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No one is too old for a slumber party. Children and adults alike love sleepovers – whether as part of a party celebration or just for the fun of it – because you do not have to dress up and instead you just have to laze around all day or all night in comfortable jammies! So if you are planning to host a sleepover party for a friend, child, sibling, parents(?), or for yourself, we have prepared a list of downloadable and highly creative sleepover party invitation card templates that you can use.

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Also, remember, it does not matter if your party will be attended only by your close friends or your child’s playmates around your block. Planning any party or gathering will not be complete nor polite if you do not inform your guests ahead of time about the upcoming event. This is why you need to send out your event invitation cards or invitation examples beforehand to give your guests (and their parents or guardians) ample of time to prepare.

Sleepover Invitation Template

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Check Out These Printable Sleepover Invitation Templates

Embedded below are multiple examples of ready to print sleepover invitation card templates. Make sure to have a compatible source graphic design software tool installed on your computer prior to buying a template and check if the template design of your choice is available in a format supported by the software tool that you are using.

Boys Sleepover Party Invitation Card Template

boys sleepover party invitation card template

Colorful Birthday Slumber Party Invitation Template

colorful birthday slumber party invitation template

Chalkboard Neon Birthday Sleepover Invitation Template

chalkboard neon birthday sleepover invitation template

What To Look For in a Sleepover Invitation Card Template Design

Just like choosing any type of card template design, it can be difficult to choose a sleepover invitation card design especially if you are following a very specific theme for your party or event. In other cases, factors like the gender, age, and personal preferences of the person celebrating the birthday can also play a role in the type of invitation card design to choose.

To simplify the entire process of selecting a sleepover invitation card template design, we have compiled a list of the top factors to consider when choosing an invitation card for your sleepover party. Read on…

1. Template price.

For those who are on a budget or those who just do not want to spend a lot of money on creating their party invitations, the price of an invitation template is one of the most important things to consider before deciding to buy and use a specific invitation template. That is why before you purchase any kind of card invitation template, make sure to look at its base price first and factor in the cost of printing this template along with the total number of guests you will giving invitation cards.

Sleepover party invitation templates typically only cost about $5 to $50. This price range only increases if you choose a wedding template set that will include all the stationery templates needed for a wedding. Once you have factored in the total cost of buying and printing the template, you can then more accurately calculate if using these invitation templates is cost-effective enough for your own situation.

2. Graphic design elements depicting sleepovers.

An important factor to consider when picking out a sleepover invitation card template is the template’s design itself. If you planning a sleepover party, the invitation template’s design should sport different graphic design elements that will depict a sleepover.

For example, there should be images of pillows, people in pajamas, party food, the necessary wording, informal yet stylish font styles, background designs, and a lot more. You should look for an invitation template that will seamlessly incorporate different design elements and make a creative interpretation of what a sleepover invitation card should be.

3. Customization options.

When picking out an invitation template design, you should also factor in the template’s customization features. Look for an invitation template that will allow you to make all the necessary customizations or edits you want to do. For instance, you may want to use your own family monogram sticker designs or official seal in creating a stylish sleepover party invitation. To do this, you will need to have access to a template file that will allow such edits to happen.

Pre-made card invitation templates that are created using graphic design software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator often have the best range of customization options. These software tools will create digital templates that will allow you to add, remove, or improve the template’s existing design.

In some cases, there are invitation card templates that only offer limited customization options. If this happens and you really love the template’s design, you may ask the template’s creator if he or she can edit the template on his or her end.  Some graphic designers offer this service for an additional fee so be prepared to shell out more if you are determined to use invitation templates like this.

Cute Eyes In the Dark Kids Sleepover Invitation Card Template

cute eyes in the dark kids sleepover invitation card template

Donuts and Pajamas Sleepover Invitation Template

donuts and pajamas sleepover invitation template

Floral Slumber Party Birthday Invitation Template

floral slumber party birthday invitation template

Galaxy Design Sleepover Party Invitation Template

galaxy design sleepover party invitation template

4. Printing format.

As with any kind of greeting card or flyer template design, party invitation card templates are also available in different printing formats and sizes. So if you have a preferred printing format and print size for your sleepover invitations, make sure to check the invitation template’s specific description first.

In most cases, the template’s original creator will specify the size and printing format of any given invitation card template on their online sales page. But if you cannot find this piece of information, make sure to contact the designer or seller first to be sure that you are not purchasing something that may not be useful to you. You may also see slumber party invitation templates.

Most sleepover invitation card templates typically follow a flyer design and printing size. Mock-ups of these printable invitation templates will show that the entire invitation is typically printed on letter-size or A4 size papers. If you are still not sure on what specific printing size or format to use for your sleepover party invitations, you may look for an invitation card template that was created with a flexible format. This way you can easily resize the template just before you print it out.

5. Color scheme.

Another important factor to consider when choosing anything with aesthetic value is the color scheme that it follows. When it comes to choosing a sleepover invitation template, you may choose a template that follows the color choices that you already like or one that will best complement your party venue decorations.

Sometimes, sleepover parties can become spa parties or a movie night party. So make sure that your invitation card template’s color scheme also goes well with your party’s sub-theme. For instance, if you are planning a slumber party for a little boy’s birthday, it should also make sense to use the child’s preferred colors on this party invitation templates.

6. File format.

Lastly, another crucial factor to consider when choosing a sleepover invitation card template is the kind of file format it is stored as. To illustrate, digital templates may be stored as DOC, PUB, PDF, PSD, INDD, EPS, or AI file formats. This also means that you will need to have a compatible software program to open and edit them. In addition, you also need the necessary skills or knowledge base so that you can edit them successfully. For more information on different Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials, check out the linked articles.

If you are serious about being able to personalize your own sleepover invitation card templates, it only pays to check if the card template design that you like is available in a format that you know how to use. By doing this before you actually purchase the product, you are saving yourself unnecessary inconvenience if it turns out that the template is not compatible with your computer’s graphic design software. You may also see sleepover invitation templates.

So those are the top factors any party or event planner must consider prior to choosing and purchasing a sleepover invitation card template. Note that not all of these factors may apply to the specific situation you are in. Use the different tips shared in this article as a guideline when you finally buy that sleepover party invitation template design that you like.

Girl Spa Sleepover Birthday Party Invitation Template

girl spa sleepover birthday party invitation template

Girl’s Pajama Birthday Sleepover Invitation Card Template

girls pajama birthday sleepover invitation card template

Kawaii Birthday Sleepover Invitation Template

kawaii birthday sleepover invitation template

Neon Sleepover Invitation Party Template

neon sleepover invitation party template

Tween Girls Sleepover Party Invitation Card Template

tween girls sleepover party invitation card template

Pajama Sleepover Birthday Party Invitation Template

pajama sleepover birthday party invitation template

Pillows and Pajamas Birthday Sleepover Invitation Template

pillows and pajamas birthday sleepover invitation template

String Lights Sleepover Invitation Party Template

string lights sleepover invitation party template

Choose your own Sleepover Invitation Template

Whether you are a grown person, a teen, or a young child, sleepovers with friends, relatives, and siblings can become a good bonding experience. And when experienced during one’s formative years, it can even help young people learn communication and people skills because they are placed in a situation where they need to spend a whole night or day with other people aside from immediate family members.

This is only another reason why anyone should make sure that the invitation cards you use have memorable designs. Choose the sleepover invitation template design that you think will best translate all these intentions.

Also, to make sure that you can reuse the same invitation card template for another slumber party, bookmark this article for future reference. And do not forget to share this article with your colleagues, relatives, and friends through social media or through email.

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