33 Stylish PSD Wedding Invitation Templates

Choosing a wedding invitation design can be considered as one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. However, any bride or wedding planner may easily be overwhelmed by the number of design choices available today. One way to help prevent this from happening is by narrowing down your design choices into different categories.

For example, you may decide to choose among handmade card designs created for weddings. Or, you may choose printable wedding cards in vector or EPS format. Wedding card templates in PSD format may also be another sub-classification you can choose from. Doing this will help streamline the wedding invitation selection process as it helps reduce the time and money spent on creating these printable wedding templates.

In this article, we provide you with more than 30 gorgeous examples of wedding invitation templates in PSD file format. Feel free to go over each template until you find one that will best reflect your wedding motif. All templates included in this collection are downloadable PSD files so make sure that you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer so you can customize them later on.

Airmail Wedding Invitation Template

What’s a more fitting way to start an article about a collection of PSD wedding invitation templates than to use a template showcasing air travel? After all, getting married is about starting a new journey with another person. With the Airmail Wedding Invitation Template is shown below, couples are able to use a physical thing (the wedding invitation) as a symbol for this new life.


The Airmail Wedding Invitation Template may also be used as a destination wedding invitation owing to the fact that the template already includes design elements about travel. Aside from the invitation template, this wedding stationery set also includes templates for RSVP cards and honeymoon wish cards. The invitation card measures four inches by six inches while the RSVP and Wish cards measure five inches by three inches. All card templates will include a 0.25-inch print bleed. You may also choose between a dark navy blue and light blue color variation.

To personalize the invitation card after it is printed, you may add traditional wax seal stamps on the upper portion of the cards. You may have a metal stamp exclusively created to reflect the couple’s initials. This can be a more creative way compared to using monogram stickers alone.

Beach-style Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Template

Looking for an ingenious way to design your wedding invitation while also cutting down on its cost? Then try out the Beach-style Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Template featured below.


The Beach-style Wedding Boarding Pass Invitation Template is a wedding invitation that follows a travel ticket template format. You may use this template to complement any destination or beach wedding templates that you are already using. Using an invitation ticket template forces couples and their wedding planners to fit only the most important wedding details in a ticket-sized paper or card stock. In addition, the template includes a portion where the RSVP card can be torn off and sent back to the couple.

Beach Wedding Photography Invitation Design Template


The Beach Wedding Photography Invitation Design Template is another beach-themed wedding template. To achieve maximum benefits from this template, it is best to use your own couple photos for the cover page photo collage. This template prints out on a card measuring 5.25 inches by 7.25 inches. The template follows the CMYK color format.

Bloomy Wedding Invitation Suite Template

Ah, flowers and weddings. What is this weird relationship between these two that most weddings will almost always have them? And it is not just limited to real flowers used as a church or venue decoration. Flower patterns have taken over wedding stationery designs as well.


The Bloomy Wedding Invitation Suite Template embedded above is one such example. This kind of wedding template may work well for weddings that exclusively use floral wedding templates. As an invitation suite package, it also includes a Save the Date template, an RSVP card template, a Wedding Details card template, a wedding thank you card design template, a table number template, and belly band template.

All these templates follow a CMYK color model. This means that the printed card colors will closely match its template versions. All templates have also been pre-formatted to have a 0.25-inch bleed area. The invitation card measures five inches by seven inches.

Blue Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Template

One would think that chalkboard designs will not fit a menu design. But, fortunately, they do. Chalkboard themes also work well as a design component element for wedding invitations. The Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Template embedded below is a good example of that.


This new chalkboard design invitation template will fit couples who prefer a laid-back approach to their wedding ceremony and reception events. An RSVP card template, a Save the Date card template, and a menu card template is included in this wedding suite. The chalk design elements are created as separate layers. This translates to the easier editing of the template if you prefer to make some changes to the design.

Simple Wedding Invitation Template


Couples who are aiming for simple elegance as their wedding theme will find the Simple Wedding Invitation Template shown above useful. This wedding template is available in three color combinations (pink and orange, red and purple, and yellow and green). It is created as a fully customizable template so that end-users can easily change the colors and images. This invitation card measures four inches by six inches. It also includes a 0.125-inch bleed area.

Elegant Wedding Invitation Ticket Template


Fall Wedding Invitation Card Template


Giant Nautical Wedding Collection Template

Dream of incorporating your favorite place and animals into your wedding but do not know how? If you love the sea and their inhabitants, take a cue from the wedding template example below.

Giant Nautical Wedding Collection Template

If you love the beach and other sea creatures, you may like the Giant Nautical Wedding Collection Template featured above. Couples may use this template to complement a beach wedding. This wedding collection includes different versions of each wedding template. To illustrate, there are ten different wedding invitation templates to choose from. There also are six Thank You card templates, five RSVP card templates, four Save the Date card templates, four information card templates, two menu templates, and two wedding program templates.

