result of long months or even years of proper planning and hard work into building and creating the business. When openings occur, it is also considered as exposure for the newly opened business, inviting people to attend and see what the company is all about and what is in store for the customers.

If you are looking for opening invitations that suit your current situation, we have great invitation templates for you to download and customize. Take a look through our samples below and download away!

Opening Invitation Card Template



Restaurant Opening Invitation Template



Hotel Opening Invitation Template



House Opening Invitation Template



The Different Types of Invitation Card Templates

  • Opening Invitation Card Template. We provide you with a easy-to-download and fully customizable opening invitation card templates without the hassle! This specific template goes perfect for any opening occasion.
  • Restaurant Opening Invitation Template. When opening a restaurant, it has to have the perfect theme and details, which makes potential customers excited to dine in and try out the cuisines that are offered.
  • Company Opening Invitation Template. Opening a company takes plenty of marketing to become recognized by the public. By having a opening ceremony, it allows customers to take a firsthand look at the products and services provided. Promos are usually given during this period to attract customers into trying out the products.
  • Hotel Opening Invitation Template. Hotels can be found all around which is why, for the hotel to succeed, it needs to stand out. What better opportunity than with hosting a opening celebration. Customers get to check out the quality of the service and management as well.
  • House Opening Invitation Template. Owning a house takes years of planning and financial management. Which is why opening your brand-new home to friends and family serves as a housewarming occasion to bring the house to life.

For more open house-related invitations, you can also check out our list of open house invitation templates that we offer on our website.

Grand Opening Invitation Template



Business Opening Invitation Template



Opening Ceremony Invitation Template



Opening Event Invitation Template


  • Grand Opening Invitation Template. For large crowds, grand openings are best described for this occasion. Commonly for large-scale companies and businesses, this is an event held for anyone and everyone.
  • Business Opening Invitation Template. Ribbon cutting ceremonies are public ceremonies conducted for the public to see. It is usually held at the main entrance of the building. This is a metaphorical symbolism of officially opening the business. Usually, celebrities and politicians are invited to do the honors of cutting the ribbon, which brings a lot of attention from the media as a form of marketing for the company as well.
  • Opening Ceremony Invitation Template. Bright and creative designs for opening ceremony invitations to add an exciting element to the upcoming event.
  • Opening Event Invitation Template. Opening events are usually held at a certain venue and include a dress code for the occasion. It is usually a fancy type of gathering to celebrate an opening of a business.

For those who are using Photoshop software in editing, we also offer PSD event invitation templateswhich you can access and find on our website here at Template.net.

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