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Parties are a special occasion meant to be celebrated with friends and loved ones. What is the point in celebrating parties on you own? If you’re hosting a party for whatever reason, there should be guests to help liven up the occasion. Why not invite others to your party in style?

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With this list, you can find out many invitations to help you do just that. These 45+ party invitation templates can help you invite others to your party in a stylish manner. Speaking about parties, if you’re interested in decorations for your party, be sure to check out these outdoor party banners to help you decorate the party area with more props.

Free Sample Bowling Party Invitation Template

free sample bowling party invitation templateFree Download

Editable Bowling Invitation Party Template

editable bowling invitation party templateFree Download

Free Party Invitation

Free Birthday Party Invitation

free birthday party invitation


Free Printable Party Invitation

free printable party invitationDownload

Free Retirement Party Invitation

free retirement party invitation

Birthday Party Invitation

1st Birthday Party Invitation

1st birthday party invitationDownload

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

surprise birthday party invitationDownload

Graduation Party Invitation

Graduation Party Invitation Card

graduation party invitation cardDownload

Free Graduation Party Invitation

free graduation party invitation1Download

College Graduation Party Invitation

college graduation party invitation2Download

Engagement Party Invitation

Printable Engagement Party Invitation

printable engagement party invitation4Download

DIY Engagement Party Invitation

diy engagement party invitation1Download

Rustic Engagement Party Invitation

rustic engagement party invitation3Download

Email Party Invitation

Birthday Email Party Invitation

birthday party email invitation1Download

Party Invitation Card

Graduation Party Invitation Card

graduation party invitation card1Download

Birthday Party Invitation Card

birthday party invitation cardDownload

Types of Party Invitations

There are many kinds of parties all for different kinds of occasions. Sending the same invitation for each of those parties of all variety hardly does the party you are hosting any form of justice, does it? What you need is the best kind of invitation that reflects the mood of the party you are throwing. This helps for your guest to get a better feel of the party you are throwing.

  • Birthday Parties – That special time of the year that only comes once around for each person. It’s no fun to celebrate someone’s birthday when there are hardly any people to help one celebrate. Use birthday invitation template samples that help reflect the mood of the party you are throwing. You can even design the invitation to reflect the theme of the party yourself. If you choose, you can even make the invitation tell the guests that it’s going to be a surprise party.
  • Graduation Parties – It’s a custom to celebrate someone finally finishing their studies. It’s not every day that you get to finish a four- or five-year course. That takes struggle and strife to keep your grades up to even pass. Wish your graduate a bright future and congratulate him or her on their accomplishments. Whatever kind of graduation party you are planning for the graduate, these invites can help reflect the mood of the party you are hosting.
  • Office Parties – Work isn’t always fun. Sometimes, companies like to let their employees let off a little steam and have fun to keep the stress off from working too much. A benevolent boss knows that overworking his subordinates is counterproductive. Help your employees know that there’s an office party with these invitations.
  • Disco Party – Going back to the eighties is always fun. Some people can appreciate retrospect. Rollerblade or the classic disco dance party, the choice is yours, and these invites can help send out the message of what you’re planning in a blast from the past.
  • Pool Parties – Who doesn’t love a good swim? People love pool parties, especially on hot, sunny days. Invite people over with pool party invitations to let them know that you’re planning a fun time under the water.
  • Anniversaries – The bond people share with each other isn’t something to take for granted. It’s best to celebrate a long standing relationship with the people around. Whether you’re a casual group or office mate workers, having years of working together can really strengthen a bond. Celebrate the longevity of relationships by informing those whom you are celebrating with with an anniversary invitation.
  • Vintage Parties – In similarity to the disco party, these are for those who want to go retro but more classical than in eighties fashion. Vintage goes back. Way back. If you want to have your party have the feeling of really being in the forties, then sending out a vintage party invitation will help your guests get right idea of what you’re planning on hosting.
  • Wedding Parties – The union of two individual in holy matrimony calls for guests to witness such an event. The occasion that God puts two together as a family is an event which should be surrounded by friends and other loving family members alike. Wedding invitations can give a loving image to the people whom are being invited.
  • Beach Parties – It’s like having a pool party but on a larger scale. Who doesn’t love going to the beach? Unless you have hydrophobia, there isn’t much of a reason as to why you can’t celebrate a beach party with your friends. Invite them over with a beach party invitation to give them the heads-up.
  • Lunch Parties – It’s like a dinner party but earlier and in the afternoon instead at night. Invite people over for a feast with a lunch party invite. It can be a special bonding experience to share food with each other.
  • Tea Parties – There are many out there in the world that can appreciate the flavor of tea—especially the British. Use tea party invitations to send the message to your friends who appreciate bonding time over tea.
  • Retirement Parties – When people have run their course, they know well enough that it’s time to stop and take a permanent rest and enjoy the rest of their lives in peace. Retirement parties can give that person one last send off for all of the years of his work. Make sure to inform his coworkers and his friends about his retirement sendoff so that they can prepare to help that guy celebrate his retirement.

