Proper Ways to Write a Formal Invitation


Formal invitations can be quite tricky to prepare. They are one of the most important elements in a formal event; and for that reason alone, they should be paid with close attention when formulating the contents. With that being said, there are certainly a few rules that should be followed when writing a formal invite, but are often overlooked or unheard of, even.

Take note of a few simple but life-saving tips in writing a formal event invitation. They’re pretty easy to familiarize with, and are bound to come in handy in the near future. Make sure your anniversary party, bridal shower, or charity dinners are more authentic and impressive by addressing your invites properly.

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1. Addressing the Invited Guest

Whether it’s at the back of the card enevlope or in the actual invitation, always address your invited guests using their full names. Nicknames or shortened versions are only applicable and acceptable in informal and casual event invites.

  • The traditional way of addressing a married couple is by writing “Mr. and Mrs.” followed by the name of the husband.
  • Couples with different last names should have both names included in the invite.
  • For married same-sex couples, both names should be included with the title “Mr./Mrs.” for each spouse.
  • Be sure to use distinguished titles for guests like “Dr.” for guests with such titles.
  • When addressing whole families, you may write “The _____ Family” with their address to let them know the entire household is invited.

2. Introducing the Host/s

An essential part of the formal party invitation belongs to the host line. Introducing the host in the invitation lets you know who exactly is inviting you to the formal event. In some cases, the guest of honor is the host. In others, the organizer/parent/sponsor hosts the event; an event in honor of a particular person, organization, or company. For more than one hosts, the order in which they are listed depends on the agreement between parties.


3. Writing the Time and Date

The proper way of writing the time and date in a formal invitation is by spelling out the dates and words usually abbreviated.


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There are various methods for guests to RSVP, and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll want them to respond. Some formal invitation cards have an RSVP card attached to the invite, while others simply leave out contact details for the guest to call the host.



5. After Party Teaser

Add in an after party teaser at the bottom of your formal party invite. You can use one-liners or simple phrases such as, “Dinner and Dancing to follow at this address”, or “Join us for drinks and dancing right after”. After parties or receptions are usually applicable to weddings or graduation parties where the main event is the ceremony with a get-together right after to continue the celebration.

Example:>diy watercolor flowers wedding invitation 788x591

How you want your formal invitations to look depends greatly on the theme or mood of your event. Some of the most common designs for formal invitation cards are that of sleek and minimalist designs. However, you can still incorporate bright and fun themes while maintaining the formality in your text.

We hope you’ve gathered enough information for you to start working on your invites efficiently and successfully. You can check out formal invitation templates to get ideas for your formatting as well as design layouts.

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