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In design and typography or other production of various images, we can pinpoint a style that is gritty and almost dirty which we call the grunge style. Coined from a movement in the 1980s that is related to a genre of music popular during that time, the grunge aesthetic represents cynicism, disinterest, rejection, and negativity, among others. It has also transcended into fashion that is characterized by ripped jeans, greasy hair, and worn-out T-shirts.

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Although it has quite an unpleasant notion, the grunge theme has a great influence in visual art production. The posters of bands like Nirvana and Alice in Chains formed the idea of what grunge art and typography was about to be, and it has since been used on other design materials where effective promotion depends on visual appeal and the way it affects the viewers. On this page, we have gathered some Free Label Templates with the grunge style of design that you can download and use for your projects.

Grunge Labels

grunge labelsDownload

Vintage Grunge Labels

vintage grunge labelDownload

Grunge Blank Labels

grunge blank labelsDownload

Grunge Denim Labels

grunge denim labelsDownload

Green Grunge Labels

green grunge labelsDownload

Grunge Vintage Labels

grunge vintage labelDownload

Chalk Grunge Labels

chalk grunge labelsDownload

Editable Rusty Grunge Labels

editable rusty grunge labelsDownload

Grunge Label ClipArt

grunge label clipartDownload

Grunge Stock Labels

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What Makes the Grunge Look

Today, various digitally created images that are used by designers to create artworks have araw and unrefined type of atmosphere. But, what is exactly a grunge look? The grunge effect is used to reflect the idea of dirt or grime, so, the common characteristics of the grunge look are:

  • Bleeding watercolor
  • Heavy texture
  • Spray-like effect
  • Splashes of paint
  • Blurred or scratched out fonts

What Makes the Grunge Design Different

It has been years since the grunge style has stepped into the creative and artistic design thinking, and it’s hard to mention its difference from other design elements and style especially the glossy and clean ones. the essence of the grunge trend relies on the way it is being:

  • Less uniform
  • Less structured
  • Less sleek
  • More natural and organic
  • Fresh and nontrivial
  • Out of the mainstream
  • Associates well with vintage styles
  • Great in various layouts
  • Nice as an independent design

If these are the characteristics you want to express as an artist or designer, then the Product Label Templates on this page are the perfect ones for you!


Why Use the Grunge Style for Labels

  • It is organic and realistic. The grunge look gives designs a raw texture like that of wood, paper or metal, which are organic in nature and provides more options in designing stuff associated with these objects.
  • It has an unpolished finish. The grunge style is perfect to use for designs that requires a rough finish. Whether its a band gig poster or an organic product advertisement, it is a stark contrast to any polished and often boring designs.
  • It is elaborate without looking overdecorated. With its distressed and aged effects, you can add more interesting and elaborate aspects in your design. It allows you to experiment and be more crafty to create some cool and edgy masterpieces.
  • It gives you more freedom to express. You usually get a uniform and rigid design for labels but with the grunge look, you can get both strong and subtle elements in one, which eliminates the restrictions you have.

It can be argued whether grunge designs are appealing or not. Yet, it’s not arguable that grunge themes are hard to miss, and everything that draws attention and triggers emotion is worth the recognition. Don’t forget to check out our CD Label Templates on this site, too!

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