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52+ Wedding Invitation Templates

You can have the most lavish invites ever, but when it comes down to it, they need to be informative. They should spell out all necessary wedding info—who’s getting married, who’s hosting and where, when and what time the ceremony will take place, and where. And that’s why, invitations are created. A Wedding Invitation to be specific is a letter asking favor to the guest to attend a wedding. It is generally written in a formal manner, third-person language, and mailed five to eight weeks prior to the wedding date.

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For unique and amazing wedding card invitations, we offer templates that are perfect for Wedding Ceremonies. These templates are precreated so you don’t need to create one manually. Below are samples available for further reference. These are also downloadable.

Free Email Wedding Invitation

Free Download

Elegant Overlay Wedding Invitation Template

Free Download

Editable Wedding Thank You Invitation Template

Free Download

Animated Wedding Invitation

Animated Fashion Wedding Invitation


Autumn Wedding Shower Invitation Template

Autumn Wedding Shower Invitation

Vintage Autumn Wedding Invitations

Vintage Autumn Wedding Invitations


Disney Wedding Invitation Templates

Disney Frozen Wedding Invitations

Disney Cinderella Wedding Invitations

Disney Castle Wedding Invitations

Destination Wedding Invitation Template

Destination Wedding Reception Invitation


Destination Wedding Party Invitation

Fairytale Wedding Invitation Templates

Cinderella Fairytale Wedding Invitations

Disney Fairytale Wedding Invitations

Garden Wedding Invitation Template

Floral Garden Wedding Invitation

Rustic Garden Wedding Invitation

A Historical Background

With today’s modernized society, we frequently don’t concentrate on Invitation Cards since invitation can be sent through email or just verbally. Despite the fact that in a span of year, there are various invitation cards sent to us particularly wedding invitations, and we often disregard them; however, have you at any point ceased to ask why we have them? How did the style, frame, and an array of wedding invitation come to be? So it’s time to know something more about it such as its development and other things. Time to explore!

There are recorded instances of wedding invitations found in caves; however, by the mid-1700s, wedding invitations were generally verbalized. In actuality, they were commonly issued in a boisterous manner. After hearing the invitation, individuals then can go to the wedding unless if there was enmity between the families. These invitations were customarily declared by a town announcer. In the Industrial Revolution, the development of lithography, which delivered sharp inking without engraving, made a colossal interest in the market for wedding invitations. During this time, invitations were regularly transported by hand or horseback due to the unreliable postal framework, so a twofold envelope was utilized to ensure the contents.

Modern-Day Wedding Invitations

Today, numerous traditions that began in history hundreds of years ago prior concerning about Wedding Invitations are still applied today. While the wording may have changed and customs have lessened to some degree, the general idea remains and will stay as time goes by. That is the reason why individuals made wedding invitations in templates because of today’s modern technology. And, the good thing is, we have wedding invitations that are in easy-edit formats.

Wedding Invitation Card: Why Is It important?

Wedding invitations are normally the introduction to your wedding. Wedding invitations are an essential part of the wedding planning process, and finding the best ones that are available should be on top of the list. One of the biggest days that you will need to organize in your whole life is highly likely planning your wedding. It is, with no doubt, an enormous endeavor. Stress is inescapable as you strive to make everything close to perfection and with the event’s significance as well. From floral choices, table cloth arrangements, the long list seems unending. This is one of the reasons why invitations can be missed at times.

Making sure that all appropriate attention has been set aside to your wedding invitations will do great works in setting the stage for your guests to enjoy and share enchanted memories of your special day. Also, it is indeed worthy that your guests may have received many wedding invitations that specific year, so it might be worth investing more effort into your wedding invitation. This will also help you with your wedding invitation designs, making sure that it will stand out from the others. And as we all know that first impressions are lasting, so make the most out of it. Make your wedding invitations as beautiful as you ever imagine it to be.

Meanwhile, receiving the perfect invitation in the mail makes guests or receivers excited and will make them prepare for the wedding celebration to hit the town. If a bride and groom put thought into what their invitation looks and feels like, it will highly likely express the same thought towards the guest.


Formal Wedding Invitation Templates

Formal Peacock Wedding Invitations


Floral Wedding Invitation Templates


Floral Wedding Invitation Template Download


Floral Lace Wedding Invitations


Floral Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Wedding Celebration Invitations

Wedding Anniversary Celebration Invitations


Funny Wedding Celebration Invitations

Wedding Celebration BBQ Invitations

Annual Reception Invitation Templates

Annual Reception Celebration Invitations


Wedding Reception BBQ Invitations


Surprise Wedding Reception Invitations


Wedding Shower Invitation Templates

DIY Wedding Shower Invitation Templates


Destination Wedding Shower Invitation

Couples Wedding Invitation

Wedding Party Invitation Templates

Wedding Lunch Party Invitation


Destination Wedding Welcome Invitations


Wedding Shower Photo Invitations

Destination Wedding Photo Invitations


Different Types of Invitation

A wedding invitation is a particular sort of an invitation letter, there are other diverse styles that are broadly used. Some of them have catchy and unique designs, there are others which contain cute and charming layouts.

