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5+ Wine Invitation Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Publisher, Pages

Wine, more often than not, is associated with luxury. The more aged it is, the more expensive the wine is. And, as much as any beverage, wines are also as present in different occasions— may it be formal or casual. Wine, at times, indicate a symbol of social status, that the more expensive the wine is, the more affluent the person is. That is why, when there are wines in any event people would instantly come to the conclusion that the event or party is of posh nature. Speaking of events, there are also a lot of events that revolve around the alcoholic beverage that is wine, there is the wine tasting, there are also the bridal showers and birthday parties, or even any arts-related event.

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And, as with any event, guests are essential. The success of the party or event lies with how well-received it is by the guest. That is why it is of great importance to invite guests over and what better way to do so than with the most effective medium for inviting that is the invitation cards. With that said, here is a list of invitations perfect for any wine event.

Red Wine and Dinner Invitation Template

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Wine Tasting Bridal Shower Invitation

Rustic Bridal Shower Wine Invitation Card

Different events that can make use of wine

1. Wine tasting

Wine tasting is the most quintessential event for wines as it entails at the very front the alcoholic beverage. In this activity, an individual or groups of people gather at a vineyard or a place where variations of wines are accessible to taste different wines and judge it by its quality. Wine tasting could also be an activity present in other events such as a wedding, birthday party, or any formal gatherings where one has to taste different wines in order to determine which to use for the said event.

Wine tasting is an event that is open to all people, some take it if not a little, too seriously— professional wine tasters commonly fall under this category as they assess and judge the quality, taste, and aroma of a wine. There are also others who just do it for fun, fun in a sense that they do such in order to obtain a more profound knowledge about wine.  There are some who is just simply looking for options to use for their events. You may also see new year invitation templates.

2. Birthdays

Birthdays are another fun event to bring out wines stocked in the wine cellar. Some take advantage of this event and use it as an opportunity to show off their social status— both intentional or unintentional. Although, there are some who already stock wine, some go out of their way and buy a few to fully entertain their guests. You may also see farewell potluck invitations.

This is also a fun setting considering that there are guests invited that will be coming over. What better way to amplify the fun than with a wine, where everyone lets loose, have fun, catch up, share interesting stories, and so much more. Wine is a great companion for social gatherings as it just makes everything else better. You may also see holiday event invitations.

3. Bridal shower

Bridal showers are the more formal and demure alternative to a bachelorette party. Commonly organized by the maid-of-honor, bridal showers can also be an avenue for wine tasting as an activity in the event. Although, the very idea of a bridal shower is to shower the bride-to-be with gifts and words of encouragement before she embarks on a whole new life ahead of her, getting frisky is also unavoidable.

4. Arts-related

This event revolves around those who have a knack for the arts, where painting and galleries are accompanied by wines. Although, arts are not only for the affluent, serving wine on any arts-related event creates a more post ambiance—whether intentional or not. You may also see adult birthday invitation templates.

Invitation cards as invites for any types of event

Considering the continued growth of technology and social media, invitation cards could easily be discarded. With how easy both digital options have made people’s lives, it would be to no surprise if people preferred such medium over the one that is traditional. In this digital age, people can simply contact one another by a single click and exchange messages in a millisecond. But, amidst all these drastic changes, an invitation card has remained persistent despite being age-old and traditional. Its long association with events should be a testament to how much value an invitation card can give and still give to any types of event.

One of the reasons why a sample invitation card is still preferred is because of its tangibility; it can be touched, carried and brought anywhere and at any time. Compared to a digital medium, where it can possibly get lost in virtual space. Adding to this is how an invitation card can be kept for keepsakes. There are definitely people who are fond of keeping things that make them remember of special events in their lives, an invitation card also has that capacity. Aside from that, it can most definitely wrap the whole idea of the event. Considering that most people who organize parties or social gatherings make it to a point that their theme is well disseminated in all aspects of the event. To also add to that, an invitation card can be an avenue for an individual’s creativity, being that it is tangible. Countless things can be done on an invitation card, it solely depends on where your creativity will take you.

Wine Bridal Shower Invitation

What should go on an invitation card?

The very purpose of an invitation card example, aside from being a visual pleaser to some guest, is to inform everyone about the event that is coming up. And, an invitation card is only effective when the necessary pieces of information are present on it. With that said, here are the different pieces of information, one can put in an invitation card no matter for what event.

1. Name of the celebrant / Name of the event

Depending on what kind of event you are organizing, it is important to identify who is celebrating or for whom the celebration is or if not what the event is all about. The name helps to identify the event or the celebrant to its guests, and when one puts the name of the person or of the event on the invitation card it will be easier for guests to know more about the event. You may also see farewell dinner invitations.

2. Date of the event

This information simply informs the guests about when the event will be— the date and time. Putting the date on the invitation card will also allow them to prepare ahead of time like buy gifts, pamper themselves, or even set the outfit they are going to wear on the said event. You may also see birthday invitations in PSD.

3. The dress code you will be implementing on the event

Events all vary from one another, one could be casual while the other could formal. So, depending on what event you are organizing it is best if you include the information regarding your dress code. Some guests are simply blasé to this information and will just simply go and wear what they want. As opposed to when you have such implementation on your invitation card, where the guests will be forced to follow, which will then help in fully realizing your event. You may also see cocktail party invitations.

4. Address or location of the event

Taking into account the differences between events, the location also varies from one event to another. This also depends on the kind of event or gathering you are organizing; some do it in hotels, restaurants, or even in isolated locations like beaches or farms. No matter where the event is planned to be done, it is mandatory to have the address or location of the event. As doing so simply helps navigate or direct the guests to the location; this is mandatory most especially when guests are unfamiliar with the place. You may also see cocktail party invitation templates.

5. Different contact information

It is inevitable for guests to have inquiries or questions about your event, so you should be ready to receive these concerns by providing different contact information on your invitation. Putting in this information actually serves different purposes: first, it can as said, be a means for your guests to inquire about your event and second, it can be used to RSVP. Also, providing different contact information allows your guests to reach out to you whatever is most convenient for them.

Chalkboard Wine Invitation

How to best acquire your very own invitation card?

Invitation cards can be acquired differently and it depends on your preference on how you want to get yours. But, if you are asking how to best acquire such medium? That answer would simply be by buying one that is premade and readily available online. You may also see wedding shower invitation templates.

Premade invitation card designs and templates are the best options out of the other options commonly available. If compared to its counterparts such as by acquiring the help of a professional graphics artist or by buying on a physical store, buying premade has more edge than the other two although they equally are able to provide invitation cards.

Premade invitation card designs and templates cost a lot less than its other counterparts. With this option, the designers of these different designs and templates create theirs without having to oblige to any request or demand. They simply do the designs they prefer at their own pace and own time. As compared to one of the other options, with seeking the help of a professional graphics artist, the price could inevitably go up, as there are certain factors that are being taken into account. You may also see cocktail party invitations.

Then, in terms of design quality, premade invitation card designs and templates are the ideal options. This is because they do not compromise the quality of their design even if they cost a lot less than others. In fact, buying it in physical stores actually also cost a lot less, but we can never deny the fact that most of the options offered in stores that are priced affordably are either mediocre or of bad design quality. With the premade option, nothing is being compromised, not even the quality of the design. You may also see 80th birthday invitation templates.

Finally, premade invitation card designs and templates are easy to make as they come in a file that is easy to do so. They also come with different options that cater to different preferences. You may also see dinner invitation templates.

Wine Birthday Party Invitation

If you found this article helpful, do not forget to bookmark this page. And, kindly share this with other people seeking the best wine invitation card designs and templates.

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