8+ Photo Invitation Templates

Invitations are a big part in any occasion. They are a form of requesting and allowing certain people to attend an event or celebration that is about to be held. Important aspects of an invitation is, of course, the details of the celebration, the date, time, and venue. But with all the invitations made for different events, it has to be eye catching and memorable as well.

To help spice things up, we have collected samples of photo invitations which you can download and edit. For regular invitations, you can also check out our invitation templates that we offer on our website.

Free Photo Invitation Template



Engagement Photo Invitation Template



Birthday Photo Invitation Template



Printable Photo Invitation Template



Invitations to Choose From

Photo invitations are customized invitations which highlight the celebrant by adding their photos, which serves as a highlight to the receivers. This allows those who are invited specifically for whom the celebration is thrown. Take a look through our samples below and download the invitation matches the occasion.

  • Free Photo Invitation Template. Looking for easy-to-download and editable invitations that suit your tight budget? Look no further! Check out this sample to help you get started. We offer more free photo invitations here on Template.net if you need other designs.
  • Engagement Photo Invitation Template. Having a photo invitation for your special engagement celebration is a good choice. This displays you and your soon-to-be spouse to all those who are invited. This will surely leave them in awe!
  • Birthday Photo Invitation Template. Highlight the celebrant with this photo invitation to show that they are turning yet a year older.
  • Printable Photo Invitation Template. Quick and easy to download as well as to print. Just click on Download and print away. Don’t forget to add the crucial details!

If you are looking for photo invitations specifically for weddings, we also offer an impressive catalog of photo wedding invitation templates that come in various formats, easy to customize, and, best of all, a bang for your buck.

Photo Baby Shower Invitation Template



Baptism Photo Invitation Template



Party Photo Invitation Template



Blank Photo Invitation Template



Mickey Mouse Photo Invitation Template


  • Photo Baby Shower Invitation Template. Baby showers are a special celebration before the expected birth of a child. Gifts are usually given to the mother as guests commemorate the transformation of her turning into and receiving the gift of being a mother. Being born into this world is a blessing. Shower the new expectant mother with love and wishes with this photo baby invitation!
  • Baptism Photo Invitation Template. Baptism is a sacred ceremony in which the newborn child is initiated into the church by sprinkling holy water onto a person’s forehead. This symbolizes purification and admission to the Christian community.
  • Party Photo Invitation Template. Hosting a party needs a flashy and breathtaking invitation to match. With this template, customizing is quick and the styling fresh that would perfectly suit the occasion. The invitation wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the celebrant.
  • Blank Photo Invitation Template. This is great for those who prefer to design the invitation themselves with some addition details which are already applied.
  • Mickey Mouse Photo Invitation Template. This is a perfect choice for those who love Disney’s mascot, Mickey Mouse. One of the most well-known cartoon icons around the world and beloved by children and adults alike.

For baby shower related invitations, you may also check out our baby shower photo invitation templates that we offer on our website.

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