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Your graduation will certainly be an unforgettable experience for you. It is a both a ceremony held to cap off your achievements, and it is a celebration of a job well done. As you march up that stage, your graduation will give a moment to reflect and look back on all your hardships and make you think everything you have done was worth your penny and effort. Nothing is too great to accomplish as you would remind yourself of how you made it to this milestone.

Celebrate the fulfillment of one of your dreams! Be with your loved ones and make the celebration of this special day count. How about an extraordinary graduation party? Check out these invitation templates and start planning out one.

Graduation Invitation Template


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Simple Graduation Invitation


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Free Graduation Announcement Invitation Template


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Sample High School Graduation Invitation

High School Graduation Party Invitation



High School Graduation Ceremony Invitation



High School Graduation Invitation Wording



College Graduation Invitation

College Graduation Announcement Invitation



College Graduation Celebration Invitation



DIY College Graduation Invitation



Sample Nursing Graduation Invitation

Nursing School Graduation Invitation



Printable Nursing Graduation Invitation



Personalized Nursing Graduation Invitation



Graduation Dinner Invitation

Graduation Dinner Menu Invitation



Graduation Family Dinner Invitation



Graduation Party Invitation

Graduation Brunch Party Invitation



Graduation Cocktail Party Invitation



Graduation Cookout Party Invitation



Invitation Sneak Peek

To start off with your graduation party plans, you will at least need to get your type of theme for your party. You will also need to know how many of your guests are coming so you would basically need to get your invitation cards ready. Your party should accommodate just roughly a number of people you are expecting, so you might as well have a clue with an RSVP on your invitation cards.

To be able to come up with a rough number of guests coming over for your party, here are suggestions on bits of information your graduation invitation cards preferably should contain:

  • Graduate. Of course, you will be inviting guests and friends that are close to you. But if there may be other guests you might want to come, especially those from your family, they would not know you that much as much as your college or even high school friends would know of you. Be courteous enough to include bits of details of who is celebrating the graduation party or perhaps put a picture of yourself to see to it your guests would know for whom they are attending the celebration.
  • School year. Your guests will know if you just graduated within the school year since you will celebrate during the graduation season. However, it is still encouraged to include a batch year for easier identification. Your guests might even associate you with other people who graduated in the same batch as yours. You get acquainted to a lot of people that way.
  • Degree. You don’t really have to add your degree in your graduation invitation cards, but this could somehow make your guests aware how much your party means to you. Your guests will also know how much you have achieved.
  • Theme. Your theme will be entirely represented by your invitation cards. Your designs will also make up what your guests will be looking forward to in your party. Choose from these party invitation template and get a theme that suits your taste for your most awaited graduation party. Your themes might also suggest what your guests could wear and see how creative your guests could get.
  • Venue. The venue should be chosen hand in hand with your theme. You will need to put this information in your invitation cards as you will not be able to cater to all your guests on where your party will be celebrated. Decide on your party venue and let your guests decide how they should go about to fit in to what the venue could possibly offer.
  • Time. You might want to celebrate an entire day for your party. If you do not indicate a specific time on your invitation cards, you will surely end up with a flock of our guests from probably breakfast until dinner. You would definitely not want this to happen and you would certainly want an organized way to handle your party. Better yet, set uniform information on your invitation cards.

So what are you waiting for? These essential bits of information will help you create the effective invitation cards that you will need for your party.

Graduation Open House Invitation

Diploma Graduation Open House Invitation



Graduation Reception Invitation

Graduation Reception Program Invitation



Graduation Summer Cook Out Invitation



Chalkboard Graduation Cook Out Invitation



Outdoor Graduation Cook Out Invitation



Graduation Law School Invitation

Funny Graduation Law School Invitation



Formal Graduation Law School Invitation



Cheap Law School Graduation Invitation



Graduation BBQ Invitation

Rustic Style Graduation BBQ Invitation



Vintage Graduation BBQ Invitation



Modern Graduation BBQ Invitation



What Next?

After settling with your theme and invitation designs as well as the right information to properly disseminate the details of your party, you will now need to decide if you would want to throw out a formal party or a casual one. You could even have both and add twists to how you manage your party to entertain your guests even more.

You could pick a type of party that encourages more bonding while having fun or parties that make you forget all the stress you could ever remember when you were still in school. A lot more ideas are in store for you and you could never go wrong with whatever you pick. The intention is to celebrate, unwind, and think things through with a bunch of your friends and guests.

Your Choice of Party

A lot of types of parties could be appropriate for your ideal graduation party. It would also have to depend on your venue and theme, but it does not have to coincide all the time. Spice things up and add more fun to it. Create more interesting types of parties that would effortlessly set up a good mood for you and your guests.

