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When a girl hits a certain age, the color pink and princesses suddenly become an enormous obsession. Princess culture becomes an everyday component in their lives from toys to clothes to school materials to room decor, all the way to how they want their parties to be.

A princess-themed party is a conventional event in every little girl’s life. If your little girl is at the same stage, we have the perfect Princess Birthday Invitations to match the party. From pool parties to tea parties to baby showers, we have well-designed princess party templates that will give you high-quality invitations.

Little Princess Birthday Invitation Template


Princess Birthday Party Invitation



Princess Tea Party Invitation



Disney Princess Party Invitation



Princess Party Invitation Wordingprincess-party-invitation-wording


Different Styles Princess Party Invitation Templates

We have lots of princess-themed party invitation templates that you can use from our collection. Choose from any, add in the details of the party, and all the hard work is done. All you need to do then is print them out and your invitations are ready to send out. This section shows you the first half of templates we have to offer:

  • Princess Birthday Party Invitation. This template works best when your little princess is turning another year older.
  • Princess Tea Party Invitation. A tea party is an activity associated with royalty and assumed to be a favorite pastime for princesses. If your little one wants to invite her friends over for tea, use this invitation to make her feel that her party is a proper event.
  • Disney Princess Party Invitation. There is no way that Disney princesses would be left out when we talk princess parties. If your little girl is a fan of any of the Disney princess movies, this template would make a great invitation.
  • Royal Princess Party Invitation. For the preteens, this invitation will work perfectly for their parties as the design is a bit less childish and more refined, fit for the budding princess.

Princess Pool Party Invitation



Princess Pamper Party Invitation



Princess Baby Shower Party Invitation



Fairy Princess Party Invitation



Princess Superhero Party Invitation



Royal Princess Party Invitation


More Princess Party Invitation Templates

There are a ton of other princess parties that you can do, and we have the party invitation templates to complement them. Take a look at these templates and see which ones are your favorites.

  • Princess Pool Party Invitation. Princesses need some time in the sun too, and your little one might just have one, especially in the summer months. This invitation is a great way to get the princess party outdoors.
  • Princess Pamper Party Invitation. If your little princess has just gotten into the habit of getting her hair and nails done, then throwing her a princess pamper party would be the best idea. This type of party is sure to get her friends to pamper themselves too.
  • Princess Baby Shower Party Invitation. Shower your expected little girl with a party fit for a princess with this invitation. A princess baby shower is a great way to announce to everyone the sex of your baby too.
  • Princess Superhero Party Invitation. If your little one is a fan of both princesses and superheroes, we have the party invitation template to delight her. Invitations like this are never found in-store, so this one will surely be a nice one to receive.

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