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14+ Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Couples who want to ensure that their wedding ceremony goes according to plan often host rehearsal dinners a few days before the wedding. Not only does this small gathering of the wedding entourage help wedding planners coach each guest on what their responsibilities for the wedding entails, wedding rehearsal dinners can also be a good time for the couple to reconnect and bond with their closest friends and family members.

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So if you want to throw a wedding rehearsal dinner, you also need to make sure that you send out wedding rehearsal dinner invitation cards to your wedding entourage. And we can help you with that since this article is filled with various tips on how to create rehearsal dinner invitation cards with matching example templates.

Take a Look at these Marvelous Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Templates

Embedded below are multiple wedding rehearsal dinner invitation templates. All these templates are fully downloadable either as Adobe Photoshop or as Illustrator template files so make sure that you have a compatible graphic design software tool installed on your computer to edit the template later on.

Free Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

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  • PSD
  • AI

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Wedding Rehearsal Party Invitation

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Free Rehearsal Dinner Party Invitation Template

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What is a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation?

A wedding rehearsal dinner is a formal dinner event hosted by an engaged couple who is about to be married. In this type of event, the wedding rehearsal is usually held first and it is attended by those who are part of the wedding entourage and some close family members.

A wedding rehearsal dinner invitation card is usually a separate wedding stationery from the official wedding invitation. They are sent ahead of time, usually at least 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding. The actual wedding rehearsal dinners usually take place a few days or the night before the actual wedding.

It is not mandatory to hold a formal wedding rehearsal dinner event for all weddings. For those opting to have a rehearsal dinner, the event is usually paid for by the family of the groom. But in recent years, this practice has been gradually in decline. You may also see sample dinner invitations.

Creating a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation is just like making other kinds of wedding invitations. You may choose between the handmade invitation card-making method or the pre-made invitation card-making route. Select the card-making method that you think will best match your schedule and crafting skills.

Do not forget to check out the different sample invitation card templates embedded within this article. All these pre-made templates can be used to create your own wedding rehearsal dinner invitation cards.

Floral Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Simple Wedding Rehearsal Invitation Template

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template Selection Guide

If you have decided to go with creating a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation card using pre-made printable wedding templates, we have prepared a short guide on how you can choose the best invitation template for your wedding. In this guide, you will learn about different factors that will help you in your decision-making process.

1. Wedding Motif or Theme

One of the first things to consider when choosing a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation card template should always be how a template matches with your wedding theme. This is an important factor to consider because you need to make sure that all your wedding stationeries look similar to each other. You may also see wedding dinner invitations.

For instance, if you are planning a floral wedding, all your wedding stationery designs and venue decorations should also follow a floral theme. And in case of making rehearsal dinner invitation cards, it is best to also follow your wedding theme.

2. Template Customizability

The next factor to consider when picking out a rehearsal dinner invitation card template is a pre-made template’s built-in customizability options. This feature of an invitation card template needs to be considered beforehand to make sure that you (or your wedding planner) will have total access to the template’s layer files and then eventually edit the template.

It is an important criterion to follow since most pre-made wedding invitation card templates still need to be modified to reflect your own wedding details. Usually, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop template files will only come with some stock images, layouts, and headings. They will not include the exact invitation card wording that transforms a regular card template into a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation card template.

Rustic Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Design

Calligraphy Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Example

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

3. Wedding Budget Allocation

The next factor to consider when choosing a printable rehearsal dinner invitation template is your wedding budget. Remember that a significant amount of wedding budgets will go towards the creation of all the wedding stationeries. So if you are under a simple budget, it may be best to start choosing a printable wedding template that does not require special printing formats.

Even though the rehearsal dinner invitation template does not cost much (typically only about $8 to $30), you should always still look into how printing the invitation card template will cost as this could affect your overall wedding budget. Check out this linked article if you wish to learn how to make a budget plan for your wedding.

4. Graphic Design Software Availability

The next factor to consider prior to buying a rehearsal dinner invitation card template is the type of graphic design software tool you have installed or a tool that you are comfortable in using. This is an important thing to consider because you need to make sure that you can open and edit the invitation card template you have chosen.

5. Skills in Graphic Design

Your own editing skills should also play an important role when it comes choosing a rehearsal dinner invitation card template. This is especially important for those who want to personally edit their wedding invitation templates. For example, if you want to add your own family tree drawings or wedding illustrations on your rehearsal dinner invitation card, you will need to have the optimal graphic design or Photoshop editing skills in order to do this well.

And if you find yourself lacking in graphic design experience and skills, you will have plenty of time to delegate the template editing task to another person. Or, you may even learn how to edit and use graphic design software tools yourself.

So these are the top factors or list of criteria to take into consideration when choosing a rehearsal dinner wedding invitation card template for your wedding. Internalize all these factors and apply the different tips we have shared above and you will have an easier time trying to choose what template design to purchase. You may also see dinner invitation templates.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Sample

Cute Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

Simple Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

Why Use Pre-made Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Templates

If you are still on the fence whether to use pre-formatted wedding dinner invitation templates, let us help enlighten you with the different advantages of using such wedding templates. Listed below are just a few of these benefits so make sure to read each one of them so that you will be more informed when the time comes for you to finally choose a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template.

1. They are easy to edit.

Wedding rehearsal dinner invitation templates are built to ensure that they are easy to edit by its end-users. Graphic designers and artists know that the people who may end up using these wedding templates may not necessarily have a complete background of graphic design like the use of software programs like Adobe Photoshop. That is why they have made these dinner invitation templates to have intuitive editing options.

2. These wedding templates are reusable.

Another advantage of using pre-made wedding dinner invitation templates is that they are fully reusable. This means that you can use the template to create another set of rehearsal dinner invitations or any kind of invitation cards in the future. Remember that all these wedding templates will already contain all the graphic design elements, text placeholders, images, layouts, and illustrations that will be needed to create an invitation card. All you have to do is make a few tweaks on the base template and create another highly original invitation card template for whatever occasion you may need them for.

3. Pre-made wedding templates are affordable.

Cost is another aspect that wedding planners and couples need to frequently think about when preparing for a wedding. When you use pre-made printable invitation templates, you will be saving a significant amount of money compared to having a professional graphic artist create your wedding templates for you.

So those are the top three advantages of using pre-made printable wedding rehearsal templates. Internalize all these benefits and apply them in your decision-making process. Also, do not forget to enjoy the entire wedding planning process!

Colorful Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Example

Minimalist Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Classy Floral Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Chalkboard Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Design

Get Ready For Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner!

There are a lot of wedding stationeries that couples and wedding planners need to create in order to successfully pull off a wedding. You also need to ensure that all the stationery designs match well with each other. With the help of all the brilliant tips and well-designed template examples in this article, you can be guaranteed of doing a good job.

Also, do not forget to share this article with your social media friends and followers so that they could also create awesome wedding rehearsal dinner invitation cards. And if you wish to refer back to this brilliant template source, make sure to bookmark this article.

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