6+ Workshop Invitation Templates

Capturing people’s interest and attendance in a workshop will entail preparations different from other event organizations. First, you need to get a speaker that will garner and hold people’s curiosity, and second, you need participants who can relate and will eventually utilize the information they have received. These two add up to the success of your workshop.But before the actual workshop, your participants will need an invitation to formally entertain the option of attending or not. To ensure that your participants are curious and excited to show up at your workshop, here are some invitation templates that will do just that.

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How to Get People to Show Up at Your Workshop

Striking a chord with your invitees to mark off the dates in their calendar and choose to attend to your workshop will entail more than just our well-designed seminar invitation templates. Here we share with you some tips to entice participants to show up:

  • Build relationships with your invitees. Sometimes, it only takes a simple phone call to give a brief description of the event that will get people to attend. Reaching out and emphasizing a personal touch will most likely get people to see the value of the workshop.
  • Reach out your invitees through different channels. If a participant is hard to reach by phone, then using social media to reach them specifically or to widen your reach entirely is a good way to get your invitation out. Relying on a single method to contact people nowadays will prove ineffective, and utilizing as many channels as you can will ensure visibility.
  • Make special offers to your invitees. Goodies like shirts or mugs to mark as memorabilia of the event are foolproof ways to get people to attend. Plus, asking participants to make referrals and get special offers as a prize will secure a full house.

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How to Make a Great Workshop Invitation


Our workshop invitation template is a foot in the right door to a great invitation. But there are other ways as well that you can enhance them to maximize the attendance of your workshops. Read on to find out how you can do that.

  • Your buy-in should be the end goal of your workshop. Putting in the main reason as to why your participants need to attend will make it easier for them to understand why they need to secure a seat at your workshop. If for example, the end goal of you workshop is to enhance people’s leadership skills to garner higher sales, then this statement should be included in your invitation too.
  • Make your details clear. Considering that most people are very particular of their time and how they spend it, make sure that you declare the date and time of your workshop. If it is multiple-day event, then make it known in the invitation as well. Specifying the start time and end time of each day will also be preferred by most participants.

Our templates are well-designed and easy to edit so you can create invitations that fit your event. Just like our business invitation templates, these come in PDF format, printable, and absolutely free.

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