Office Party Invitation

Open Office Party Invitation

open office party invitationDownload

Disco Party Invitation Template

Roller Disco Party Invitation

roller disco party invitation1Download

Printable Disco Party Invitation

printable disco party invitationDownload

Disco Birthday Party Invitation

disco birthday party invitationDownload

Pool Party Invitation Template

Summer Pool Party Invitation

summer pool party invitation1Download

Printable Pool Party Invitation

printable pool party invitationDownload

Graduation Pool Party Invitation

graduation pool party invitationDownload

Anniversary Party Invitation Template

Wedding Anniversary Party Invitation

wedding anniversary party invitation1Download

Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation

surprise anniversary party invitation1Download

50th Anniversary Party Invitation

50th anniversary party invitationDownload

Why These Invitations Are Essential

These invitations are more than just pieces of paper than serve no purpose other than notification. The people you are inviting can see the effort you put into what you are inviting them in for through the invitation card itself. Think about it. If you received an invitation that looks plain and unimpressive, chances are you’ll probably think that the party itself will reflect the effort made into the invitation sent to you.

A well-made invitation will more likely get your more guests than not so make sure to put some effort into the invitations you are handing out. They can determine the number of guests you’ll have for the party.

Give Everyone a Warm Welcome

When you are sending an invite to somebody, make sure to make them feel welcomed to your party. You can do this by making the party invitation design feel more inviting and welcoming to those who see it. This will help coerce them into coming into your party in the first place.

Making sure that everybody who wants to join in your party is quite important as it will affect the overall bonding experience between the all of you.

Vintage Party Invitation Template

Free Vintage Party Invitation

free vintage party invitationDownload

Vintage Tea Party Invitation

vintage tea party invitation2Download

Wedding Party Invitation Template

Wedding Cocktail Party Invitation

wedding cocktail party invitation1Download

Wedding Dinner Party Invitation

wedding dinner party invitation1Download

Beach Party Invitation Template

Summer Beach Party Invitation

summer beach party invitation3Download

Birthday Beach Party Invitation

birthday beach party invitation1Download

Beach Party Invitation Card Template

beach party invitation card template1Download

Lunch Party Invitation Template

Free Lunch Party Invitation

free lunch party invitationDownload

Tea Party Invitation Template

Vintage Tea Party Invitation

vintage tea party invitation3Download

Printable Tea Party Invitation

printable tea party invitation1Download

Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation

bridal shower tea party invitation3Download

Retirement Party Invitation Template

Surprise Retirement Party Invitation

surprise retirement party invitation1Download

Office Retirement Party Invitation

office retirement party invitation1Download

Things to Consider on Making Your Invitation

Sending out an invitation can be more than just grabbing the nearest invite that matches the mood of your party and sending it off. There are many ways you can make your invitation feel more welcoming. Have you ever thought about customizing your invitation to make it feel more unique and exotic?

Here are things to consider when making your invitation feel more unique:

  • Design – It can be quite aesthetically pleasing to add your own elements to the card you are making. You can experiment by yourself to see if theses extras you are adding to your invitation card designs improve the overall appearance. This can help your card feel so much more pleasing to the eye.
  • Theme – If you are hosting a party that has a theme, then having your card reflect that theme can help make the invitation feel more relevant. This will help give your guests a more immersive atmosphere regarding the theme of your party.
  • Content – The most important part of the invitation you are sending out. It doesn’t matter how good the design of your invitations are; if the way you deliver your invite is wrong, then the whole invitation is moot. You have to remember to add relevant facts such as the date of the party, the time of the party, and the reason your party is held. Also take care to notify your guests in attendance if there’s something they should bring or wear for the occasion.

So, what do you think? Hopefully, you found the best party invitation you can give to your guests from this list. Remember: there’s more to invitations than just a notification paper. It can help your guests in attendance get into the mood and coerce them into coming over for celebration.

If you’re interested in more invitation designs, check out these event invitation templates.

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