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9+ Jewelry Packaging Designs

Product branding is a tricky process. You not only have to make sure your customers know that your product is the best out there; you also need to provide top-notch customer service as well as come up with intensive marketing strategies to draw buyers in. If that isn’t enough, some consumers actually choose products based on packaging instead of the quality of the item itself.

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In order to bring your business to the top, you’ll need Amazing Packaging Designs to secure their patronage. If you’re the proprietor or a marketing personnel of a jewelry store, you may want to take a look at the jewelry packaging designs featured in this list and more on our website.

Jewelry Box Packaging


Unique Jewelry Packaging


Personalized Jewelry Packaging


Luxury Jewelry Packaging


Modern Jewelry Packaging


Different Takes on Jewelry Packaging

The packaging design you choose speaks volumes about the type of company you are running. You’ll have to make decisions regarding color, shape, and, yes, even the font style based on your company’s vision, as well as the image it wants to project.

Aside from the minimalist approach most luxury designs take, here are a few design concepts you may want to consider:

  • Black as night. Associated with ideas like sophistication, glamour, mystery, secrets, and the unknown, it’s no wonder that black is the number 1 color of choice for many high-end brands to date. Add a bit of contrast with a white or—for jewelry packaging—gold font and/or ribbon.
  • Vintage vibe. Retro Packaging Designs are in. If flowers, paisleys, and polka dots don’t put your company in a good light, you may want to opt for solid colors like beige, cream, or any muted shade.
  • Rustic charm. If it’s rustic you want, you can’t find anything better than one that’s handmade. Homey and simple, this type of design will give your customers a pleasant and comforting feeling.
  • The specials. If your company’s vision is to be radically unique, it’s understandable if you want to ditch the regular box shapes and go for, say, a packaging that doubles as a puzzle. It’s unique, surprising, and fun.

Handmade Jewelry Packaging



Free Jewelry Packaging Design


Vintage Style Jewelry Packaging


Simple Jewelry Packaging Design


Why Jewelry Packaging Matters

Although there’s no danger of jewelry packaging causing any disaster with regard to misinformation or mislabeling (like making a cleaning product look like some tasty beverage), it’s a bad idea to take it for granted. Sure, there’s that old saying that people have parroted into near-irrelevance reminding us that it’s the “inside” that matters, but would you really trust this mediocrity-enabling statement to drive you to the top?

Will you be willing to pack exquisitely well-crafted jewelry in a plastic bag or cover it in cheap wrapping paper? Of course not. It is imperative, then, that your company spend as much time and take as much care in creating the perfect jewelry packaging design as it does with crafting the actual jewelry itself.

  • A great packaging design enhances customer experience, boosting satisfaction levels, and ensuring that they keep coming back for more.
  • A well-designed package will also help to secure that much-needed connection with your customer, guaranteeing that you’ll be at the top of their recommendation list.
  • Creative Packaging that complements the product shows off your company’s innovation, skill, and craftsmanship, as well as advertises the product itself.
  • Luxury packaging designs suggest luxury products. In the jewelry business, this is synonymous with success.

So why settle for anything less than the best? Don’t skimp or take any shortcuts. Give your company the reputation and renown it deserves by designing elegant and memorable jewelry packaging.

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