10+ Reunion Invitation Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS, Word

The occasion of having a certain group of people who have not seen each other for a long time is a highly anticipated event. That is why reunions are given much effort and importance because not only does it bring together the people you love most in your life, but it also gives you the opportunity to make memories that will be appreciated by future generations.

One of the major activities to get this reunion together is inviting all your family members. To help you out with that, we have compiled the best invitation templates worthy of the special day that you can customize and distribute.

Sample Class Reunion Invitation Template


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Free Vintage Family Reunion Invitation


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Family Reunion Invitation Template


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Free Family Dinner Reunion Invitation Template


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Family Reunion Invitation Template



Reunion Invitation Template in Word



Free Reunion Invitation Template



College Reunion Invitation Template



How to Invite People at a Reunion

Going at it alone in any event-planning activities is overwhelming and will have you worn out by the time the event rolls in. To minimize the chances of those from ever happening, we have some tips on how you can simplify your planning process, starting out with our family reunion invitation templates. Read on for more tips on how to go about inviting people at the reunion a breeze:

  • Organize a reunion planning committee. You must probably know by now how vast the details you need to be on top of in planning a reunion. Creating a special group in charge of sending out and monitoring the attendance of the guests will surely take a chunk of the stress off your shoulders. On top of that, this group can create a database of all the attendees—like their contact details, social media, and addresses—so that as the next reunion comes along, it is easier to get a hold of everyone.
  • Use social media in sending out your invites. Relying on traditionally delivering your invitations is ineffective these days. Use social media to share the invitation and you are sure to reach the attendees. Chances are, everyone nowadays—regardless of age—have social media accounts and get their updates from there.

High School Reunion Invitation Template



Class Reunion Invitation Template



Reunion Invitation Card Template



How to Make a Memorable Reunion

Every reunion is sure to hold a special place in everyone’s memory. But how do you ensure that this one will be more memorable than the rest?

  • Start by customizing our get-together invitation templates. Receiving a well-designed invitation will surely set the excitement and mood going before the party. All of our templates come in fun designs that you can customize and share in PDF form or print out. Plus, our invitation templates are free!
  • Be open to a theme. Having a theme (the sillier, the better) will get your guests energized to have something new to look forward to compared to the usual parties that they have been to before. Having your guests create their own costumes will make for great pictures that the whole clan will have a blast reminiscing to in the future.
  • Organize lots of games or social activities. A motionless, lifeless party will be remembered but not for winning reasons. Games will prevent your guests from getting bored and hoping for the end of the party. Games can also serve as a good reintroduction activity, especially for relatives who live long distances and only bank on the reunion to meet their relatives.

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