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Traditionally, wedding announcement cards are given to people who have not been invited to the wedding and they are sent after the wedding has occurred. The sole purpose of these cards is to inform the uninvited people that you are already married. However, its purpose has drastically changed over time. It has evolved from being the bearer of announcements to a similar purpose as that of a sample save the date card. It can now be used as a pre-invitation given to your future wedding guests. It contains all the information about the wedding, like its venue, the time of the ceremony, and the venue of the reception.

Since it now has another purpose, it can be quite confusing which design to use for the announcement card. Well, it depends on which purpose you want the announcement card to have. This time, the designs that we have prepared are for the modern version of the announcement card. We have gathered more than a handful of creative designs for announcement cards that will serve both as a traditional wedding announcement card and a save the date card. Although we have already given you a glimpse of what an announcement card is, let us first dive in deeper and explore the subtle differences between the traditional and modern wedding announcement card.

Traditional versus modern wedding announcement card

As what we have stated in the introduction, a traditional wedding announcement card is sent to the people you, unfortunately, did not invite to your wedding for various reasons. There is a great chance that those you did not invite will understand and consider your reasons, and hopefully, no one will feel offended by this regrettable decision. Regardless, it would still be appropriate to send them an announcement card to inform them of your wedding that has recently taken place. It is ideal that you send them at your earliest convenience possible. Through this, it will make them feel that you truly care for them even if they were not invited. And if possible, add a simple token, perhaps a small trinket or a personal letter, that would make them feel lighter about the situation. So, how does this differ from a modern announcement card?

Since wedding cards are often interchanged with invitations, it has now become a hybrid of the two. It is this frequent misconception that bred a new version of an announcement card design. The concept of the modern announcement card has been slowly accepted by some, especially those belonging to the younger generation. So, where does it truly belong? Does it still bear any significance when we already have designated cards for those purposes?

There is still no definite answer to those questions. The modern wedding announcement card may remain as it is or it will fade into the abyss, slowly being forgotten because people can no longer bear the confusion that its duality gives. But, for now, we have to accept that this modern announcement card exists with a dual purpose and it will be up to you as to which purpose it will serve.

Printable Wedding Announcement Card Template


Elopement Wedding Announcement Card Template


Clean Wedding Announcement Card Template


Funny Elopement Wedding Announcement Card Template


Simple Wedding Announcement Card Template


Minimalist Wedding Announcement Card Template


Photo Wedding Announcement Card Template


Rustic Wedding Announcement Card Template


Fall Save the Date Card Template


Save the Date Boarding Pass Ticket Template


Summer Floral Save the Date Card Template


Beach Save the Date Card Template

Beach Save the Date Card Template

Tips for preparing and sending the wedding announcement card

The traditional and modern announcement cards do not have many differences when it comes to details. Take note of the following things to consider when preparing and sending the wedding announcement card.

1. Finalize your guest list. Make sure that the people on your guest list are sure to attend your wedding, and also make sure to include those who were not able to attend and those who were not invited. It would save you the time and the money when you send out the announcement card. You may also like wedding card templates.

2. Create a list of all the mailing addresses of your guests. It would be easier to send the announcement cards if you have already created a mailing list. Being this organized would help you breeze through the process. You may also like wedding designs.

3. Include wedding day details. Announcement card templates do not need to have all the details of the wedding. All you need to include are the wedding dates, time, and venue.

4. Choose an appropriate photo. Whether you use your engagement or actual wedding day photos, it is up to you as long as you have chosen a presentable photo. You are sending this announcement card to everyone close to you, so you should do your best not to embarrass yourselves. Also, choosing a photo for the announcement card adds to the aesthetic.

5. Get an assistant. If you are sending your announcement cards the day after your wedding, you better get someone to help you out as you will certainly be busy even after the wedding.

Garden Save the Date Card Template


Nautical Save the Date Card Template


Burgundy Floral Save the Date Template


Pink Floral Save the Date Card Template


Vintage Save the Date Card Template


Floral Save the Date Card Template


Preparing for a wedding is both exciting and stressful at the same time. There are a lot of things that you have to consider, and you have to be careful with the decisions that you make as they can make or break the wedding day. In sending announcement cards, make sure that you have included all those you did not invite to the event. It would mean a lot to them if they are informed that you are already married. In choosing the design, use the most suitable for your wedding’s theme. You can opt for a simple one if you are into minimalistic themes, or go for a beach theme if your wedding will be held on the beach

For whatever purpose you are going to use the modern wedding announcement card for, use its duality to your advantage. Times have changed, and there is nothing wrong with trying out the new version of the wedding announcement card. We hope your wedding day will be a happy and memorable one. Have fun and congratulations!

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