Gold and Peach Wedding Invitation Template


Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Template

Want to incorporate this year’s official Pantone color called greenery in your own wedding? You’re in for a treat because we have just the right wedding template to use. It’s the Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Template shown below.


This wedding template primarily uses the greenery color palette. What is interesting is that the watercolor floral and leaf patterns used in the template design do not overwhelm one’s eyes, making it stand out as a wedding card design. This template collection is created using high-resolution illustrations curated into smart object layers. Purchasing this template collection will give you access to an invitation card, a Save the Date card, an RSVP card, a table number card, an escort card, a menu card, and a thank you card.

Hand-lettered Wedding Invitation

Weddings that follow a rustic theme or motif will find the Hand-lettered Wedding Invitation shown below a good addition to their wedding stationery collection.


Using hand-lettered design elements will help make your invitation cards more personalized and cozier. This type of invitation card design is perfect for those who are planning a casual wedding attended by their close friends. This wedding invitation requires double-sided printing with a three mm bleed area. If you will be printing the template at home, make sure to adjust your printer’s settings prior to actually printing out the template. Also, the template has three different color variations to choose from. It also prints out on card stock measuring five inches by seven inches.

Movie Ticket Wedding Invitation Template

Whoever suggested that wedding invitation cards all have to be designed like formal greetings cards did not expect the emergence of unconventional invitation card designs today. Just take a look at the Movie Ticket Wedding Invitation Template embedded below.


This printable wedding template is shaped just like a real movie ticket and the design elements also mimic what is written on a movie ticket. It also doubles as an RSVP card since it has a small tear-off portion that can be sent back to the couple. It is available in two colors: red and black. When printing the invitation card, you may squeeze three to four cards in one standard letter-sized paper or card stock.

To spice up this wedding card design, you may use the services of a paper embosser who can create grooves or textures into the letters and graphic design elements on the printed card template.

How to glam up your PSD wedding invitation templates

Let’s admit it. Choosing among different wedding invitation templates can become boring and frustrating especially if you have a strict set of criteria to follow. Instead of exhausting yourself over a somewhat minor part of wedding planning, you may just as well choose a PSD template with a moderate design score and work at improving it. This step may not be practical for most brides and wedding planners but you may take away some of the tips that we will be sharing to help spice up your own PSD wedding invites.

  • Add a wedding logo design. When you use pre-made PSD wedding templates available online, it means that other people also have a chance of seeing and using the same PSD template. No one wishes to be labeled a copycat. And even if you bought the wedding template legally, some people will still feel a degree of embarrassment. A workaround for this issue is to add personalized touches to the invitation template—one of which is a wedding logo design. This is a simple thing that even the template’s original seller may create one for you. Wedding logos may be as simple as the couple’s initials printed in a fancy font.
  • Use embossing tools or services. Paper embossing may add up to your wedding budget if you emboss all elements of your wedding stationery collection. However, if you only do this for key phrases or words like the couple’s name and the header image on your invitation cards, the associated cost will be minimal. And if you or a friend have an embossing tool at home, you can do the job yourself. Embossing certain design elements in your invitation will help create depth and texture for these elements. It also helps make the invitation card appear more formal and well-designed.
  • Use alternate background images for each printed invitation card. Using one kind of wedding invitation design can appear monotonous and impersonal, especially if you are sending a lot of invitation cards. A good way to glam up your printed PSD wedding templates is to use different variations of the same wedding template. An excellent example is shown by the Giant Nautical Wedding Collection Template shown earlier. This template included ten different variations of a nautical-themed wedding template. By using wedding templates like this, you and your guests will not get easily bored with your invitation design choices.
  • Try out different complementary colors. It often happens that you see a PSD wedding invitation template that you like; however, it is not available in your wedding colors. A workaround for this problem is to do the editing yourself and use your preferred color combination. If you go this route, make sure to check if the colors you are using are complementary to each other using a color chart.
  • Add scrapbook embellishments. Another way to spice up any printable card project is to add 3D design elements. This design technique is often used in scrapbooking and other paper crafts. But since wedding invitation cards can also be considered as a form of paper craft (especially when they are in printed form), you may add scrapbook embellishments to your wedding cards. You may use small beads, glitter, stick-on charms, stickers, brads, and a lot more! Choose any design element that will best match your own template design. For more paper crafting techniques, check out this guide on how to create handmade cards.
  • Do not forget to design your envelopes. Couples (and their wedding planners) often forget to make sure that their wedding envelope designs also matter. It is the envelope that guests see first after all. Choosing a good envelope design is a good way to make a striking first impression on your guests. You may add the same wedding logo designs on the envelope or you may print out the same background image on the envelope. It will be all up to you and what you think will look best.

