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Congrats, new grad! All the hard work and sleepless nights are worth it, right? If you’re looking for high-end graduation party invitations, you’re on the right track. Graduations, regardless of the academic level, must be faced and celebrated with a blast. It is an important milestone and achievement for every individual.

A graduation day is indeed a day of success, excitement, and joy. In light of all of this, planning a graduation party can be a stressful endeavor. A huge accomplishment deserves a one-of-a-kind party. In order to escape from the anxiety and hassles of planning graduation party, we have here an array of graduation invitation templates that you can download and use. Feel free to check them out and give your guests a taste and glimpse of your success.

Graduation Invitation Template to Print


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Free Graduation Invitation Template


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Graduation Party Invitation Template


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Graduation Announcement Invitation


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Printable Graduation Invitation Card

Graduation Day Invitation Card



Graduation Ceremony Invitation Card



Business Card Graduation Invitation



Preschool Graduation Invitation

Preschool Graduation Invitation Wording



Preschool Graduation Announcement Invitation



Chalkboard Preschool Graduation Invitation



College Graduation Invitation

College Graduation Quotes Invitation



Sample College Graduation Invitation



College Diploma Graduation Invitation



Photo Graduation Invitation

Photo Frame Graduation Invitation



Printable Photo Graduation Invitation



Photo Thank You Graduation Invitation



Printable Blank Graduation Invitation

Classic Blank Graduation Invitation



Blank Graduation Celebration Invitation



Nature of a Graduation

As defined by Cambridge Dictionary, a graduation is defined as a formal event in which a person who has completed a course of study at a school, college, or university receives a document stating this fact. Graduation is also a successful completion of a course of study.

It is the most-awaited celebration, not just for the student but also his or her respective parents. It marks the end a certain chapter in their academic life. It is also the beginning of a never-ending process of learning and professional growth. The conduct and dynamics of a graduation ceremony vary from country to country. Within a certain academic institution, they can also provide with their own flow and procedure in conducting a graduation ceremony.

Amid all of this, there is one common denominator that a graduation ceremony is celebrated. It is indeed a time of laughter, cheers, smiles, and tears of joy.

Why Throw a Graduation Party?

There is a difference between a graduation ceremony and graduation party. The former refers to the actual, formal, authorized, and legitimate giving of diplomas and awards to a graduate by an academic institution. On the other hand, a graduation party is conducted by the graduates in their individual capacities to celebrate and show gratitude for those people who made their success worthwhile.

For some, conducting a graduation party is unnecessary because of the expenses and all that is related with it, but that should not be the case. A graduation party can be conducted in a simple manner. What matters most is the presence of those people you love and who cherish you in return. Here are some other reasons why you should conduct a graduation party:

  • As a sign of gratitude. Graduation parties are not just centered on the graduate, per se. It is also for the people who made it all possible such as the graduate’s family, relatives, teachers and mentors, and friends. The struggle brought about by academic life is not that easy. As a graduate, you should express your sincere and wholehearted gratitude to the persons who can be referred as the “wind beneath your wings.”
  • A rite of passage. We all know that your graduation day does not only mark the end of your journey; it is the beginning of a whole new journey and battle to fight for.

These are just some of the reasons why most people conduct graduation parties. It is a time for happiness, love, and reminiscing of one’s victorious struggles and achievements. If you’re looking for simple graduation invitation design templates, we have templates in store for you.

Graduation Party Checklists

There is no doubt that a graduation party invitation is one of the important element in the course of planning a graduation party. It is considered as the guests’ gate pass to your graduation party. In the line with this, the party organizer has a lot of other factors to take into account. Here are other elements and aspects that you need to consider in planning a graduation party:

  • Set the date. Selecting the date and time frame of the party is also crucial. You must also take into account that not everyone must adjust to your schedule because some may have important work-related and personal matters to work on. You must decide and agree on a final date in order for the guests to make necessary adjustments and arrangements in their respective schedules beforehand.
  • Set the venue. There are a lot of options in terms of venue. You can use the your humble home, backyards, parks, restaurants, or other venues that you prefer. In terms of venue, you need to take into account the possible weather. You can choose either to conduct an indoor or outdoor party.
  • Food and beverages. In here, you can choose any option that is more convenient and easy for you. You can hire a caterer in order to escape from the hassles of cooking and doing the aftercare, but you can also showcase your delicious homemade dishes and treats to your guests. If you’re interested with party menu templates, we also have some templates in store.
  • Entertainment. To set the tone of your party, you can also provide a DJ or a cover band to play all your favorite songs that make you remember the ups and downs of your academic life.
  • Decor. This considered as the one that makes every element of the party in harmony. You must agree on a theme. The theme is used in designing your invitation cards and other elements of your party. If you’re looking for more graduation design templates, you can also check out the link provided to access them.

These are just some of the basic things you should include in your check list. They are also important components of your invitation card. Your graduation invitation must include the date, venue, time, and all the other important activities that your guests can look forward to.

