11 Seminar Invitation Designs

Aside from convincing a good number of people to attend, another dilemma for hosting seminars, conferences and other group events is creating the appropriate invitation letters. Leaving out the most basic information in an invitation like the venue address or date of the event will cause big problems for your guests. Additionally, a bland invitation will make your guests think twice about attending your event.

Here are some attractive seminar invitation designs to make your event a top priority in your guests’ schedules and leave a lasting impression on them even after it ends. They might even decide to keep your invitations as souvenirs! You can also check these business event invitations for other business occasions.

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Emphasis on Special Guests

fashion conference

If you are hosting a seminar  featuring notable persons (i.e. professors, business people, politicians, medical practitioners, etc.), the best way to promote the event is to definitely highlight these special guests and make them the center of your activity. Their popularity will attract not only the interest of their followers, but also those who are curious and interested in how the special guests talk or perform. If the guest list isn’t too strict and everyone can invite anyone, marketing the seminar won’t have to result in paid advertisements since the faces of the VIPs plastered on the invitation already becomes the main selling point.

Venue Photo

business conference

Depending on the location of the event, having a photo of the venue in an invitation will get attention. The combination of a photo having a nice vantage point either in a beach, building, or mountain together with the complete details of the event will make your guests excited. But, as in every photo, quality is key. Guests certainly won’t appreciate it if a photo integrated in an invitation lacks visual appeal and quality.

Abstract Art

conference abstract

An invitation with no photo but with a beautifully designed abstract image arouses curiosity in your guests. Abstract art breaks away from traditional invitation designs, with its combination and distortion of different shapes and colors resulting in something unique. Although guests need to be informed on what they are getting into, there is no need to explain or show everything in the invitation. Ambiguous and subtle images may cause confusion, but it can be remedied by adding the basic details of the event. As seen in the design above, try checking out these conference invitation templates if you’re planning to hold a big event anytime soon.


harvest conference

One common invitation design practice makes use of basic analogy. A word or phrase paired with a photo that corresponds or defines that phrase is one of the easiest concepts to employ when creating an invitation. As seen in the photo above, the word “Harvest” is surrounded literally by vegetable crops ready to be harvested. Invitations with these contents provide a clear and direct idea to guests on what awaits them during the event.

Focus on the Benefits

coffee invitation

Seminars are usually results-oriented with people generally attending these events for potential benefits (for example, a business or travel opportunity). One of the best methods to entice potential attendees is highlighting the benefits in the invitation. If attendees are already too familiar with how the seminar benefits them, emphasizing some benefits is always an option.

Create a Slogan

conference slogan

Usually, seminars focus on a particular subject matter, with the seminar hosts occasionally making the topic as the title of their event (for example: A Seminar on How to…). But having a slogan or catchphrase as an event title adds a new layer to your invitation. It also creates an image that the seminar will not only center on the speaker giving a boring two or three-hour lecture, but will also have an interactive and creative discussion with the guests.



Infographics are data or sets of instructions presented in a unique manner, usually presenting information by replacing text with graphics or images. Occasionally used in seminars and lectures, infographic designs are utilized by speakers to keep the listeners visually stimulated and interested. Infographics are not limited to the presentation themselves, but can be used in seminar invitations as well; for example, replacing the seminar title or even seminar topics with images representing different business aspects.

Emphasis on the Guests

Cinema audience

A successful seminar always depends on the guest turnout. If an event where 100 people were invited and only ten showed up, it is likely that guests were just not interested in the seminar itself or they weren’t given enough attention at the beginning. Guests should not only be given priority during the seminar itself, but also during the invitation phase where guests are still hesitant if they should go or not.

Color Scheme

breast cancer awareness flyer

As seen in the design above, different shades of pink comprise the entire invitation. The Breast Cancer Awareness movement has adapted the color pink in its awareness efforts worldwide with the pink ribbon being its official logo. In creating a seminar invitation, using a single color that matches the purpose of your event is another cool way to attract would-be guests. Here are some tools for color scheme palette ideas to help you create awesome color combinations.             


simple invitation

As the saying goes, simplicity is beauty. Putting an emphasis on the details of the seminar with little to no images used is one of the most popular methods of creating invitations. These kinds of business invitations don’t bother with impressing the guests first-hand, but simply provides them with the information they might wish to know regarding the event. In the design above, a single color provides a backdrop for the invitation with images and borders surrounding the text.

Seminar invitations don’t need to be very formal. Creativity (from the very flashy yet elegant to the simple yet bold designs) is still the most important factor in making these invitations stand out, even if high profile guests are invited. As long as you don’t forget to include the basic details of your event in your invitation, then you can expect a good turnout for your event.

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