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Receiving party invitations is something that always makes us feel excited. It entails us to think of what to wear, how we are going to look, and the friends and people that we will see in an event where we are invited. If normal events can already give us this feeling, what more on being invited for a surprise party?

Surprise parties are parties organized by people to give something special to someone who doesn’t know that such preparations exist. The person to whom a party is for must not have any idea that there is an event to happen for him or her.

If you want to surprise someone and you want to invite close friends and relatives, you may use our invitation templates as design references.

Glitter Surprise Party Invitation



Surprise Birthday Party Invitation



Printable Surprise Party Invitation



Retirement Surprise Party Invitation



Surprise Party Invitation Card Template



Never Forget a Heads-Up

If you are to create an invitation, make sure that it has the warning that it is a surprise party you are inviting them at. This will make the guests remember to not talk about it especially when they are with the person to be surprised. It sure is hard to get all the promises of someone to not tell it, but giving them a reminder ahead of time can make them remember about it most often.

Always put warning signs so that the party will not be revealed even before it happens. It is always great to put it in big texts and in the top most part of your invitation so that it will easily get the attention of your invited guests.

Picking Guests for a Surprise Party

It is of most recommendation to invite only a few people. The more people who know about the party, the more chances that it will be spilled. Also, more people are going to talk about it and the excitement will just build up making rounds of information exchanges.

In normal conditions, at least tell the guests that they are invited a week or two before the event. Select guests that are of most importance to witness the party and again, always remind them that it is a surprise. Also, not giving anyone any idea who are the other people invited is a great way for the party to not be talked about.

Download our party invitation templates and select which of them can be used for the surprise party that you are organizing.

60th Birthday Surprise Party Invitation



Vintage Surprise Party Invitation



Surprise Pool Party Invitation



Surprise Anniversary Party Invitation



Sample Surprise Party Invitation



Party Details

It is of most importance to let the details be known by the people that you have invited. A few of the details that should be included in a surprise party invitation are as follows:

  • The name of the person to be surprises
  • The reason of the surprise party
  • The date and time of the surprise party
  • The location where the party will be held
  • The theme of the party and the attire needed to be worn

If you keep all of this in mind, then you are already set in the first part of the planning process for surprise parties. Go ahead and plan now about the events that are to transpire.

If you need help with the designs and templates to be used for your surprise party invitation, use our downloadable and printable surprise party invitations.

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