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14+ Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Restaurants are among the most common venues for anniversary celebrations or parties. This setting allows minimal effort in terms of decoration and in preparing all the food that will be served at the event. But aside from the venue decor and logistics, anniversary party organizers also need to make sure that they inform their guests about the event. To do this, restaurant anniversary invitations are much needed.

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In this article, we provide multiple examples of downloadable and fully editable restaurant anniversary invitation templates. More information on the use of these invitation templates is also provided along with various tips on how to decorate them. Read on…

Check out these Downloadable Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Templates

As promised, embedded below are various examples of downloadable anniversary invitation templates that any party host or event organizer may use. Note that these printable templates are fully customizable, so this means you can even modify them for any event location you wish to have your anniversary held.

Free Restaurant Invitation Template

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Art Deco Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

Banquet Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

Benefit Anniversary Invitation Bundle Template

What are Restaurant Anniversary Invitations?

Invitation cards are pieces of paper written to ask for a person’s presence at an event. When the aforementioned event is for the yearly observance of a birth, business opening, union, or a relationship, an anniversary invitation card is used. And, when the anniversary event is going to be held at a dining establishment, a restaurant anniversary invitation is used.

Just like regular birthday invitations, restaurant anniversary invitations, also come in card format. They may be created by hand or they may be printed off an invitation card template. If you want to follow the handmade route, check out this article on how to create handmade greeting cards.

Church Anniversary Invitation Ticket Template

Black and Gold Anniversary Party Invitation Flyer

Elegant Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

Blue Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

Folded Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

What to Write in a Restaurant Anniversary Invitation

What follows are the important pieces of information that should be included in an anniversary invitation card. Make sure that you have included most of this information on your card to avoid additional hassle for you and your guests. For more information on the proper ways to write a formal invitation, check out the linked article.

1. Event Title

Restaurant anniversary invitation cards are often confused as regular greeting cards due to their size and design. But if you want your anniversary invitation cards to get its recipient’s attention right away, you should make sure that you write your anniversary event title legibly and conspicuously.

If you are planning an anniversary event for a company or organization, make sure that the card’s title design reflects the business entity’s brand image. And, depending on the mood or atmosphere you wish to create for the event, make sure you design the card title to reflect this.

To illustrate, if you are planning to celebrate a fiftieth-year anniversary party at a restaurant, you may use gold textures and fonts for the event title. And, to keep up with the trends, you may come up with a corresponding hashtag for the event. Following a golden color scheme will also help give your event a luxurious and formal feel.

2. Event Date and Time

Another important information to include in an invitation card is the event’s date and time. If you are creating a foldable invitation card, you may print the date and time on the inner page of the card. However, if you are creating a flyer invitation or a single page invitation card, the event date and time will need to be printed on the main page.

In terms of design, it is up to your own preferences if you want to follow the same typography fonts and styles used in your event title or not. Most often, the event date and time are written with smaller font styles but still follow the same typeface.

3. Event Location

Of course, a printable invitation card will not be complete without a place to direct your recipients to visit. In addition to the event date and time, you also need to make sure to include the location where the anniversary event or party will be held. It is best to include the full address and you may also add location markers or prominent establishments near the venue. This way, your guests will not get lost when traveling towards your anniversary party.

4. Dress Code (if applicable)

The presence of an event dress code is another important piece of information that should be included in a restaurant invitation card. This especially applies to formal events like gala and fine dining anniversary dinner events.

When writing this piece of information on your anniversary invitation card, you may place it at the end of your invitation. Here are sample wording that you may follow: Black Tie, Formal Wear, Cocktail Wear, Casual, or even Superhero-themed costumes (if you are following a costume party for your anniversary celebration).

5. RSVP Information

When creating restaurant anniversary invitation cards, you should always include RSVP information. This way, your guests can tell you ahead of time if they can make it to your event or not. This also allows you to accurately prepare the food, chairs, drinks, and other materials that you need before the event itself.

RSVP information can simply be conveyed by writing ‘RSVP please’ on the invitation card design. And, to ensure that your guests RSVP for your event, do not forget to add your contact information. As mentioned above, it is important to make sure that there are different kinds of card designs that you wish to create

6. Organizer or Host Contact Information

As mentioned above, it is important to include the event organizer’s or host’s contact information on the anniversary invitation. This allows your card recipients to contact you right away if they have other questions about the event. Contact information may range from a phone number, social media links, email addresses, and even dedicated web pages.

7. Restaurant Details (Logo, Directions, Contact number)

Lastly, a minor thing to add to your anniversary invitation card design is the restaurant’s own branding design. These design elements do not have to take up a large portion of your invitation card. You may add graphic design elements like a restaurant logo design or even the restaurant name written in its original font style. This will help aid customers to recognize the location where the event is being held.

In addition, you may also add other restaurant details like its contact number and a small map or a set of directions to the dining establishment. By including all these in your anniversary invitation card, your guests will be reassured that you have thought of everything that they may possibly need just to get to the venue location.

The different items listed above is not an all-exhaustive list. You may add or remove any of them depending on the scale and motif of the anniversary event you are trying to host.

Golden Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

Harvest Season Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template Set

Luxurious Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

How to Decorate Your Restaurant Anniversary Invitation

Ready to print anniversary invitation templates can be drab and boring after printing them out. This is perhaps because they are all just two-dimensional objects. So, if you wish to add more glam into your anniversary invitations, you may take a hint from the different decorating techniques we have compiled below.

1. Use Brads, Beads, and Buttons!

Yes, if you want to add more dimension to your invitation card design, you may add small objects that will help bring out the 3D-ness of your card project. You may craft brads, beads, and even buttons. If you decide to do this, make sure that you set aside ample time from your schedule since it may take a while to completely glue these embellishments into your anniversary invitation cards.

2. Add Paper Cuts and Pop-Ups.

Another decorating technique you can use for your anniversary invitation card is the use of papercutting projects. This technique involves learning kirigami (the Japanese art of paper cutting) but you may also buy cut-outs from your local craft stores. Pop-ups in cards also add an element of surprise in your invitation card.

These techniques are perfect for those who wish their anniversary invitations to be as unique as their own personalities. Also, when you create restaurant anniversary invitation cards using these design techniques, your invitations may also serve as a memorabilia or souvenir for your guests.

3. Try Out Origami

Origami, or paper folding, is another design technique that you can apply to your anniversary invitation cards after printing them out. You may attach small origami designs into the card or you may transform an origami flower (for example) into an invitation card design.

This design technique will require more thinking through and free time since you will most likely need to create the cards yourself. Follow this design technique if you are planning an event that will only be attended by a small number of people.

4. Glam it up with Glitter

If you wish to add a literal spark to your anniversary invitation card, then add glitter! This design technique never fails to spice up a printable card design especially if the invitation card is intended for the younger audience or to remind people of their younger times.

You do not have to dump glitter all over your anniversary invitation card template to make this technique work. You may still use glitter and have the final output appear classy. For example, you may trace out the event name using glitter. This creates a focal point on your card cover making it more eye-catching.

Simple Banquet Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

Sparkly Restaurant Anniversary Invitation RSVP Template

Vintage Restaurant Banquet Invitation Ticket Template

Victorian Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Ticket Template

Have you chosen a restaurant anniversary invitation template?

Hopefully, the information provided above has helped you choose a restaurant anniversary invitation template that will best suit the event you are planning. If you wish to know more about card-making, check out the ultimate guide to card-making.

Also, if you found this article helpful, do not forget to share it with your friends and colleagues on social media.

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