So those are a few design techniques that you can apply to any printed wedding invitation. Remember, you have to choose a good PSD wedding invitation template first before you can add these personalized finishing touches. There is no use adding embellishments to an already lackluster wedding card template.

Passport Wedding Invitation Template


Pastel Beach Wedding Invitation Template Package


Pink Floral Wedding Invitation Card Design Template


Painted Seascape Beach Wedding Suite Template


Portrait Vintage Wedding Invitation Template


Seashell Beach Wedding Invitation Template Pack


Summer Floral Wedding Invitation Card Design Template


Teal Palm Tree Beach Wedding Invitation Template Set

Sun. Sand. And shade. All these three things make up for a good beach destination wedding. And if you are planning just that, then take a look at the Teal Palm Tree Beach Wedding Invitation Template Set showcased below.


This Photoshop invitation template will work well for weddings held in tropical islands and may even be used as a souvenir. But for traditional weddings, full orders of the template will allow you to access templates for a formal invitation, a menu card, a Save the Date card, an RSVP card, an information card, and a place card. All layers of this template set are in CMYK color mode and will print out with a 0.25-inch bleed.

Another advantage of using this wedding invitation template is that it includes all the decorative vector elements used in the invitation designs. They are stored in 300 DPI JPEG format. You may use them to design miscellaneous wedding templates like wedding door hangers and wedding bathroom sign templates.

PSD Beach Style Wedding Invitation Template


Blue and Gold Wedding Invitation Template Set


Typography PSD Wedding Invitation Template


Sketch Beach Wedding Invitation Template


Vintage Boarding Pass Invitation Template


PSD Passport Wedding Invitation Template


Classic Stamp Wedding Invitation Template

Are you and your partner a pair of old souls who finally want to tie the knot? Want a touch of yesteryear in your wedding motif? Then take a look at the Classic Stamp Wedding Invitation Template embedded below.


Choose this wedding invitation design if you like vintage snail mail stamps incorporated in your wedding stationery design. This wedding card template will work well if you are following a vintage decor scheme and if the couple is going to dress up in vintage wedding clothes.

This template includes both an invitation and an RSVP card template. The two templates print out on 6-inch by 4-inch paper or card stock. As a PSD invitation template, a printing bleed area of 0.25 inches has already been pre-formatted into the design layers. In addition, the stamp template pattern found on the design is fully customizable. This means that you can either remove or add other design elements if you want to.

Wedding Invitation Postcard Template

In the template example below, you will see that all wedding invitations do not have to follow the single-page greeting card standard. Wedding invitations may also take the size and shape of postcards. Isn’t that just creative?


Shown above is the Wedding Invitation Postcard Template. Choose this invitation template if you prefer a multipurpose invitation card without sacrificing your sense of creativity. It is often easy to get lost in the sea of wedding templates that you lose track of your own design preferences. If you like the ingenious approach taken in this wedding template, try it out!

This template may also be used as part of a vintage wedding template collection. This wedding invitation prints out on card stock or paper measuring four inches by six inches with a 0.25-inch bleed area. As with all the templates on this list, this printable postcard template is available as a PSD file download. You will need to have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer in order to edit it. Also, this template requires front and back printing.

Red and Gold Vintage Map Wedding Invitation Template

Make sure no one gets lost on their way to your wedding location by using the Red and Gold Vintage Map Wedding Invitation Template shown below. With this template set, you are providing your guests a practical and beautifully designed wedding invitation template.


Just like other wedding invitation sets, this template includes pre-made files for creating an RSVP card, a table number card, an escort card, a menu card, a thank you card, a wedding invitation, and save the date card. All these cards bear the same red and gold color scheme. If you do not prefer this color scheme, you may choose from these other color palettes: pink, navy blue, black, and teal. All these variations include a mix of gold textures on the card header design. All font styles used in this template are included in the download file. In addition, invitation, save the date, and RSVP cards require double-sided printing.

Wedding Invitation Flyer Design Template


Sand Dollar Beach Wedding Template Suite



Whew, that sure was a long list of PSD traditional wedding invitation templates to choose from. As someone who is planning your wedding, you do not have to decide right away. Make that decision when you are well-informed about all your choices and the design route that you wish to take. After all, most people wish to experience only one wedding with the person they wish to spend forever with. If all goes well, you may just achieve that.

But for now, listen to your instincts and the perfect sample wedding invitation template design choice will come to you naturally. You may always refer back to this post by bookmarking it or by noting down the link URL on that secret Dream Wedding file folder on your computer. (Yeah, we all know you have one.)

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