9+ Wedding Breakfast Invitations

A wedding breakfast is a term used for the meal right after the wedding ceremony. This is a pretty common postwedding event, especially for destination weddings or if the majority of the guest list is from out of town. This is the moment for a last hurrah with all the guests and another opportunity for the wedded couple to show their appreciation for sharing the moment with them.

There are no rules to what goes down in a wedding breakfast and is an endearing way to send off our guests after the wedding. If you are planning to have a wedding breakfast at your own wedding, take a look at our invitation templates specifically designed for this event. For other wedding templates, head on over to our Wedding Reception Invitations.

Welcome Breakfast Invitation Template


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Free Sample Ladies Breakfast Invitation Template


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Post Wedding Breakfast Invitation



Morning after Wedding Breakfast Invitation



Modern Wedding Breakfast Invitation


Beach Wedding  Breakfast Invitation



Types of Wedding Breakfast Invitation Templates

Some might consider the wedding breakfast a continuation from the wedding reception. A wedding breakfast is different from a reception in a way that it happens the night after the reception, as soon as the wedding celebration has wrapped up. Here are some breakfast invitation templates to request guests for a casual meal after your wedding night:

  • Modern Wedding Breakfast Invitation. If your wedding had a modern but elegant theme, then this template will tie in seamlessly. Incorporate your prenuptial wedding photos and a part of your wedding vows for a truly personalized wedding breakfast invitation.
  • Beach Wedding Breakfast Invitation. For a beach destination wedding, this template will be best to use for the wedding breakfast invitation.

To create the perfect wedding breakfast invitations, ensure that you include the time and location of the event, even if it is just at the same hotel that you and your guests are staying. This is for your guests to avoid confusion and to not ask repeatedly where the wedding breakfast is going to be and what time. Another tip when having a wedding breakfast is to ensure that your reserved time for it extends until brunch time, especially when alcohol was present in the reception the night before.

Blue Wedding Breakfast Invitation



Free Bridal Shower Breakfast Invitation



Bride and Breakfast Invitation



More Wedding Breakfast Invitation Templates

Wedding organizers recommend that you take advantage of the wedding breakfast to open your wedding presents. Getting your guests to see your reactions is a way for them to know that you appreciate what they got you. Here are more wedding breakfast invitation templates from which you could choose:

  • Blue Wedding Breakfast Invitation. If the wedding has centered around blue in its color scheme, this template is the one to go to for breakfast wedding invitations.
  • Bridal Shower Breakfast Invitation. For brides who prefer a more low-key bridal shower, then having it in the morning for breakfast is the way to go. Bridal shower breakfasts is also a good way to start the bride’s and her entourage’s day, especially if they plan to spend the rest of it to iron out the rest of the wedding details.
  • Bride and Breakfast Invitation. Some brides prefer to hold an intimate meal with their families or their closest friends before the craziness of the wedding day starts, and this is when the bride and breakfast invitation come in.

If you are still on the lookout for more free wedding-related templates, head on over to more Modern Wedding Invitations on our website for invitation designs that are highly coveted in the wedding industry.

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