Graduation Dinner Invitation

Formal Graduation Dinner Invitation



Printable DIY Graduation Invitation

DIY Nursing Graduation Invitation



DIY Photo Graduation Invitation



DIY Glitter Graduation Invitation



Graduation Beach Party Invitation

Graduation Themed Beach Party Invitation



Printable Graduation Beach Party Invitation



Graduation Cookout Invitation

Graduation Cookout BBQ Invitation



Graduation Diploma Invitation

Graduation Cap Diploma Invitation



Unique Graduation Diploma Invitation



Printable Graduation Diploma Invitation



Commonly Used Types of Invitation Cards

As part of your graduation party checklist, it is important to shed more attention and focus on the dynamics of your invitation cards. The date and venue are all set, and now it is your task to create and send out your invitation cards. In line with this, here are some types of invitation cards that you may consider in making your own graduation invitation card:

  • Folded invitations. These types of invitations is traditionally used. It has an undeniable classic touch. They take the form of a greeting-card style of design. You can also include a message on the front part. The details of your graduation party are written inside. The advantage of choosing this kind of invitation is that it allows a lot of space for your information. You can even add provide a mini map to the venue of your party.
  • Pocket invitations. They are simple yet an elegant type of invitation. There’s no one stopping you from using vibrant and colorful layered paper invites. The advantage of the choosing this kind of invitation is that they are portable and handy.
  • Flat invitations. These invitations are minimalist in nature. They are sleek and open-faced invitations that display information about your graduation party. They are not just invitations, per se, but also a souvenir in itself. They are usually used in casual weddings, save-the-date notices, and other special events.

These are just some of the types of invitations that you should know in designing your invitation cards. If you’re looking for more invitation card examples and templates, we have some more in store for you.

Graduation Elements and Paraphernalia

Every occurrence in your life that you’ve surpassed leaves an extraordinary mark in your life story. In line with this, your graduation is a celebration for several things that dedicated your life in pursuing success and attaining your purpose. In line with this, there are graduation paraphernalia and elements that you need not ignore. There are also meanings and symbolisms behind them.

Graduation Cap

According to research, it is considered as a symbol of wisdom. Historically, caps were worn by church leaders, judicial members, and other individuals who occupy high positions in the medieval and early societies. It thus is a symbol of higher educational status. As what you can see, the higher the educational degree and level to attain, the features of the cap also changes.

In the course of history, education has always been regarded as a pertinent aspect of society. In the early times, only the rich can avail them. But, nowadays, everyone has access to education, and it is even considered as a right that must be guaranteed and protected by the state.

Graduation Gown

The gown includes all the other components such as the cords, stoles, and hood, which also have their own respective meanings. Taken as a whole, they symbolize the idea of a new beginning and a brand-new phase.

Historically, the gowns that existed during the medieval university era were similar to the robes worn during that time. They are also used by respected church leaders. It was considered as a representation of respect and reverence. Moving forward, it has become a symbol of academic accomplishment.

These are just some of the important graduation paraphernalia that you should know. They signify the hard work and genuine commitment that you endured in order to finish your studies. If you’re also interested with graduation banner designs, we also have templates in store for you. They represent every hard work and also every heart that you gave to achieve your goal. Indeed, you should be proud wearing them.

Graduation Folded Invitation

Graduation Folded Booklet Invitation



Graduation Hat Invitation

Printable Graduation Hat Invitation



Graduation Black Hat Invitation



Graduation University Hat Invitation



Printable Homemade Graduation Invitation

Creative Homemade Graduation Invitation



Homemade Kindergarten Graduation Invitation



Graduation Thank You Invitation

Sample Graduation Thank You Invitation



Printable Graduation Thank You Invitation



Rustic Graduation Thank You Invitation Card



Graduation Folded Portrait Invitation


Outdoor Graduation Cookout Invitation


Tips in Dealing with Graduation Invitation

In terms of themes and designs, we’ve provided here an array of templates that you can choose from. From the classic designs to the most modern and unique ones. Selecting the theme is significant. You must bear in mind that the theme matters because it will set the tone and mood of the party. The theme also will guide the design of your invitation templates. To help you get through the process, here are some tips that you may consider:

  • Set the budget. Practically, designing invitations and the party as a whole would require a budget. Ensure to strike a balance between design and practicallity.
  • Wording matters. Use positive language. You can even add the graduate’s favorite motto or quotation that he or she turns to every time he or she is on the brink of giving up.
  • Make the graduate’s personality the foundation of the design. The dynamic personality of the graduate must be the main emphasis of the design. It must also tell a story and provide the guests of a glimpse of the journey of the graduate towards success. In line with this, it is a good practice to add a photo or image of the graduate.
  • Research is the important. It can help you brainstorm and come up with ideas. For instance, our templates here can help you boost up and gain inspiration in making your own masterpiece.
  • Don’t forget to send thank-you cards. After the party, it is advisable that you send out thank-you notes to those people who attended your precious celebration. It is a way of showing your utmost gratitude and appreciation for those people who wholeheartedly spent time to celebrate your graduation. To help you with this, we also have graduation thank-you cards design templates that you can use and download.

These are just tips that you may consider in making your invitation cards. To give you the luxury of time to be more productive, you can just make use of our design templates which are of high quality, original, printable, and easy to download.

Easy-to-Download Graduation Invitation Templates

There are indeed a lot of factors to consider in creating and designing graduation invitation cards. In line with this, if you are pressed with time and needs a little push of inspiration in designing your invites, then you can simply download our templates. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  • Discern and scroll through the page. Template.net offers a variety of templates for you. You can simply scroll down and check out the list of templates. While scrolling down, there are also bits of relevant information and facts that are associated with graduation as a whole that you can also use for reference purposes.
  • Download now! Click on the green Download button below the chosen template in order to start downloading your chosen template.

Indeed, our templates will help you kick start your party planning activities. You can also make use of our graduation greeting cards and gift tags. Enjoy your stay here at Template.net!

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