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10+ Food Packaging Label Templates

We use food packaging labels to create ownership of our products. Besides from creating ownership, we also use labels or give information to our buyers on what they’re buying. Information for different products is very important to buyers as it tells them of certain ingredients the products may contain, which may be a big factor for health concerns.

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Here, we share some food packaging label templates to give you ideas on some templates you can use to label your products. We also share a brief description on some of these templates and some functions of using these templates. You can also check out website for more label templates if you couldn’t find what you were looking for here.

Free Sample Food Label Template

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Free Simple Food Label Template

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Free Food Packaging Label


Printable Food Packaging Label

Food Product Packaging Label


Blank Food Packaging Label

Different Food Packaging Label Templates

The main purpose for downloading food packaging label templates is to help users label their products and give information about their products. Below are some food packaging label templates we offer you can use to label your products:

  • Food Product Packaging Label. This template is commonly used to label food products. This usually includes the image of the actual product on the packaging itself. It helps give buyers an idea on what the packaging may contain.
  • Blank Food Packaging Label. This template is commonly used for cold products or products that are constantly being kept frozen. Using this template will help you create labels meant for frozen products.
  • Organic Food Packaging Label. This template is used in paper bags and environment-friendly packages. Vegan and organic products commonly use these types of templates to give off an eco-friendly theme in their packaging.
  • Food Packaging Labels and Badges. This template is also used as stickers to seal packages. This usually contains the company logo and contact details.
  • Retro Food Label Template. Food establishments and restaurants commonly use these types of templates for their takeout packages. These templates usually contain the company logo itself and have a classic kind of design.

Besides providing buyers with product information through the use of food label packaging templates, you can also use food label templates for branding purposes as well.

Organic Food Packaging Label

Food Packaging Labels and Badges

Retro Food Label Template

Vintage Food Packaging Label

Vector Food Packaging Label Set

Food Packaging Label Functions

We also use food label packaging for different purposes besides from just providing buyers with information about certain products and help you display your logo. Other functions these templates have also include:

  • Protection. Most food labels are also made as seals for some products. Using food packaging labels as seals will protect your main product. This also gives you the advantage of keeping all product information in the seal and not on the packaging itself.
  • Bar code placement. By using food packaging templates, you can include bar codes or prices together with your logo and other significant information your product may contain. This saves you the time from mixing other stickers when you print out your templates.
  • Health information. All products will contain important information like ingredients, expiration dates, and nutritional facts. Placing all information in your food label will give you the advantage of keeping your main packaging neat and organized, without the clutter.

You can also check out our website for more food product label templates and information on when to apply such templates. Using food labeling templates will also help you make more creative food packaging designs  to attract customers. By using these templates as a source for your product information, buyers won’t have difficulty finding the details they need on your product.

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