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RSVP card designs are usually sent to select guests who are close or important to the hosts, and it is part of the etiquette of an RSVP that guests will reply at their earliest convenience by sending the RSVP back to the host. The meaning for RSVP comes from a French phrase “répondez, s’il vous plaît” which means “please reply”. It is common to send a formal invitation such as an RSVP card to your guests to know who will attend and who will not. Through this, you also get to know how much you need to prepare.

And, since an RSVP is a sample invitation, it is of absolute necessity that you design it the best way you can. It serves as a teaser to the theme for your event, so make a good impression out of it. But, if you are running out of ideas, we have curated a list of beautiful and striking designs for your RSVP cards. Check them out below!

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Fall Wedding RSVP Card Template

fall rsvp 767x537 e1515981767132

Summer Floral RSVP Wedding Card Template

summer rsvp 767x537 e1515981800786

Beach Wedding RSVP Card Template

beach rsvp 767x537 e1515981733772

Pink Floral RSVP Card Template

pink floral rsvp 767x537 e1515981792857

Garden RSVP Card Template

garden rsvp 767x537 e1515981779357

Nautical Wedding RSVP Card Template

nautical rsvp card 690x537

Burgundy Floral RSVP Wedding Card

burgundy rsvp 767x537 e1515981746625

Vintage Wedding RSVP Card Template

vintage rsvp 767x537 e1515981807178

Reasons to use printable RSVP card designs and templates

1. They are downloadable. Graphic designers are usually hired when you create designs for this kind of template. But some of the artists decided to exhibit their work to reach a wider audience and make them acquirable by posting them on websites that cater to graphic artists such as Best Templates, Graphicriver, Creative Market, and Etsy. All of the cited websites offer premium templates, so you have to pay first in order to download a template. But you do not have to worry as there are also sites that offer free templates.

2. They are easy to edit. The listed templates are the results of the graphic designers’ creative minds, and they decided to create them digitally so people can easily access them. Aside from the templates’ accessibility, they are also fully editable. You can customize them until you are satisfied with the results. Work your magic around them and put your personal touch on them so people would easily recognize at first glance that these designs have your name written all over them. You can change any element you want and improve them to fit your chosen style.

3. They offer a variety of stunning and impressive designs. Yes, we are creative in a way, but there will be times when we run out of ideas on what design to make. We tend to seek inspiration from various artistic pieces, hoping that we get the right spark to ignite the motivation that we are in dire need of. So, we have provided a lineup of stunning template designs that will help you create a masterpiece of your own. Or, if you want it the easiest way possible, you can just download a template that you think will suit your liking. You can then just edit it if there are elements of the design that you want to change. It is important to embed a part of your personality and character into the design so it will feel more personal when you send it to your guests.

4. The quality of the templates is standard. Most people commonly have the idea that the best templates are found on websites that offer premium templates. While that it is true that these sites contain the best of the best, you still need to consider their prices as most of these templates do not come cheap. But, there are still cheap ones with standard quality lying around; you just have to look for them as keenly as possible as they could be buried under the heaps of templates.

Floral Wedding RSVP Card Template

floral rsvp4 767x537 e1515981773989

Simple RSVP Card Template

simple rsvp

Artsy RSVP Card Template

artsy rsvp 788x524

Elegant RSVP Card Template

elegant rsvp 788x468

Gold Glitter RSVP Card Template

gold glitter rsvp 788x499

Art Deco RSVP Card Template

art deco rsvp 788x515

Constellations RSVP Card Template

contellations rsvp 788x788

Birthday RSVP Card Template

birthday rsvp 788x499

Things to consider when making and sending RSVP cards

Sending an RSVP card is as important as any other preparation that you make for an event. They are the medium you can use to inform guests about the details of the event. But, first, there are things that you need to consider when you make and send your RSVP cards, and these are as follows:

1. Make the easiest way possible for RSVP-ing

Even in today’s technological age, sending an RSVP through the mail is still a standard. And, to make your guests easily send out their responses, you can stamp and address the RSVP cards before you send them out. It is a turn off on your guest’s side that they still need to go and buy a stamp and envelope themselves. The inconvenience that you have given them will only delay their response or, in the worst case, they will not even reply at all. So, if you want to have a faster response from them or if you want them to RSVP you at all, slip a stamp and envelope into the post slot.

Another way to make sure that they respond to you is to include a mobile number or email address. People are becoming more active online, so it would not be difficult for them to contact you through email. Or, if you have social media accounts and you are fine with them communicating with you through those accounts, then include them in your RSVP card. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other online platforms are easily accessible anywhere and anytime as long as there is a stable Internet connection. Give them a lot of options to choose from and make them as easy as possible.

2. Make your guests feel special

Sending out physical invitations is slowly fading into history as the technologically savvy age of online platforms for communications are now dominating the market. The rampant use of social media, with its rapidly increasing population of users and popularity, has become the platform that most people are using to send invitations. With just a single click, an invitation can be sent to the entire guest list that you have created. But, even with what technology gives us, sending out a physical invitation is still the most formal and the best way to make your guests feel special.

RSVP cards are personalized. Giving it to your guests will make them think that you actually took the time to make and send them. It reflects the kind of person you are and makes your guests feel that they are important enough to be sent an invitation. It is also a sure way that your guests will attend the event as they will always be reminded of the event every time they look at the RSVP card. In contrast to online invitations, they will probably, if not certainly, be buried under more than a handful of notifications that your guests receive daily in their social media accounts. The invitation could get lost and forgotten, resulting in people missing the event.

The same thing can be said with text messages. Sending an RSVP through a mass text can make it look too informal, making the guests less likely to respond. Who sends an invitation for a formal event through a text message anyway? Unless it is a casual gathering, it is absolutely inappropriate, informal, and unprofessional to do so. Treat your guests the way they should be treated, and that is to make them feel and think that they actually matter, that they are part of your lives and you want to share this special moment with them, whatever the event may be.

3. Be patient and understanding

When sending out an RSVP, you expect that the people that you have sent them to will attend the event, especially since you handpicked them. However, there are inevitable circumstances when people might respond at the last minute, even when they responded yes early on. You have to be understanding as they probably have a valid reason to back up their last-minute response. But, even if they did not, you still have to be patient with them and just move on to other important matters. There are also times that they did not respond, but they still attended the event. That can be infuriating, but the best that you could do is still accommodate them to the best of your ability.

Making and sending RSVP cards is not a simple matter. There are things that you need to take into consideration as it can be really stressful if you just ignore them. When it comes to the design, there is such a lot to choose from that it might get confusing to get a final one. One piece of advice is that if you are going for a vintage theme for your event, then go for a template with a vintage design. Always go for the design that will complement with a theme for your event. You do not want to make your RVSP cards go out of place. Save yourself from the humiliation and criticisms by picking the right design. Good luck with your event!

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