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An invitation is an important tool when you organize an event. It is your medium for disseminating the details about the event, such as the purpose of the event, the host’s name, and time and date to name a few. And, as such, it is important to take note of how it is presented. The invitation serves as the introduction to the event, so it should reflect the aesthetics that the event is going for and it should show what the guests can expect from it. You may also see attractive rustic invitation designs.

In this article, we will go through various owl invitation designs and templates. These top-of-the-line templates are gathered and curated from different reliable sources that put quality on top of their priorities. So, if you are going for an invitation design that revolves mainly around the image of owls, then you are definitely in the right place. Choose from any of these templates, purchase and download them so you can customize them according to your liking.

Chalkboard Owl Invitation Template

chalkbaord owl invitation template

Wedding Owl Invitation Template

wedding owl invitation template

Why Use Owls for the Design?

Owls are cute creatures of the sky that lives in the darkness, which is why they are used as a symbol of magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge. With that said, they are commonly used for those who want to have themes for the magical world of wizardry. A certain popular fiction movie uses owls as messengers and these owls, dare we say, make delivering scroll messages look magical! The mere sight of an owl in the movie makes people crave to own one for themselves, and even wait for them to deliver their admission to the school of wizardry. You may also check out invitation card designs.

In Greek mythology, the owl is the sacred animal of Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. This is also one of the reasons why owls are seen as creatures of supreme intellect. Since they are active during the night, they are associated with being as mysterious as the shadows cast from the light of the moon. For those who are going for the aesthetics of Greek mythology for the design, then surely, this feathered animal will be part of it especially if Athena is the main goddess. You might be interested in corporate invitation designs.

Cute Pink Owl Invitation Template

cute pink owl invitation template

Simple Owl Invitation Template

simple owl invitation template

Whimsical Autumn Owl Invitation Template

whimsical autumn owl invitation template

Striped Owl Invitation Template

striped owl invitation template

Tips You Can Follow for Creating an Owl Invitation

Creating an invitation can be tiring as well as fun. It takes careful planning before you can fully implement the ideas that you have in mind for the design of the invitation. To know more about the tips for creating the design for the owl invitation, check the following:

1. Choose the Size of the Invitation

There is no standard size for an invitation. You can set the size that would fit in a standard invitation envelope, or you can choose one that’s big enough to be a modern flyer. But do take note that the design that you have on your mind should be in the size of your choosing because there are times when designs require a large enough space for it to fully display its beauty.

2. Set the Margins, Spacing, and Position of the Elements

After choosing the size of the invitation, it’s time to set the layout. Margins and spacing are important aspects of the design as they decide how much white space are you going to allow and how far apart the elements should be. For example, you should determine the space between the image and its caption. That’s why it’s important that you set the various distances between the elements so the implementation would be easier. You may also see meeting invitation designs.

And speaking of margin, it depends on how you want the design to look like because sometimes, the designer intentionally widens the margin around the border of the layout to produce a cramped visual of the design. And, there are times that the margins are thin so that there is enough white space to give a breathing space for the elements. You may also like business invitation designs.

Before we forget, you should also determine whether the layout is in portrait or landscape orientation. This is a decision that you should make so that you will know how you are going to make the design. There is a big difference between these two layout orientations and they each bring a different visual and impact, so make your choice carefully. You may also check out event invitations design.

3. Gather the Necessary Images

The images can be geometrical shapes, graphical art, or a photo of anything. But, in this case, the images should include an owl. After downloading as much owl images as you want, you should then gather images that relate to the purpose of the event. For example, if the owl invitation is for a birthday, then you should collect images that relate to it such as a birthday cake or confetti. Collect as much as you can so you would have a lot of options to choose from and a backup in case you need more. You might be interested in wedding invitation design templates.

Family Owl Invitation Template

family owl invitation template

Baby Shower Owl Invitation Template

baby shower owl invitation template

Purple Owl Invitation Template

purple owl invitation template

Slumber Party Owl Invitation Template

slumber party owl invitation template

4. Select a Color Scheme

Colors are as important as any aspect of the design since they make up most of the design’s impact. If done correctly, color coordination could bring about the design’s full beauty. Select a color scheme that’s the most appropriate for the theme. It’s up to you on how you will match the colors, but if you need help on it, you can search up the color wheel so you would know which colors go best with each other. Most people would opt for the brighter colors as they attract attention more. As that may be true, you can still go for a darker tone if the aesthetic demands it. You may also see ceremony invitation designs.

5. Put in the Necessary Details About the Event

It wouldn’t be an invitation without the information about the event. To know more about the pieces of information that should be in your invitation, read the following:

  • Title of the Event. An example for this is “Louise’s 20th Birthday Party” or “Jacob and Angela’s Baby Shower“. The title is important as it is the first sentence that the guests will notice since it’s highlighted by setting it with a large font size or a font style that’s different from the rest of the text in the invitation. The title speaks for the purpose of the event, so it is only appropriate that it is spotlighted as such.
  • Name of the Hosts/s. The name of the host/s is included only if the event is not celebrated for them because their name is usually already included in the title anyway.
  • Time and Date. This is a crucial piece of information that should be accurate before printing out the final version of the design and sending them to the guests. All the guests have appointments prior to the event, so it’s important that you plan these ahead and finalize the details so it wouldn’t waste the guests’ time should they be changed. But, if they will really be changed due to factors beyond your control, then you should immediately send them an apology for changing it and give them the updated details. You may also like dinner invitation designs.
  • Address of the Venue. The venue can be unfamiliar to some of the guests, so help them out by putting in the full address of the venue. If possible, also include a mini-map that’s easy to be understood so the guests can easily navigate through the roads and save some time in looking for it aimlessly. Also, this minimap can be used to be shown to the locals in case the guests can’t really locate the venue. It’s practically easier if the local can pinpoint the location on the minimap. You may also check out beautiful invitation card designs.
  • Add Other Contact Details. Contact details are usually the telephone and mobile phone number. In this digital age, it is common to include your email address and social media handles. Since people are online most of the time, it is easier for the guests to confirm their attendance and ask if they need clarifications regarding the event. You might be interested in attractive retirement invitation designs.

6. Keep it Classic

There are moments when we run out of ideas, or our ideas aren’t as impressive as you thought it would be. So, to play it safe, keep the design classic. Apply certain art deco elements the way they are and keep the design as simple as you can. You can never go wrong with a simple, classic look. No one will criticize you for going classic; this timeless style will always bring out a great impression. And since it’s a classic, make sure that the font style of the texts and the images will match with the classic style. You may also see party invitation designs.

Sweet Baby Owl Invitation Template

sweet baby owl invitation template

Birthday Owl Invitation Template

birthday owl invitation template

First Birthday Owl Invitation Template

first birthday owl invitation template

Modern Owl Invitation Template

modern owl invitation template

Woodland Creatures Owl Invitation Template

woodland creatures owl invitation template

Are You Ready for the Event?

These owl invitation designs and templates could help you fulfill the ideas that you have in your mind. As what you have seen, we know you will agree if we say that these designs are not run-of-the-mill. They are all top-notch and are surely creative in incorporating the owl theme. So, don’t wait any longer and download these templates now so you can start sending invitations to your guests. We hope you have fun in going through every template in this list and may your event be successful. Good luck! You may also like birthday invitation designs.

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