Tips for Writing a Great Invitation

For any event to work and succeed, one of the main factors that can measure its success is the people who have participated in the said event. Because wherever the crowd is, that’s where the party is happening. That applies to all sorts of events—from formal to informal gatherings. It’s all about the people.

Now, if you fancy yourself the event organizer and are planning to do a big one, you’ll need to spread the word and you’ll need to do it right. This is where invitation cards come in handy.


What are Invites?

Invitations are polite requests you send to people who you would want to attend your event. They contain all the details one would need to attend the special gathering, concert, or party with confidence. Invitations traditionally come in the form of printed cards or flyers. With technology allowing wider audience reach, it’s now very possible to send invites through social media as well.

Why Do Invites Matter?

It’s pretty easy to distinguish the function of an invitation, but why do they matter so much? You can just as well send a text blast or message people on Facebook to let them know you have something coming up. So why the need for invites?

Well, whether that’s a formal gathering or casual party, invitations carry with them so much more than just a bunch of informative text. Invitations, aside from being informative, have the ability to evoke the emotion you want your recipients to have once going through your invite. That is, if done right; and the way to do so is through design.

Beauty of Design

Invitations–beautifully designed invitation templates, for that matter, can paint a clear and accurate picture of your upcoming event, and is one important factor that gets people excited and willing to attend.


Essentials: What You’ll Need to Make Great Invites

When it comes to the contents of your invitation, it’s important to stick to the essentials. List down all the main points you’ll need your guests to know, and present them coherently and in an organized manner in your invites.

To aid the process, here are the essential parts that you’ll need to make sure is present in your invite:

Nature of the Event

What is the nature of the event? Birthday party, Anniversary Party, Funeral, Music Festival—the event should be very well a highlighted point in your invite.

The nature of the event sets the mood, and its important for your guests to be very well aware of this to act accordingly. Are we celebrating or are we mourning? That’s a question immediately answered by this aspect.

Guest of Honor

The celebrant, host, or guest of honor should be mentioned in the invite. Unless your guest is party crasher, no one really wants to attend an event with no idea whom it’s for.


The date, time, and place are very important details that shouldn’t be left out from your invitation. Make sure they are displayed clearly in your invites so that no one ends up getting lost, or arriving on time but not on the right day.

If your location is very secluded and unfamiliar to a lot of people, it’s best to include a map with clear-cut landmarks and directions. You may also include a meet-up schedule if you’re providing transportation.


Make it easier for guests to reach you by providing an RSVP card and/or contact details. These days, leaving out your mobile number, Facebook page, or e-mail address is the ideal method. This makes you accessible to your guests should they have inquiries or last-minute concerns.


If it’s an exclusive event, let your guests know if they are allowed to have a plus 1 (or several plus ones).

Dress Code

This is especially important in themed events or costume parties and formal occasions. If you have a strict dress code, might as well say it outright in the invite.


Types of Invitations

There are various types of invitations that cater to different types of events. It’s important to note that not all invite templates apply to all kinds of events. There are certain invitation designs that are better suited for a particular type of event. Here are some of them:

Formal Invitation Cards

The more formal types of events like birthdays, graduation, business functions, weddings, and such call for the traditionally designed invitation. More often than most, these are printed invitation cards.

The semi-formal and formal invitation cards are deemed to most structured and organized. With a structured text display and sealed envelopes, there is an air of exclusivity emitted by invitation cards that also calls for a more refined social etiquette from guests. Formal invite designs also go for sleek and sophistication.

Informal Card Invites and Flyers

Invites and flyers for club events, beach parties, and holiday bashes tend to be more vibrant and spontaneous. There is less structure and more random design elements to their designs.

Moreover, these types of invitations are often posted online since they are open to the public. If you’re planning on organizing a huge event with a large target audience, going viral on social media is usually the best method.



Last Few Words

The success of your invitations doesn’t stop with creating excellent designs. They have to reach your intended guests and audience on time and in the right manner.


Remember, your invites are out to send an important message. That message should not be translated through text and design, it should effectively reach its target audience. Be thorough in your design and production process, but never forget to have fun and be creative.

Your invitation card designs would not be as effective if they are not soulful and authentic in nature. Be inspired and be strategic. Keep them fresh and entertaining, while being completely functional.