Consider these suggestions on what types of party could be right for you:

  • Wine party. You may just want to settle for subtle conversations and deep thoughts with your friends straight out of college. This type of party could just be as relaxing as you imagine it. You could consider this a mark of the beginning of you adulthood and mature choices after your graduation.
  • Viewing party. Simple parties this like type will not bother you with so much to prepare. You just really need comfortable bean bags and seats for your guests, good food, and good movies to watch. You could even view personal videos of you and your friends back when you were still in college. Can you imagine the fun?
  • Dance party. This party will involve a lot of drinking, dancing, and pumped-up music. You will enjoy yourself and your guests up until midnight. This could be a way to unwind with all the stress you have dealt with back in college. You can have lots of food, and this will make you and your guests party nonstop.
  • Costume party. Again, it would solely depend on your theme. You could make use of one theme and let your guests decide which costumes they would take, whether it’s a simple flower or a beautiful monster costume. Your party will surely be better in a lot of colors.
  • Game night party. If you only want a few of your closest friends to come over and celebrate your graduation party, you might just want to offer them food and play video games or board games. You just have to organize something that you and your friends share the same interests in. This type of and exclusive party allows you to be with your friends in your comfort zone.

Do these types of parties excite you enough? You should have chosen which type of party you are going to pursue by now. Add some more style to it and bring out fun memories on one of your biggest celebrations yet.

Make sure you give away the right kind of party event flyers and head to a graduation party of pure fun and friendship. You could also check out these Printable Invitation Cards and make sure your invitation cards will be like no other. You will totally be pleased with these designs and get your guests amazed on the day of your graduation party!

Token of Remembrance

The entirety of your celebration must not only be because you want to celebrate success and long-term achievement. Treat your graduation party as an outlet where you rekindle and collect memories with your college and high school buddies one last time. Come to think of it, that it won’t happen the same way ever again.

Your way through preparing everything for your most awaited party will give you so many moments to remember. You will look forward to celebrating you party with people you consider significant all throughout your journey. Be thankful for everything that happens in between from your busy preparations to the success of your party.

Graduation Ceremony Invitation

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony Invitation



Welcome Address for Graduation Ceremony Invitation



Graduation Blessing Ceremony Invitation



Sample Graduation Card Invitation

Graduation Greeting Card Invitation



Graduation Thank You Card Invitation



Graduation Name Card Invitation



Graduation Mini Invitation

Graduation Confetti Mini Invitation



Graduation Cap Mini Invitation



Pocket Style Graduation Mini Invitation



Graduation Photo Invitation

Graduation Cover Photo Invitation



University Graduation Photo Invitation


Graduation Photo Frame Invitation


Graduation Reunion Invitation

50th Graduation Reunion Invitation



Nursing Graduation Reunion Invitation



Commendable Achievement

Your guests may not express it that much, but their presence in your graduation party will significantly tell you that they are proud of you. Your family and your closest friends are proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself for making it that far too. You deserve your graduation party, and you might as well enjoy it with people you choose.

As you are about to begin another journey, take time to appreciate yourself for all your achievements. You may have a lot of other achievements that await you in your next milestone, but the foundation of everything you have reached is firmly established right on your graduation day. As you journey on another step, learn to appreciate yourself once in a while. You just really have to look back on your efforts that pushed you closer to your goals.

Graduation Invitation Designs

Work on more specifications of your invitation cards and invite more guests to enliven your party. Check out on these and save time on creativity and style. Try these graduation party invitations too. Which of these could work out well and invite your friends to your party?

You might like choices of color, different formats, and inviting layouts. Go through this list of our graduation invitation design options:

Graduation Reunion Invitation

Suggested colors for these designs are monochromatic colors. Graduation reunions really do not happen often. There could only be a few guests who show up to these types of reunions, but this could really be a memorable one. Make your invitation designs with satisfying colors that match sophistication and elegance.

These types of invitations barely do not need too much vibrant and playful colors. Monochromatic colors represent wisdom and excellence in chosen fields, hence with graduation reunions happening around, it makes guests rekindle how they became the promised professionals they are on the day of their reunion.

Graduation Blessing Ceremony Invitation

This invitation designs could also look a bit formal. You can come up with more casual and fun informal designs during your graduation afterparty. The right blend of formality in combinations with colors and format will suggest that invitation cards for graduation ceremonies must represent a bit of stepping up from the casual designs.

Welcome Address for Graduation Invitation

These types of invitation varies from one person to another. As anyone could be invited to do a welcome address, it should imply formality in it. Invitation cards are indeed firsthand representations of a particular party or event that is about to happen. Make sure to maintain elegance in your invitation card and at the same time add a touch of style to it.

Anyone invited to do a welcome address might have his or her own preference. See to it that their invitation cards coincide with something they are most pleased with. You might want to try these Invitation Flyers and create a bulk of your preferred invitations designs.

Preparing for your graduation might be a lot of hard work. From your formal ceremony to your casual graduation party, you will need to plan a lot. It all pays by the time everything falls into place. You will just have to enjoy every moment while you prepare everything. Soon enough, you will realize that you have enjoyed all the fruits of your labor.

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