9+ Wedding Anniversary Invitation Design Templates – PSD, AI

As we all know, a wedding anniversary is the date that a marriage took place. Throughout the world, this event is considered an important occasion. Every year of the anniversary has its own corresponding color, theme, and gemstones to bring more prosperity to the couple. This practice is traced back all the way to the Roman Empire.

If a wedding anniversary party is in the works, then our invitation templates are the best options to send out to guests. Design the most remarkable Anniversary Invitations with our templates that are easy to customize. Incorporate the couple’s picture or special text for a more personal touch.

25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation



Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation



First Wedding Anniversary Invitation

First Wedding Anniversary Invitation


Simple Wedding Anniversary Invitation



Funny Wedding Anniversary Invitation



Different Types of Wedding Anniversary Invitation Cards

Every year that a wedded couple’s relationship turns older is an event that is celebrated in the most momentous ways. This is especially true when the couple has reached a milestone age. For wedding anniversaries that are celebrating a milestone decade or year, here are some elegant wedding anniversary invitation cards to relay to guests about the event.

  • 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation. For the 25th year of a wedding anniversary, it is traditionally suggested to highlight the color silver into the celebrations, and guests are expected to bring gifts made of silver as well to bring the couple more marital luck. Our wedding anniversary template invitation has a silver motif, perfect to complement this event.
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation. For the 50th year, gold is the color and material to use for the couple. This anniversary is celebrated very rarely as only a handful couples reach this mark, so going all-out for this event is not only necessary but expected. This template also has gold motif to match the occasion.
  • First Wedding Anniversary Invitation. A year together for the couple can also use a celebration, and this wedding template has a simple and modern design.

Surprise Wedding Anniversary Invitation



Vintage Wedding Anniversary Invitation



Free Printable Wedding Anniversary Invitation



Wedding Silver Anniversary Invitation



40th Wedding Anniversary Invitation



More Wedding Anniversary Templates

Wedding anniversaries are best celebrated with close and family and friends. To inform people of your wedding anniversary party, use our well-designed templates that fit any type of wedding anniversary parties. All our templates are free and easy to customize.

  • Funny Wedding Anniversary Invitation. If you find that all premade invitations are all stuffy and uninspired, inject some humor into your wedding anniversary invitations. Guests are sure to appreciate an invitation that unusual and is a cut above the rest.
  • Surprise Wedding Anniversary Invitation. This template is best to use for wedded couples who are unsuspecting of a coming wedding anniversary party. Make sure to distribute these without their knowing to secure that their party remains a surprise.
  • Vintage Wedding Anniversary Invitation. For couples who appreciate the vintage aesthetic, use this template for their wedding anniversary invitation.
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary Invitation. Ruby is the color and object to use and gift couples with on their 40th wedding anniversary, and our invitation template conveys just that.

We have more wedding-related templates on our website and you should check them out. Head on over to our Wedding Invitations page to see more designs.

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