  • Computerized Invitations

Nowadays we send almost everything digitally. Similar can be true for invitations. Computerized invitations save resources such as paper and stamps and give a quick way to get a message across. These are especially helpful if you are planning an event that is last minute and you do not have time to mail the invitations.

  • Handwritten

These invitations are typically enough for small, intimate affairs where the guest list is under forty. Examples of this include luncheons, private receptions, and small dinner parties. Handwritten invitations take more time and commitment, so they are not ideal for larger type of parties. These invitations can be written in pretty pieces of stationery or a plain white paper. You can select a quote from a famous author or make up your own to add as an introduction into the invite.

  • Wedding Invitations

There are occasions which require formal invitations and a wedding is one of the best examples. Wedding invitations can be bought in a different set of colors, styles, and preferences. They vary in price from the conservative to the extravagant depending on your choice of paper and design. Majority of wedding invitations come with a reply card and a separate mailing envelope. In most cases, wedding invitations are sent through the mail, but they can be hand delivered as well.

  • Party Invitations

Probably, you will want to send out a party invitation if you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, or anniversary. Party invitations can be looked in numerous varieties varying from serious and sentimental to humorous and scoffing. Party invitations can also be in a DIY style. Be mindful to include when and where the party is located and provide a phone number so your guests can RSVP.

  • Pocket Invitations

These colorful, layered paper invites alert your guests to an upscale event and may or may not include a separate response card, depending on the RSVP method requested (paper, phone or online).

Level up Your Game!

These are widely used and common invitation types when it comes to an event or occasion. When planning to make invitations, you need to be very keen to every feature. You need to make sure that all important contexts and needed materials are available. Invitations are types of letter that are pretty much straightforward since you only need to invite someone, but of course, you can add more message aside from that if you want.

Though it is only an invitation card, it does not need to be basic and simple. Time to step up your game in designing invitations, since it serves as an introduction to your event, you need to make it more astounding and eye catching as much as possible. This must be applied when making a wedding invitation. Creating awesome designs may take time for sure. But with these wedding invitations that we have, you and your guests are gonna love it.

Wedding Cocktail Invitations

Wedding Cocktail Party Invitations


Wedding Anniversary Invitation Templates

Wedding Anniversary Photo Invitations

Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations


Wedding Reception Invitation Templates

DIY Wedding Reception Invitations


Rustic Wedding Reception Invitations

Wedding Engagement Invitation Templates

Wedding Engagement Party Invitation

Vintage Wedding Invitation

Steps for Making Invitation Cards

When it comes to Wedding Card Invitations, having a stunning design is an absolute must. One that will surely fit to a certain wedding theme. So if you are planning to make invitation cards for your wedding, below are some steps you can follow:

  • You must select your preferred design. Your invitations are the first impression guests get about your wedding, so take time to make it more elegant, one that will stand out. Make sure that you use a contrasting color for the background/text so that it is easy to read everything on your invitation.
  • Keep the same colors for the invitation, save the date, and RSVP card. You want all the sections of your invitation to flow, not to clash with each other.
  • Set aside a proper budget. You must set a budget ahead of time as you really don’t want to design your perfect invitation only to find you can’t afford it. Think about how many guests you’re inviting.
  • Create a guest list. Before making your invitations, you need to make sure and to know how many you will have to create. To do this, make a guest list organized by family. Include the full name, address, and optionally their email and phone number. It will then be easy to organize all these details into a spreadsheet on your computer. This will allow you to alter any changes if there is a need to.
  • Start with the basic invitation. There are loads of different styles and types of cards, depending on your budget and how much information you need to include. When you order your samples, try to make sure you have some of each style to see what would work practically for you. Flat, unfolded cards and traditional card blanks are ideal if you’re on a budget or don’t have huge amounts of information to include.
  • Designing your background. Right before you begin adding text and pictures to your invitation, you need to select what background to have. If your invitation font is formal, consider having a classic neutral background. Informal text can fit well with eccentric, fun background patterns or images. If you prefer a solid color, think on the color scheme. Consider using pattern or picture as the background.
  • Write all your invitation information. Once you’ve decided what parts of the invitation you want to make, make a sample for each part. Choose the exact wording you want to appear on your invitation, including the order of different sets of information and spacing on the invitation.
  • Organize your information. If you want a more informal wedding invitation, try an introduction like “[Couple’s name here] happily invites you to their wedding on…” or simply “You’re invited!” with the included location and date/time. Although this is just the sample text, make sure that you proofread to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors in the invitations. Don’t feel limited to making one version of the information that will be on your invitation, but make several versions testing different styles of writing.

Our Advantage

When you want to have a DIY-style wedding invitation, just follow the steps we provided. Though these may be very time-consuming and more meticulous, but if you’re determined, the outcome will be worth it. The good thing is, you will get to choose your preferred color, decorations, design, and so on. But for those who want a more easy-peasy type of invitation making, the ideal way for you is to use a template. The card is already preformatted, so you don’t need to do the head-cracking measuring stuff; all you have to do is to download your choice of design, edit, print, and then you’re done!

With that being said, our easy-to-download and print invitation templates are a great deal. There are more than 40+ designs to choose from, and all are beautiful and gorgeous. Each contains magnificent color and edgy font style. As mentioned, you can edit them all you want. These are all yours for free! Download them now.

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