8+ Surprise Invitation Sample Templates

One of the most exciting celebrations around are surprise parties. They can have different range of occasions, and each has different ways to planning it. Now, since the party is going to be a surprise for the celebrant—which, in other words, has to be kept a secret—for everything to go into plan, sending out invitations is a way to go. Only chosen people receive invitations and hide it from the celebrant.

So if you ever planning on throwing a surprise party, take a look through our list of surprise invitation sample templates that we offer below. For more samples, you can also check out more generic invitation templates here on our website.

Free Surprise Invitation Template



Surprise Party Invitation Template



Surprise Birthday Invitation Template



Surprise Baby Shower Invitation Template



Printable Surprise Invitation Template



What Is a Surprise Party?

They are fun and memorable occasions held by friends and family for the celebrant without prior notice. The goal in making a surprise party is to surprise the guest of honor. But the real challenge in planning one is keeping it a secret from the celebrant. There are plenty of things to consider when planning one.

The best surprise parties are the well-thought-out and well-executed parties. Here are a few tips on getting started:

  • See if the guest of honor is a fan of surprises. Who knows if they have problems with surprises or any important reasons to avoid situations such as this. An example could be that he or she is not fond of being the center of attention and actively avoids the spotlight.
  • Does the honoree prefer to plan his or her own party? If so, this is something to consider for one might never know if the celebrant has already made other plans prior to the surprise party.
  • Time in planning. When planning the surprise party, the important thing to consider is whether you will have enough time to plan the event. The general rule of thumb for this is about 6 weeks that involves around 25 people. The period can be adjusted according to the number of people attending.

For more surprise-related invitations, you can check our surprise party invitation templates, which you can find more samples of on our invitations template section.

Surprise Retirement Party Invitation Template



Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation Template



Surprise 60th Birthday Invitation Template



Surprise Mickey Mouse Invitation Template


  • Location. It is best to choose a venue where the guest of honor normally would not go. This helps in avoiding suspicion. Pick a place that seems “normal” like a restaurant, friend’s house, or a bowling alley. By doing so, the celebrant won’t be wondering why you are heading to a place you don’t usually go to.
  • Theme. This is actually optional, but there’s nothing wrong in adding a theme to the celebration. Maybe add some fancy decorations around or an absurd costume party. Practically, the possibilities are endless!
  • Guests. One important aspect in throwing a surprise party are the guests—specifically speaking, the number of heads. When inviting a small group, it will be easier to manage and possibility of the celebrant in finding out will be lower. With small people attending, it is more likely that they will keep their mouths shut as well. With large groups, however, there is a chance that someone might slip out the surprise.

For more surprise-related birthday invitations, you may also check out our surprise birthday invitation templates that we offer on our website.

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