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Restaurants are no strangers to holding or organizing events. They do it to increase their visibility in their niche market as well as gain new customers. Holding event invitation is one promotional strategy heavily utilized by restaurants due to the marketing and financial results it can achieve. At the end of the day, restaurants want to earn as much as possible and one way to achieve that is to organize events. You may also see Dinner Invitation Templates.

When the event has already been planned (the type of event the restaurant will be organizing, the number of guests who will be invited, the date and time of the event, the food or dishes which will be served, the theme or concept which will be used, etc.), the next phase is to write an event invitation. Writing event invitations is a no-brainer when it comes to events as it is actually the first thing that you should do after you have planned the event invitation template.


The great thing about event invitations is that there is no limit on the designs which you can incorporate in them. Even if your restaurant is serving fast food favorites like hamburgers, pancakes, and fried chicken, or cooking up some meticulously prepared dishes like beef Wellington, souffle, and risotto, there are numerous designs which can fit each type of restaurant. All you need to do is get those creative juices flowing and you are good to go.

Here are some formal event invitations you can purchase at very affordable prices and use for your own restaurant.

Free Restaurant Invitation Template


Free Event Invitation Template


Birthday Steak and BBQ Invitation Template


Barbecue cookouts are no longer limited to the great outdoors. Purchase this birthday steak and barbecue invitation template if you are planning to host a barbecue event in your restaurant. This template contains some mouthwatering designs as it incorporates images of rib racks and pork barbecue. A dark background is used to complement the food images and orange-colored text. You may also see BBQ Invitation Templates

Business Breakfast Invitation Template


Hosting a business conference or seminar in your restaurant? Then, this business breakfast invitation template is something you should purchase. It has a casual design, but it still pulls off a professional look due to its black and white combination paired with an image of breakfast food invitation (coffee, hotdogs, eggs, etc.). White doodle effects also add to the template’s aesthetics. The text is also perfectly arranged at the bottom of the template for easy viewing.

Elegant Black and Gold 50th Birthday Invitation Template


Birthday celebrations are very common in restaurants. Continue that tradition and purchase this elegant black and gold 50th birthday invitation template for your restaurant. The gold color used for the text and golden glitter used in the invitation’s color oozes elegance and class that can use for any birthday event. The sample image may be for a 50th birthday celebration, but you can edit this template to fit the age of the birthday celebrant.

Tropical Summer Party Invitation Template


Have you planned anything for summer yet? Purchase this tropical summer party invitation template and start your summer preparations. This invitation template uses some popular colors such as blue and pink, and also uses some common summer designs such as sunglasses, ocean waves, and pineapples. Summer is known for parties, which this template is all about, so prepare your restaurant for some great food and uptempo beats because you will be bringing the party to your customers. You may also see Examples of Blank Invitations.

Pancake Breakfast Invitation Template


Pancakes are the cornerstone of every healthy breakfast, as long as you do not pour too much syrup and mix it with large amounts of butter. If you are hosting a breakfast buffet menu in your restaurant, highlight the pancakes as seen in this formal invitation template.

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation Template


As seen in the previous restaurant invitation template, restaurants are known to host birthday celebrations. The reason for this is a convenience on the part of the birthday celebrants or organizers. They do not have to cook their own food and they also do not have to stress themselves in decorating the venue. This surprise birthday party invitation template uses some bright orange colors and matches well with the white background.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Card Template


Here is a vintage wedding invitation card template that you can use for your restaurant wedding event invitation template. The flowers on the upper and lower parts of the invitation portray a vintage design. The text also uses some beautiful calligraphy. Purchase this template now if you are planning to host a wedding in your restaurant anytime soon.

Zoo Baby Shower Invitation Template


This zoo baby shower invitation template is perfect if you are planning to host a baby shower event in your restaurant. The leaves in the template’s borders represent a zoo or jungle and the two elephants at the center of the template provide the central attraction of the event invitation template.

Drinks and Dinner Invitation Template


Drinks and dinner always go together, depending on how you define drinks. Purchase this template if you are selling some delicious food paired with discounted yet cold and thirst-quenching drinks. This template uses some delicious sushi as a sample image, but you can always edit it to fit your own menu templates.

Elegant Team Dinner Invitation Template


This elegant team dinner invitation template is the best template to use if you own a formal type of restaurant. The utensils provide the main attraction of the template surrounded by glowing lights in the cool background. The background color also uses a beautiful dark blue color to fit the utensil’s designs and free font color.

String Lights Wedding Invitation Template


Aside from being known to hold birthday celebrations, restaurants are also known for holding wedding celebrations. Depending on the size of the restaurant and the number of persons it can accommodate, restaurants have become a sought-after venue for wedding celebrations. This wedding invitation template uses some glowing string lights effects paired with a gray background. The gold text also matches the plain background.

Luncheon Meeting Invitation Template


This luncheon meeting invitation template also uses some delicious sushi images. If you are serving some fresh and delicious sushi, them this template is for you. You may also like Printable Party Invitations.

Food Invitation Template


This restaurant invitation template uses an image of an avocado, which provides the central attraction of this invitation template. If you are serving some fresh fruits as well as some fresh salads and other vegetable dishes, then purchase this free invitation template. You may also see Opening Invitation Templates.

Christmas Invitation Template


The holidays have arrived, but it is not too late to host some promotional events in your restaurant. Purchase this Christmas invitation template and spread the holiday cheer to your customers. Planning to host a Christmas or New Year buffet or invite some performers to perform live at your restaurant? Then, this invitation template will surely be very handy.

Barbecue Invitation (Barbecue Party) Template


Check out this barbecue invitation template for your barbecue events. Compared to the other barbecue invitation template, this template has more aggressive and bold designs. This invitation template is best used for fast food templates and other casual restaurants. You may also see Business Event Invitations

If you purchased templates from online graphic design shops, you may encounter problems in finishing the design. One issue you might encounter is the designer or seller not giving clear step-by-step instructions in creating the design. Some designs may not even have instructions at all. The remedy for this issue, and probably your only option, is to ask for assistance. If you purchased from online graphic design shops, most of the time, the designers who are selling their own designs will offer assistance on how to customize the designs they are selling even if they already provided a help file. You may also see Opening Invitation Templates.

Additionally, before you even purchase anything, look for designers with high customer satisfaction ratings. These ratings are not only based on product reviews, but also on customer response time. The faster and more efficient these designers respond to queries, the higher ratings they receive. Then, you can be sure that you are truly getting your money’s worth. You may also see Dinner Party Invitations.

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