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When you reach that time when you are all settled and feel ready to say goodbye to the long hours of hard work and labor or maybe you just want to take a break from the working life and find a better company or job, retirement is one of the biggest steps we all must go through.

Retirement is a choice. We do it because we believe it is the best route for us to take, and it is something we must celebrate. And a celebration needs a well-made Party Invitation Template to honor and cheer the retiree.

Floral Retirement Party Invitation Template


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Farewell Retirement Party Invitation



Surprise Retirement Party Invitation



Retirement Cocktail Party Invitation



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Teacher Retirement Party Invitation



Retirement and Party

Retirement is a heavy word, and there is a lot of thinking and consideration put into planning to reach that decision. It is a word that has worry and relief coming through all at once. When someone decided that it is the perfect time for them to retire and test out and find their new endeavors in life, retirement becomes a special event.

Throwing a party for someone who just decided to take a big step allows them to fully appreciate the decision they made. A party is a term that depicts celebration and good cheer; it is an activity that allows people to celebrate for a cause worth celebrating for. It is an event where people that are special to you gets to be in the same place at the same time, and what makes a party successful are people you invited start arriving.

An invitation becomes an important tool in any party or event as it is a piece of paper that allows people to know about your occasion. It is important to have well-made invitation or, chances, are that your guests might not be able to attend.

Here are some helpful tips in making your invitation:

  • Theme. It is important that your invitation is able to exude the nature of the celebration in just one look.
  • Greeting. A greeting is just as important as your invitation’s content. It allows the receiver of the invitation that their presence is important to you or the celebrant.
  • Content. Keeping a short yet concise content for your invitation is important. It is also important that the invitation indicates what the party is for, for whom is the party, where, when, and who they can contact.
  • Directions. Sometimes, just adding the complete address of the venue where the event is, is not enough to help your guest in arriving without hassle. Adding a mini map at the back of your invitation with indicated landmarks of the venue will surely allow your guests to be able to arrive and attend your party without a hitch.

An invitation is not just for parties and special occasions; it is also used in business-related matters—check out these Business Invitation Templates and Conference Invitation Templates to see such samples.

Office Retirement Party Invitation



Business Retirement Party Invitation



Employee Retirement Party Invitation



Making your Invitation Templates is not as hard as you think. With these helpful tips and these great templates, you’ll be able to make one, problem free. If you still need more guidance, you can download the free samples provided above. They are available in PSD, EPS, and AI formats so you can use them as a reference material.

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