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Want to make sure that everything goes according to plan on your wedding day? If yes, you are not alone. Most couples (and their respective wedding planners) dream of this. That is why most couples organize a wedding rehearsal event before the big fated day.

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Free Rehearsal Party Invitation

free rehearsal party invitation Free Download

Calligraphy Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

calligraphy wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Classy Floral Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

classy floral wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Chalkboard Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

chalkboard wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

What is a Wedding Rehearsal Invitation?

Wedding rehearsals are typically hour-long events where the couple, the bridal entourage, immediate family members, and some guests practice the wedding ceremony before it occurs. These events are usually scheduled one or two days before the wedding. In some cases where a wedding is held during the weekend or on a holiday, couples have more discretion as to when to host the wedding rehearsal.

Despite the recommended hour-long duration of most wedding rehearsals, these events take up less time than that. What makes a wedding rehearsal last longer is when couples also decide to host a wedding rehearsal dinner after learning about and practicing what they need to do during the actual wedding ceremony. In addition, the actual rehearsal part of the event is often given less importance since the couple and the wedding guests tend to use the opportunity to spend time with each other and with the couple’s family members.

For those who want to really make sure that their wedding run smoothly, it is recommended that you set up a wedding rehearsal dinner event where you can inform the bridal entourage about the ceremony, practice a little, and then spend the rest of the night bonding with your new family and friends. To pull off this kind of event, most wedding planners and couples will use a wedding rehearsal invitation. You may also see invitation card examples.

As its name implies, a wedding rehearsal invitation is a printed document that asks a person to attend a wedding rehearsal dinner event. These invitation cards are different from the wedding invitation which would have been sent more than a month before the wedding. You may send the wedding rehearsal dinner invitation a few weeks before the wedding to remind your wedding guests who are also part of the wedding entourage about their role in the wedding ceremony.

In this article, we focus on one main method for creating wedding rehearsal invitation cards and that is through the use of pre-made wedding rehearsal invitation templates. These templates allow end-users to create and customize invitation templates that are specifically formatted and built for use in wedding rehearsal dinner events.

Continue reading this article for more information on how you can pull off a well-organized wedding by hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner and what wedding stationery template to use to inform your guests about this event. Also, included in this article are multiple downloadable examples of wedding rehearsal invitation templates that anyone can use for their own wedding celebrations.

Check Out these Beautiful Wedding Rehearsal Invitation Templates

As promised, embedded below are fifteen examples of printable wedding rehearsal invitation templates. All these templates can be edited through Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Make you that you have a compatible graphic design software program installed on your computer prior to purchasing and editing your chosen wedding template.

Colorful Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

colorful wedding rehearsal dinner invitation

Cute Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

cute wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Dotted Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

dotted wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Red Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

exquisite red wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Gold Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

gold monogram wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Floral Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

marsala floral wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

What to Look for in a Wedding Rehearsal Invitation Template?

All brides want the best for their wedding. This means that not only does the wedding ceremony need to go according to plan but all the guests and wedding entourage should know what to do and when to do it. It is the wedding planner or the couple’s job to inform their guests that there will be practice session where they get to rehearse their parts during the wedding ceremony. And in order to inform their guests about the wedding rehearsal event, wedding planners need to look for an event invitation template that will go well with their own wedding templates.

Listed below are the top things that wedding planners and couples must consider before picking a wedding rehearsal invitation template. Read on…

1. Matching Wedding Template Design

Choosing a wedding theme or motif is one the first things that couples need to decide on when they decide to hold a wedding. In the same vein, when you choose all the other wedding stationery that will be used for the wedding, all these items should also bear the same wedding theme design. The same thing also applies when you are selecting a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template design.

To illustrate, if you are following a floral-themed wedding and are using floral wedding templates, your wedding rehearsal invitation card designs should also sport the same floral patterns or design elements. You may purchase a wedding template suite that will already include rehearsal dinner invitation cards or you may look for a separate rehearsal dinner event invitation template that has matching floral design elements.

Remember, it is important to make sure that all your wedding template designs follow the same theme or motif so that you will have a pleasing overall wedding aesthetic.

2. Easy Customization Options

The next thing to look for in a wedding rehearsal invitation template is the template’s customizability options. This means that you should check if any given rehearsal dinner invitation template can be edited easily using different graphic design software programs.

Remember, as the end-user of a printable wedding template, you will still need to make template customizations. You will have to add, remove, or modify some aspects of the invitation template design to make it more suitable to your tastes and to your wedding theme. For instance, you will need to add your own wedding details (like rehearsal dinner venue, date, time, etc) into the template itself. And, you can only do this if the given invitation template is fully customizable.

3. Multiple File Download Formats

Another aspect that wedding planners and couples should look into before buying a pre-made wedding rehearsal invitation template is the template’s file download format. This means that you should check how the given invitation template was created, what software tool was used to create it, and what type of file format is it stored as. You may also see sample formal invitations.

These days, most pre-made printable wedding templates are stored as PSD, JPEG, AI, EPS, INDD, DOC, and PUB file formats. You need to check if the invitation template of your choice is available in a file download format that you can edit. For example, if you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, it will be best to choose a rehearsal invitation that is available as a PSD template.

4. Compatible Printing Size

When selecting a wedding rehearsal invitation template, you should also consider how you want your invitation card to look like once it has been printed. This means that if you have a preferred printing type and print size, you should look for an invitation template that is available in that specific printing format and size. You may also see invitation card templates.

For example, if you want to have note card sized wedding rehearsal dinner invitation cards, it is best to choose a printable invitation template that has already been pre-formatted for note card size printing. To make sure that you have chosen a correctly sized invitation template, always read the template descriptions found in most online marketplaces. If such information is not readily available but you like the invitation template’s design, you may contact the template’s original creator to confirm the original template’s printing size and format.

5. Template and Printing Cost

This last factor that couples should look into when choosing a wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template is the total cost of buying and printing the template. Couples who have chosen to have a DIY wedding or those who are operating under a strict budget should always factor in the cost of adding additional wedding stationery to your expense list.

Remember that the printable invitation card template itself may only cost a few dollars but printing it out will cost more. That is why it is essential to get a rough estimate of the total printing costs before choosing a template design. This way you can tell if a specific template format or the printing method is worth it for the money you are going to spend for it.

Those are the top five factors to consider before purchasing a wedding rehearsal formal dinner invitation template online. These set of criteria is meant to guide you in your decision-making process. Feel free to modify or add more to this list of criteria if you feel that they are important in your decision-making process.

Minimalist Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

minimalist script wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Monogram Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

monogram design wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Rustic Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Template

rustic wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Simple Wedding Rehearsal Invitation Template

simple wedding rehearsal invitation template

Vintage Floral Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

vintage floral wedding rehearsal dinner invitation template

Wooden Wedding Dinner Rehearsal Invitation Template

wooden wedding dinner rehearsal invitation template

Have You Chosen a Wedding Rehearsal Invitation Template?

To some, browsing through this collection of beautiful wedding rehearsal dinner invitation designs and templates may be overwhelming since all these templates can be used for any wedding theme. But, if you follow the different tips on rehearsal invitation card selection that we have outlined earlier, you are off to a good start in choosing the best rehearsal invitation template for your wedding.

Bookmark this article for future reference. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends and colleagues through social media so that they, too, can plan for the best wedding rehearsal dinner and wedding ceremony of their life. And, best wishes for your upcoming wedding!

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